Tuesday, May 14, 2013

On holidays...

Currently resting up, and helping defend the Tenerife coast from Pirates as shown from my trusts side cannon above!

Seems I am not posting a lot these days and that is mostly due to the craziness in my life at the moment, but I can assure you all that I will be back to my normal spamming levels as soon as I get back from holidays here! I have a lot of Chaos Marine or similar models to paint up on commission for Zzzzzz that I am really looking forward to dive into!

In the meantime, I am trying to relax with the wife, drink some local cervasas, and eat my fill of German pastries as they seem to be overwhelming the islands here :)

So enjoy whatever you doing, and expect me to spam the blogs on past posts upon my return!

Surf's up! Adiós!


  1. My what a big one you have Mr.Lee!

  2. Enjoy your stay in Tenerife. Vacation can do really wonders if you have a chaotic live atm.
    Drink a beer for me there and don't scare the locals with you gun :D

  3. Nice erm cannon there mate, enjoy your hols.

  4. Happy holidays Mr Lee ;)

  5. Those aren't pirates those are fat tourists! Have fun!

  6. Thanks all, so far so good.. I have a massive sunburn running the length of one side of my body due to a poor catamaran trip, but aside from that the trip is a blast! Though I have to say I have pangs to go and paint something! What can you do something about that!

  7. Have a nice holiday!
    Greetings from Bavaria!


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