Friday, May 31, 2013

Kitbashed Herald of Khorne! No Failcast here!

This was a quick paint job to satisfy painting up something for the Warseer's tale of painters Fantasy division. I am starting to fall behind as I am supposed to paint up 200 pts per month for that challenge, and I have not done that for a while now! Shhh don't tell the organizers!

Though I am still ahead due to a larger batch closer to the beginning of the tale.

So, as stated, this was a quick paint job I did last night after work. Couple hours of work. Nothing majorly fancy on it.

Sword was done with airbrush, and came out reasonably well. I say reasonably well, due to the mess on the underside tip. It seems the tape came up a bit and let some of the darker colors from the other side slip through! Oh well, I won't be looking at the bottom of the sword much anyways so :) My view will be more of the one below..

With his back to me charging forth to slay his enemies!

The rest of the model was a mix of airbrush and washes. Again nothing fancy here. Biggest thing here was me trying to do more shading on the red by using Dark Sea Blue. I have to admit, the meme that states "One simply does not paint, without Dark Sea Blue" is quite spot on. That Boromir.. he knows his stuff ;)

Gold was just Vallejo Liquid Gold, with Sepia washes on it. Again nothing special about it really, and I probably can do more but it was a quick paint job so no problems.

The base was the fun part to paint up here. This whole model is from the Skull Cannon kit and the kitbash came from an article I read over on SpikyBitz. Taking the back of the Herald's Throne, and making it into a surfboard ( for lack of words here ) you can still use his incredibly long stance on a 25mm base. Taking the surfboard idea to another level, I tried to make it look like he is surfing on some lava, as he charges into the enemy!

I mean what is more scary than a fierce daemon with massive sword coming at you? One that is surfing on lava of course!

Some more shots below..

Of course my only concern now is how well he will rank up with other bloodletters, but that is future Mr Lee's problem.. current Mr Lee is just happy to see another daemon model finished :)

Hope you enjoy! I have a weekend full of painting planned now, so expect a lot of items to be shown next week ( I hope! ). More so since I will be on a business trip again, and painting time will be severely restricted once more. :(

Enjoy the weekend!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Project Secret Buddha!

The secret project from a few days ago can now be revealed! And it is a Buddha! But not any Buddha, but a Canary Island, Tourist trinket Buddha that I picked up while on vacation a few weeks ago.

The "miniature", if we can call it that, is made out of a really cheap material that chips off if you try to correct some of the issues or roughness on it. Was sad about that, so hence the a bit further back photos instead of the extreme close ups as normal :)

It was originally just primed a "skin tone" and a pink cloth. Nothing fancy, and horribly done. But I really liked the sculpt, and it was only 2 euros, so figured why not.

This is my interpretation of the model though, what do you think?

I really played around with the skin tone here. Making it a bit more purple/pink coloring than some of my normal skin tones. I did try to highlight up to white, but again I think I could go further though I chickened out in the end to go too extreme with it. Plus it was meant to be a fun piece and I did have a lot of fun painting it up! More so since my time for painting this week was very limited so it was nice to focus on a single model instead of batch painting.

The cloth I went for a blue to off set the pink/purple skin. I think it came out nice, and I tied it back in with the pink cherry blossoms on the robe.

All in all a fun little piece that where the model was not super rough, like the top of his head, I could get a really smooth finish going for it. Something I hope to do more of in the future on other models. And yes the airbrush was used for the skin but only to get a base and highlight done. The rest was with controlled washes and my size 1 W&N brush.

More photos below, including his new spot on my desk at work here..

Hope you enjoy it. Would love to hear your comments on it. And hopefully he brings me some good luck for the new year!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

I'm a winner!

Or at least I was a while back! Ian from The Blog With No Name fame had a contest running back in April based on a Hobbit styled birthday giveaway. And it seems that I won the 20 GBP prize that I could spent as I wanted! It was quite nice of Ian to do this, and he even trusted me that I would spend it on miniatures as he just sent me the money via paypal almost immediately!

So with that faith in hand, I immediately went about and figured out what was the best thing to spend this ill-gotten loot on! The thing with it is that really I am not in need of any more gaming models, so I started to look at more niche type models that could make for some nice display pieces! This is where the search got a bit deep, and I ended up with some models from Kabuki.

Models that I selected were from the individual and pin-up range. 2 Sci-fi remakes of historical generals ( can you guess who they are? :P ), and a pin up of a female soldier. Seems she has been working up quite a sweat while taking out some alien infestation!

The Sci-fi guys are made of resin, and the pin up of metal. But I have to say that the pin up model is small! Much smaller than I suspected it to be as can be seen below ( and I will do a proper review of them later one! ).

I really cannot wait to work on these models. I have an idea for Napoleon, but the rest I am unsure of still.

Now some might wonder why it has taken me so long to post up about this contest that happened way back in April?!?!? Simple answer.. simple delays! I had ordered them from Wayland Games almost immediately after finding out that I won. They were "supposedly" in stock at the time, but this was when WG were still figuring out their stock levels system on their site. So it was more of a gamble as to if it really was in stock or not. It came into stock 2 more times over the last 2 months though, both times not sent out to me though which was strange, but in the end I have received them and that is all that matters!

So expect a more proper review of them in the near future and also any ideas on how to base them up can be put on in below!

Thanks again to Ian from The Blog With No Name fame!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Currently in progress...

Not much news here.. just a quick shot of what is on the workbench at the moment.. forgive the photo, it is from my soon to be replaced cell phone. So it focused on everything but the things I wanted it to!

But as you can see, I have 3 Bloodcoat standard bearers prepped, and a Herald of Khorne sitting on the table. I also have another project on the go, but it is a bit more secret for the time being. Mostly due to the fact I am not sure how well it will turn out :)


Friday, May 24, 2013

Project UK: Warpsmith Coven

It has been quite a productive week back on the painting front here.. with this addition of 5 warpsmith models.. Well converted Tech Marine models from various ages painted in Cleaved colors and used for a certain collectors Chaos forces.

A quick 4 hrs to paint them up.. but dedicated to the slime gods indeed. I had a lot of fun painting them up, and below are some of the step by step photos of the work on them. Really easy to paint up in the end.

Also I have to give credit where credit is due here.. Ron from fromthewarp Blog fame ( who is taking an undetemined hiatus from the blog-o-sphere ) was the one that helped me come up with the color scheme for the guys here. Starting with Rakesh Flesh, and washed with Delvan mud a few times to give it the appropriate shade. Then just streaking it with green, brown and black accordingly.

Hope you enjoy, and have a great weekend! I'm off to Mersin to attend a wedding/engagement/2-people-joining-together-for-the-rest-of-their-life-ceremony with the family. Should be fun!

WIP shots below..

Initial layer of Rakesh flesh primed over black with the airbrush.

Initial wash of Delvan mud ( Army painter Strong Tone now )..  

Boltgun metal for all metal parts.. 

Tallern Flesh for the organic pieces.. 

More Army Painter Strong, and Dark Tone washes applied here.. 

Some details picked out like the vials backpack, and the streaking of goo begins.. 

And again, finished produce with rush effects added. Lenses all done with Forged Monkey Laser Red pigments!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Photo tests..

Yeah, it is a filler post here.. but one that has some more test shots of some of my later models here.. let me know what you think.

My shots previously of this Warpsmith..

Afterwards..  back in the light box, and taken with my macro lens, and in full manual mode. Though not sure which option or photo I like the most out of the group here.

Then we have the more controversial photo shot of my Mephiston painting.. the original..

And then taken again once I move the camera from a semi-automated mode, to full manual. I am a bit surprised actually with regards to how well it came out by just tweaking the settings a bit. Same light source, same light box, and no editing on the second photo!

So what do you think? Can I improve them more? I hope to do so in time, but are the newer updated photos showing them off better enough or what?

Comments or suggestions on how I can improve them better?

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Project UK: Female Commissar

So this was a side piece that was tossed into the batch for Zzzzzz.. and I have to say it was a lot of fun to paint up. In fact, it was so much fun that I did it twice.. well some parts of it anyways!

Why painted twice? Well I did all the trim in red in the beginning. Why? Cause I thought it was cool, but apparently it is not part of his army colors. So as such, I redid them in greens as requested. Liked it both ways, but would like to hear comments on which everyone liked.

Oh and the photos.. how do you like them now? I have tried some new ways of taking photos.. what do you think of them? Comment below!

And now the green version..

Oh and all the photos are not edited with Microsoft photo program this time around. Just the settings on the camera themselves and tweaking them a bit for the photos. Curious which ones everyone liked the most, and what I could do still to make them even better still!

And there it is.. what do you think of it? I tried a lot of new things with regards to the leather jacket though. Making it quite worn and torn as much as possible. Chipped up the box at the bottom there, and some latex leather boots/corset. Again, looking for comments on what everyone thinks about it? Hopefully everyone likes it :)

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Project UK: Loup Garau Finished!

And the finished group of 4 killers.. with a shot from the desk as well as from the light box. I tried different settings than normal, and did not adjust it as much as I normally do in the contrasts and light settings afterwards.. comments?

OK so maybe they are not as good as Studio Giraldez's work.. but I am sure they are close :) Though might have turned out better if I did more than 5 hrs worth of work on them.. total.. :) Was happy with the end result for them, and from a distance they look decent.. trust me.
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