Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Wild Hunter... FINISHED?!?!?!

IT'S FINISHED?!??!?!!!!!

Seriously this has been the longest I have ever spent on a model for painting time before, but it is also the first time I have really pushed myself to try to paint better. 

But this has been quite the journey for me.. starting back in Hamburg last month in the BAM class with Roman/Raffa. Where the fundamentals for this bust came into place. And really making some headway by painting and getting the face finished within those 3-4 days. Not to mention the base colors and scheme ready for other sections to be picked apart when I got back to Istanbul. 

Once home I began to work and sketch out the other sections as I was still very burned out from the workshop. I actually did not even touch the model for the first week or so after returning home I was so burnt out. Doing something like 45+ hrs of work on this over the 4 days was quite intense.. guess I am not as young as I used to be. Though when I did finally pick it up again, I stayed away from the dreaded beard! It consumed my energy during the workshop, and I wanted to get my mojo back up for this piece at home. So I started with things like the metals, then working my way over to the leather aspects, before getting attached to the beard and weapon itself!

I honestly am not sure how many hours I have invested into this project at this point but 100+ seems about right so far. I have had bursts of energy that have allowed me to plow through full sections of it, and then I have had times where work and travel have restricted my ability to even look at it, let alone paint it. 

More so with the recent absence from the web, this is based on the fact that I am in the midst of the big move to the UK! Which although is a super fun adventure yet to be had, the moving aspect has not been the smoothest journey. So it has consumed more of my time than I would have liked. 

Even getting these final pieces done on the project here were done in the midst of many moving boxes. With me digging through them to find my glue, or xacto knife, or a specific color needed to touch up the piece! Talk about painting to the last minute on a piece!

I was able to finally put it onto the lovely socket that Heiko from the WuDao was so nice to give me for this project. I think although I like the one that comes with the piece, this fits better for something that could be put on an office desk perhaps? Maybe? 

In the end though, regardless of hours, of the tears, the blood, and the sweat ( or swears ) that I have put into this piece, I am really happy with it in the end! I think it really came together, I learned a lot of new techniques for future projects, and I think it will be one of my best pieces for the foreseeable future. Well.. until I get another piece that was as inspiring as this one was.. and have the time and energy to dig deep into it once more!

One final shot in a more moody light added to the collection. I liked how this looked while setting up the piece for photos so decided to take a quick shot at this angle also. Thoughts on it? 

And until then.. enjoy it! I will probably not be in Blogger land much over the coming days/weeks due to the big move.. but when I do come back ( probably in the new year? ) I will do so with some larger projects! Stay tuned for that, and enjoy!

Monday, November 11, 2013

MOAR Dwarf bust... 90% and growing...

Yah yah.. more of the same... but honest there is actual progress that you can see this time!!!!

Look.. see.. he has an axe now! It is really coming together now! Woo hoo!!!!

Been working on this model for over a month now, and am finally getting to a point where I am really happy with the overall look and feel for it. Which is good since I have only 2 more weeks until I take it to Izmir and deliver it to my good friend BuRock!

Though this past weekend has been crazy busy with some pre-moving packing prep, I still had the chance to sit down a bit and finish it off. very happy with that!

Though the first hurdle was getting the axe head to stay on the model! For some reason it just was not sticking, even with both super glue and accelerator! After some more rejigging, and some putty, and more super glue and accelerator.. it is finally stuck on. Thought the connection point is not the greatest, and it is a bit shiny still.. so will have to correct that soon!


Painting this up was interesting. It has some really nice details, cracks, etc on it, but I was not fully sure on how I would tackle it.

I started with some wet/wet styling to get the main sketch done up. Using the main color from the Black set from Andrea, but using their first shadow as a base. Then working down to the other 2 shadows. Adding some Deep Sea Blue here and there. Highlights were with the base + Medium Sea Grey from Vallejo Model range.

Though I was having a difficulty to get the edging to really work for me, that and I was getting bored trying to highlight all the edges to begin with. So I went old school and just drybrushed it. Yup, you heard me.. I dryrbushed it. Took a bigger brush, loaded it with paint, dried it off, and did a big sweeping motion over the stonework to hit the edges. Then I tackled a few o them with the smaller brush to clean it up a bit.

Aside from the extreme close ups of the stonework showing some of the drybrush work, I think that it really works. Especially when I began to do some thin washes of green and grey and black to the shadows once more.

It can use some more work of course, but will see how it looks once I begin to touch up and finish the metal sections, and touch up the wood parts a bit more. Especially closest to the rope area.

Have to say I would think that this is about 90% finished for me at this point.. Small little bits left to tidy up, and then transferring it to the socket that I have set aside for it. Will see how far I get on this next week when I am back in Istanbul and have a chance to work on it. Until then though... enjoy the week as I look for a residence in UK!!! Enjoy!

Friday, November 8, 2013

5th Dimension, Gobbo Community Project.. and my involvement!

Hey all! So this is a really strange twist to the norm for me. I have been asked by the gents over at 5th Dimension to join their merry band of painters in a community painting project! Again another first for me!

After meeting up with Siggi in Koln for GD Germany ( see that event really opened doors for me! ), it seems my painting style and natural charm won him over. He and fellow cohort Dellolyn approached me via mail to see if I would be interested in joining their project!

And of course I said yes! Why not! Get to put my stamp of work into the works of other great artists for a massive painting project to be shown off at future events in Germany? Again.. why not!

But who are the other artists? See below!

Micha aka Dellolyn
Siggi aka Barfran
Harald aka Moses
Simon aka Katan
Markus aka Malakith
Arne aka Sleipner
Fabi aka The Count
Pascal from Spielbar Trier ( The donor of the gobbos! )
C-Tan from
Melanie aka Serafin
Julius aka The Artfist
Fabrizio aka Schiraga
Vlado aka Big Panda
Manuel aka Crazy Wenky
Georg aka GeOrc
Luke aka Bloodmaster
Daniel aka Solmar
Daniel aka Nathelis
Markus aka Shejtan
And little ol' me! Kyle aka Mr. Lee!

What is really cool is that I have either met a lot of these people in person, chat with them on a regular basis or admire there work already. So to be in a project with them is just something else!

And I received the package from the organizer of delivery, Micha, just this week! Actually, I got the email from my work security that it was ready for pick up as I was talking to him over gtalk!

But why the sockets? Well Micha also sent out everyone a socket as a way of saying thanks for helping on this project. 

Ok.. so why did I receive 6 sockets? This one I had to ask Micha as well.. and his answer was pretty simple. 

He likes my painting, but hates the sockets that I use! So this is a way of introducing me to other styles and to use "proper" sockets. I had a good laugh over that comment, but am equally wow'd by the quality of these pieces and his generosity! I know a lot of models in my collection that will find good homes on these pieces in the near future! Expect more about that soon!

So I have written a lot, but haven't talked too much about the actual project itself.. but that part is quite simple, which makes it quite brilliant.. 

Everyone received a single Night Goblin with the different pieces for armament ( Bow, Spear, Sword, shield ). And a 20mm base. Goal now is to build it up, paint it, and send it back. Where Micha/Siggi will work their magic to make 20 completely different styled of Gobbos, fit onto a massive socket!

The only restriction that we have is that the gobbo's base cannot overlap the base more than a full 50x50mm in size. So if we want to put a massive fallen tree on the base, making the gobbo stand on top.. awesome! Just have to ensure that it fits within a 50x50mm space. 

Have to say that I am pretty stoked about this, and looking forward to seeing some of the others put their works together here. You can follow their works from their blogs also in the list below.. 
Check them out for their updates and progress on this community project. 

Really cannot wait to start on this project.. but it will be one that I need to start over in UK. When I am all set up and ready for proper projects once more!

Next week I will be in UK looking for a place of residence. Yes this moving thing of Mr Lee is underway! Expect some updates on that process in the near future, but for now enjoy the weekend!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

WIP Wednesday... Dwarf Bust.. again...

Yeah.. I am still working on this guy.. yeah.. he is still not finished.. yeah.. here are more photos of him :)

This journey feels like there is no end, thankfully though I am still having fun with the model.

Latest works were on aging the bronze sections of the model. Finishing up the leather pieces ( or at least starting on them? Not sure on the end result still ). Painting the rope parts on the handle. And painting his fingernails.

And somehow I keep getting drawn back into the skin to do more diving. A little bit here, a little bit there. Tint this, tint that.. argh.. it is never ending!!!!! But so much fun to see it at this point and seeing it come together!

Though as stated, I am not 100% sold on the leather sections. I have redone them 3 times already, and they are getting better, but are not exactly what I would like from them. I believe they are a bit too dark still and not popping out as much as they could be, but then again maybe it is better? Since then they will not pull focus too much from other things like the face/skin/scales...

I just have the top ( or bottom ) of the axe handle left to do up. Will age the wood a bit, making it a bit more grey, and weather up the bronze section there also. Then it is just pulling out the axe head, and finishing that up, and technically it could be finished???

Jury is still out on whether or not I should do a tattoo as there are some big empty spaces of skin available to do it on. Will have to research a few celtic/dwarven tats and see what I can come up with for inspiration.

Though the big question is whether or not it will get done due to time. What with me in UK next week, and hopefully going to Izmir to hand it off to its future owner the weekend after ( 22-24 ). Plus there is the plinth I need to finish as well. Need to think on what I will put around the bust on the small round table that Heiko was gracious enough to give me for this piece.. Mmmm wonder if a Roman Checklist should be made at this time... maybe.. will see..

Hope you all like.. and keep your eyes open for more posts on this guy. I suspect that it will be the only piece I will work on in the coming days!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Lineage 2 - Dark Elf - Unboxing

So as the chaos that is my eventual move to UK continues onward, I received a new package from China! This time a very different model.

What is interesting since my last visit to Germany is that my taste of painting models has shifted radical. Going from 28mm to 140-225mm "miniatures". I guess I have to use that word miniatures loosely now.

But yeah, anyways.. this new model is one that stands 225mm tall. Made out of a weird time of resin, and came straight from the bowels of China! Picked it up from the a site called and their service was quite good. Within a few days of of ordering it, I received a confirmation mail that my order was shipped and was given a tracking number! On the regular shipping option as well!

Then barely 2 weeks later i received it on my desk. So here is a quick little unpacking of the order.. though I will not tackle it properly until we finalize the move itself. But it will be the first model that I attempt to paint once the new studio is put together!

Reason for this purchase though is that my wife's birthday is coming up, and when we first met, almost 11 yrs ago now, we both became hooked to this Lineage 2 MMO game. And her character just so happened to be a Dark Elf Sorceress! So when I had found this online, I knew what I had to pick up for her!

So onward with the photos!!!!

A second box within the first shipping box. This one wrapped with bubble wrap and also with 2 plastic holders to keep it from shifting. 

Inside the box. A nice little postcard sized photo of the model with the boxart painting. Though for this piece my wife would like it to be more in line with the colors that her character was when she played on in Lineage 2 oh so many years ago. 

3 bags, with each part individually separated and more bubble wrap. This thing was super securely wrapped up. 

Here you can see the 3 bags spread out. The finer pieces are bubble wrapped once more, and the thin long pieces are taped up with cardboard. Wow! Just great on this!

And the final shot. I could not resist to at least try to get the main components together ( Body, Head, and Legs ) to see the true size of it. 225mm is quite large as you can see from the 1 Euro coin reference!

Honestly I am kind of blown away by this model and all I have done with it so far is take it out of it's box! Like.. Dammmn.

It does have some major pieces of mold injection pieces on the parts. And I know this will be one heck of a learning curve on how to work it and put it together. Especially the process of prep. Where I really need to make sure that the parts where it has the extra resin, or flash is really smoothed down. Since it will really show on a model of this size.

But all of that aside, I am really looking forward to what I can do with this kind of model. Especially since I am not planning to paint it traditional Garage Kit style, and will see if I can give it a more interesting spin on the piece. See if I can add some life the large flat sections and what not.

So yeah.. look forward to this project coming together in the later part of this year! I suspect that if all goes well, this will not be the last of these models that you will see here!

Oh and before I finish this Monday post.. my wonderful wife's first comment on it ( aside from this will be cool ) was that it looks like a Barbie doll. Really have to make the painting NOT make it look like one then :) Good luck to me on that...

Let me know what you think of it below! And if you have ever painted something like this before.. any advice is very much appreciated!!!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Painting Jams and Early Bday gifts!

So the weekend was a whirlwind of activities for me... Started it off with a quick run around the park with some work colleagues on Saturday, and then held a painting jam at the local club on Sunday!

Channeled my inner Massive Voodoo, I tried to show some of the club members how to use Wet Palettes and the Wet-on-Wet blending. Not quite sure that I pulled it off so well, and might have channeled my inner Gomer instead... with some tidbits floating to the top I think..

Maybe I will get another chance to show some others a few things I learned from the classes soon enough. But during the class I received a message from Roman that made me look like the photo above again...

An early warning of a very cool birthday gift from Roman himself!

Quite the gift considering that he basically painted it in my likeness. Quite humbled by this, and now I need to figure out something for him as well :) Thankfully I have 9 more months to go before his shows up. :)

Now to continue the rest of the week and try to hide the massive grin on my face from this news! In the meantime.. more Dwarf Bust progress and other news coming up!

Friday, November 1, 2013

WIP Dwarf Bust.. the journey continues...

YAY... FRIDAY!!!! And with that some work on the Dwarf Bust.

This time I am working on the left arm brace. Some darker fur, and ice stone scales. I am not fully sold again on the fur sections, but the scale colors I am liking. Though I think I need to work on the contrast aspect a lot more with it.

Another secetion that I have worked on though is the metal beard pieces.

This part was a bit more interesting, the metals. I tried to work the bronze/brass up to a silver. and then washed it back to brass with Ogryn Wash. I still have to do some blue/green verdigris to make them a bit more weathered.  It will tie the arm brace and eyes back into the model. Making them stand ut less overall.

Oh and I also worked a bit on the back hair sections. But I did not want to make them as vibrant as the beard sections though.

So the story of the Dwarf Bust continues.... now let's see where it goes... more to come! Enjoy the weekend!

Thursday, October 31, 2013

WIP: Ashton - Eden model...

So here is another new little project that is going on at the moment. Why? More like why not... nah that is not it. Just needed something that I can paint and not care too much about.

Main reason for that is due to the fact that my UK Visa finally came in! So things are about to get really really chaotic around here now and the house is about to be flipped upside down! Expect a lot more news on this topic in the future... but for the time being more on this model.

With that in mind I don't want to mess things up. So a test model to muck about with some new techniques and such. Something to take the edge off while I paint up the Dwarf Bust that requires being finished before leaving the country.

And yes, there are other models for me to work on but I am liking this guy. Lots of chances to try new things on nit like the pale skin... and some fake chipping on the armor sections.

It was a pretty simple process though.. painting some pretty dark spots with black, and then lining the bottom section of the dots or lines with a brighter color.

Problem is.. I am not liking the effect at the moment and I will be redoing it completely most likely. But am curious what others think of it?

That and the orange knee pads are really not working here I think. But again.. a test model is a test model so... always room for change and improvement!

Things left to be done though are to do up the massive hands/forearms sections, and then some blue OSL effects. I am hoping that it will add a new dimension to the model. I am also thinking of a tattoo or something but again not quite sure of it yet.

So yeah.. weekend is coming up.. more work on this and the Dwarf is coming.. and a lot of packing to occur as well! Let's see how well that process goes!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Dark Eldar Archon

And we are back fellow gamers and painters.. and this time with the Dark Eldar Archon. Leader of the Incubi. Or at least he is in this case...

Again, I tried for the same kind of color scheme as the Incubi, but slightly different. I really wanted to go with a dark armor and have the cloak and the flames hold focus. Kind of like he is more int he shadows then in the fights themselves.

Then his blade I tried to make it an off bone type coloring. Like he carved it from a dead enemy.

And the purple cloak.. just cause the others have it also.

Biggest thing here was that to really try to make some BAM effects from the cloak. So I tried to do all the way down to smallest highlights in order to make the holes, and tars really pop out.

So that is another commission finished.. and put away.. now to get back to others and the Dwarf Bust. The infamous Dwarf Bust that will consume quite a bit of my time in the coming weeks... but I think it will be my best piece to date.. or at least I hope so :)
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