Monday, August 20, 2012

Update Monday.. Redemtionish WIP

Ok, so no updates since yesterday morning? Is this how the painting marathon will run? I don't think so!

Yesterday actually a good mate of mine showed up and we played 2 games of fantasy. Chaos Dwarfs vs Daemons. Will post up some battle reports once I have more things paints up, but they were really fun games.

We also built up some army storage trays for his 4 main armies using parts found at Ikea. No photos ( cause we were also having a few "wobbly pops" so forgot! ), but hopefully in the future we will see them make an appearance at the house or club.

In the meantime, I have started work on the Redemtionist Gang for Necromunda this morning ( albeit a slow going and late morning ).

Below is the first WIP of the models..

Orange/red cloaks, red sashes, red masks, and soon to be leather/black hoods. Weapons will be black as well, green grenades, and brown ropes. Paler skin than normal also. So far a lot of fun to paint up, and will see how they look when finished.

Hoping to get them done today, along with starting in on the larger Redcoat group. But we will see how that goes with the headache on the horizon.. fun times but you have to pay for them it seems ;)

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