Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Ultraforge Models

Greater Deamon of Nurgle 40k
Anyone who knows me personally knows that I have a fairly large DoC army, that is constantly being expanded upon. A few years back, I was looking for someone to provide a better alternative to a well known distributor of Greater Deamons.. thankfully UltraForge did just that..

While looking through their website, the choices available at the time were limited, but enough for what I needed. I immediately picked up one of each model.

Bad news though was that it took forever to get shipped out to Turkey from Canada. After many emails back and forth they did finally arrive, but not after 1 got returned from Customs, and 1 got lost in the mail. But the batch that made it through had the guy above in as a sorry item, so all is forgiven. Was looking for GDs that could fit into both Fantasy and 40k universe, but the above deamon was much better suited for 40k and thus is the only one to get a round base out of the group.

So once all the shipping mess was finished, digging into the models proved to be great. The models are made of great resin quality, little to no imperfections found, and everything fit without having to break out the green stuff to fill gaps. Have to say it was a top notch work done on these models.

Greater deamon of Khorne
It is obvious from the models that the lower legs are used in both the Nurgle and Khorne styled GDs, but the top parts show completely different models and its a moot point once they are all painted up anyways.

The details shown on the model really opens up for some serious skin work in layering to be done. This one was done first, and was completed almost 3+ yrs ago now. If I had the chance to do another one I think I would try a bit more blends in the coloring here, and make the red come from a darker starting color or base. That and then go a bit more orange/yellow as a top highlight also to really show off the levels available on the model.

For the Nurgle GD, what can you say.. I mean the thing has to much detail on it. I spent a lot more time on this model than I did on the others, and I think it shows. I also tried a new rust technique found from Cool Mini or Not painting guide, that I have used quite often since. The rust was a simple recipe of silver base, stipple with darkflesh and orange, and wash with brown ink, and reapply the silver highlights. I think more variations can be made from it, but it was a dead easy method, and turned out nice on this model.

Greater Deamon of Nurgle Fantasy
This is probably the first model I attempted really layering paints in thin layers to achieve a more smooth transition between colors. It was also the first attempt to do something like glowing aspects of the model or OSL. Can't say that it came out great, but can say that it gave the model a different look, and pulls a bit of focus towards the face.

All the blood areas were painted up from a white base, followed with a red gore/blood red layers. From here, purple ink and Tamiya Clear Red were applied as a mix to give it some depth and feeling of congealed blood. Again a recipe found online from created by Mika who has an unbelievable talent for such things that go bump in the night. Once completed however I did a few extra layers of Tamiya Clear Red and Gloss Varnish to make it really shine.

Greater Deamon of Slannesh
The other model was the GD for Slannesh. Not my best model, however painted up based on a blue scheme. This is a model that will most like be stripped at one time ( more so than she is already ;) ), and redone as I know I can do better than this and make the model really pop for the table. For the time being it works however, and could use a bit more details picked out in the meantime. Though next time it will get the full Slannesh work over. Light skin tone, and pink/purple everything else.

Only model that I was unable to get, due to not being released at the time, was the deamon related to Tzeentch. However, the new bigger deamon version of it is one that I would love to get in the future, so who knows, maybe it will happen.

So there you go, the models from UltraForge that full fill my GD section in my Deamons of Chaos army. I have had the pleasure of using them all in various games, and even a mega event where all 4 came out to join in on the fun. Incredible battle, and a post for the future indeed.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Infinity: Nomads

Continuing on with the Infinity posts, this one is to pertain to my Nomad forces. These are my bread and butter when it comes to gaming in Infinity, their style of play is one that comes easiest for me so far, and the tricks they can employ are ones can be set up with many fakes and twists to keep the opponent on their toes.

From Infinity they are described as such:
The Nomads consist of three enormous ships whose inhabitants, discontented with a society controlled by huge macroeconomic blocks and by A.I., have separated themselves from it and roam through space, trading from system to system. Tunguska is dedicated to the traffic and storage of information. Corregidor offers skilled labour at a good price, while Bakunin trades in all that is exotic and illegal in whatever area, from fashion to nano-engineering
 Just looking at their models you can see that they are a bit different than the mainstream armies.

The biggest thing that springs to mind when playing these guys are they are the back alley thieves and thugs that you would not want to run into on a dark rainy evening. However that point is moot when they can tag you with all their repeaters, and have an Interventor set you up for a Vertigo Zond to blow your apartment from its building.. all while watching HBO in his flat elsewhere..

They ooze character, and do things in style. After playing them for a while already, I keep finding new tactics or combos with them that are not obvious right away, both good and bad.

Although they have a lot of camouflage units, this is not their strong point, as witnessed from a recent match. You would think that a full camo army would be great to use, but its the lack of the surprise element as everything is not there. And most of the good camo units cost the most points, so you reduce your order pool too much. Like most Infinity armies, the ability to adapt is key to success, however it seems with Nomads being so fragile, it is even more important.

While playing Nomads, I like to try to build the lists to accomplish 3 things within the single list. This way, if my opponent shuts me down in one area I can continue on with another. Not saying this is always working, especially when you throw in the random scenarios, but it at least gives me hope that I can do something when one of my main units dies to a lucky critical roll.

Painting scheme of these guys, I have to say is decent, but the starter box is one of the older sets from Corvus Belli, and thus the models are not as good as some of the later releases. I also really wanted to get them completed as soon as possible, and thus did a very basic color scheme similar to the original colors, though without as much contrast on them.

Most likely I will update them in the future, but I have a ton more models that are requiring some more attention first.

Below are the models from the starter box that I have painted.. hopefully I find time to paint up more soon.

These were the first models that I did for Infinity, and was prior to me working on more thinner layers. The close up shots make that all the more evident. Bases have been attached, but better photos will be taken once the models themselves have been updated with a bit more contract in their outfits.

Till next time.. 

Friday, November 25, 2011

Infinity: Haqqislam

Ok with the recent games over the weekend, I wanted to do a bit of a spotlight on one of the armies that I have painted up for Infinity.

From the Infinity website, this force is described as:
Haqqislam, the New Islam, is a smaller power which possesses a single star-system only, Bourak. Separating itself from fundamentalism, Haqqislam bases its culture on an Islam which is humanist, philosophical and in continuous contact with nature. Biosanitary Science and Earthformation are the two major strengths of Haqqislam, which includes the best schools of medecine and planetology in the Human Sphere
 I find it refreshing to see them seen as friendly or the "good" guys for a change in a game.

Their range of models are, like all of Infinity models, very well crafted as can be seen here. Looking at the paint job that was done up by their painter, it is just so hard to resist NOT getting some to paint up. Which is exactly what happened to me :)

I did try my hand at painting them in the studio colors, which for these models were OK, but not great as it is  difficult to copy anothers work completely, but I gave it my best shot. Out of all my Infinity models, these have to be some of my better work overall. It did feel like they were just begging for colors in certain areas and the painting went along quite smoothly.

Not sure if I want to expand the force at this time however, as their play style is not one that I overly enjoy compared to my Nomads, but I might try a few more games with them and proxy up some of the other units to see how they play out.

Pictures of the models shown below are from their basic starter box..

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Infinity Gaming Weekend in Izmir

Ok so another weekend has past, but instead of sitting around painting, I set off to the land of Izmir where my regular opponent resides. Oh and it was his birthday, but I think the Infinity gaming takes precedence, more so since he forgot to give his birthday speech, and thus his birthday did not happen.. or so he says..

So with a quick flight, and a long bus ride from the airport, I am off to a night of drinking to kick off the weekend, and to put ourselves on an even keel for the next mornings games. It has to be said that beer is the great equalizer in these matters..

Onto the games.. for anyone who is not in the know, Infinity is a sci-fi skirmish game brought to us from Corvus Belli and most of the information about them can be found here at their website. The normal rules are set up for straight 1 vs 1 fights, where the person who takes out more of their opponent is deemed the winner. Although this is fun in its own right, many of the fans of Infinity have gone further to create scenarios specific to Infinity to introduce new challenges and move the game away from straight gun fights, where the person with the best location wins.

For these fan created scenarios, you can find them here in the forums. As you can see, not only are they created by the fans, but they are also updated, reviewed, and play tested by fans of Infinity. Making the forum a great resource for both new players and veterans alike.

So onto our games.. never marked down what the rosters were exactly, but the highlights from the games can be seen below:

Game 1 was a simple 200 pt game.. this was meant to get us back into grips with the game itself. This game seemed to take forever, and not just because I was losing. :) A refresher was just what the doctor ordered, and allowed us to remember which of our units we know how to use, and which ones still need some more practice. It was here that I remembered that I don't like Ariadna's camo skills, and that Nomads should not do frontal assaults. Nothing eventful occurred aside from trying to remember the rules and having a few "oh sh1t" moments..

Game 2 was much better.. though the outcome was in dispute due to equal equal mission points at the end, however I had 2 things on my side that pushed the result into my side.. 1) More primary mission points, and 2) There was no enemy models left on the table and I had killed them all :). It was here that we learned the power of HMGs on Total reaction Zoids. A common sight in that game was my opponent checking to see if he was in retreat or not as shown here. We both played with some risky moves, such as I AD:Combat Jumped 3 Hellcats, 1 with HMG to his deployment zone. From here, I was able to place 1 wound on each of his Vet Kazaks with HMGs, and taking out his Scotsman. However they died in the return fire. From here, I followed up with the Tsyklon with spitfire, and over 2 orders, took out the Vets with some very very lucky rolling. From here, it was a constant state of checking if he was in retreat as this was a 300 pt game, but losing these models cost him 122 pts. Ouch! Final moment was the HMG Reaktion Zoid making a few orders in the last turn to race to his deployment zone, spot, and then gun down his last 2 models, while dying in the process.

At this point we spent the remainder of the evening discussing the result of game 2, checking the forums for updates to the scenarios ( which was posted that more primary points = win!!! ).. and then drinking at a local bar to again level out the playing skills for the following morning.

Game 3.. all I can remember from this was Nomad + mass camo = lose :( That being said, Spektors with Multi Sniper Rifles in TO:Camo are pretty cool, but are a glass cannon. This game went back and forth quite a bit throughout, as the beginning 2 rounds saw most of the Nomads being wiped out, while the second half of the game being quite a few Ariadna's being taken out, including the Vet Kazak in a lucky dice roll versus the Intruder Lt.

Game 4 is where I think I began to understand how to use Nomads.. regardless of the fact that the Ariadna list was a fantasy list full of characters, I think I have found the recipe for Nomads that works for me. It is also probably the only list I can remember from my side out of the 4 games. My list was simple, 3 Morlocks, Chimera + 3 Pupniks, Interventor, 2 Reaktion Zoids with HMGs, 1 Tsyklon with Spitfire, Senior Massacre, Bran the Monkey Man, Para-medic Alguaciles. Most of this list never got used, but the tactic was working very well.

Morlocks ran in front due to impetuous mentality, but threw smoke for their second short order. The complete screen of smoke wrecked havoc on the Ariadnas as this limited their ability to see key targets. With cover down, REMs and WBs alike ran forward. Objectives for me in this mission ( being one of the only games I remembered what they were from the start ) was triangulation and collect. Meaning, collect cubes from dead enemies, and place markers in 3 out of 4 corners. The smoke tactic really helped my Chimera + Pupniks gain serious ground across the field, before jumping through a window, and slaughtering all that hide inside. Even with being blasted with shotguns at short range, flamers and the like, their hyperdynamics ( and the Chimera's "normal dynamics" ) allowed them to live through. All I can say is that if they ever reach close combat, the opponent is dead.

By turn 2 it was pretty much a victory, except for the Ariadna bringing a AD:Combat Jump troop up from the rear, and taking out my LT. Causing my turn 3 to be nothing more than selecting a new LT, and waiting for AROs to occur. Once that occurred though, and another model was felled by the Chimera's I was able to collect the Cubes from all the dead in the building, move Bran to spike a marker, and have another marker placed in my own deployment to gain 5 pts in this game, including all primaries due to cubes. I think more of these type of lists will be included in the future, and my Chimera and Pupniks have deserved to be painted up.

The other highlight from this game was a Reaktion Zond holding my left flank and killing everything that it came into contact with, while saving against all shots against it. It too will get a shiny new paintjob soon enough.

All in all though, it was a great weekend of gaming.. more so brought on by the lack of birthday speech from my mate.. though I suspect I have not seen the last of that conversation. Next such weekend will be next month when he travels up to Istanbul to return the birthday favor.

Now back to regular painting schedule in the meantime.. 

Monday, November 14, 2011

Dark Elf Wyches

And we're back again.. this time with a special unit of Wyches, or at least the starting of said unit.

One of the areas that I have struggled with in the past was skin. My wife constantly has stated that it has come out too dark or not enough levels in it. So with this project I have the opportunity to work on more levels in skin.

As noted previously, my skin recipe is pretty simple. Foundation Flesh, Ogryn Flesh Wash. Thats it.. call it a day and move on. Usually this is enough for the dark elves as very little skin is showing under the hoods. Worst case I was doing another layer of Foundation Flesh.

However for the Wyches, since there is so much flesh showing, adding more layers was the only way to go.

Here I started as I normally do, but did the extra layer of flesh as a new base was required after the wash. Once that dried, I moved onto a mix of Flesh and Pale Flesh ( 50/50 ) to really make parts of the skin pop out. Slight Ogryn Flesh wash, diluted with some water, was added just to tone down the now extreme highlights.

What came out was what I think is my best skin painting I have done to date. Even better is that I still remember the recipe for it, and can replicate it fairly easy for the rest of the 26 Wych unit.

They are currently my focus on the painting table, and hope to get them all finished up shortly.

More pictures to come. 

Dark Elf Executioners

So the journey of the Dark Elves continues with the inclusion of 29 Executioners. Right away I knew that these models were going to be interesting to paint up as they would be mostly armor, so lots of metal coloring. When we looked at GWs original color scheme and agreed immediately that it was too silver. Not enough contrast and not dark enough to fit into the theme we were going for.
With that in mind, I did up a test model using more Bronze in the coloring. Going a bit more overboard with the Delvan Mud washes than I normally do to give it a bit darker feel to it also.

They still need basing done, but that will be done to the army as a whole once everything is completed.

Again the color scheme was easy to put together and these 29 guys even with the test model only took 15 hrs to complete. This project is really pushing me to try new techniques, while also doing it in a timely manner. Prior to this project to get to this level of detail would take upwards of 1.5 hrs per model, whereas in batches they are as quick as almost 30 minutes per.

Will see if I can keep that speed going when I do up the 7 additions that I just received to add to this unit. Champion included. 

Dark Elves are coming..

So while I have been working on some painting commissions, another large project came across my desk. A good friend of mine has asked me to paint up a 5000 point Dark Elf army. All in the codex color scheme of metals and purples.

So far I have started up on the basic Troopers, the Dark Elf Warriors. Normally I loathe painting up line troopers, however these were actually quite nice to paint up and did so quite quickly also.

The brief on these was simple enough though. Do them bright, but not super bright. The flash on the Sony Neo make them brighter than they should be, but hopefully I will get better photos posted up soon enough.

Coloring was simple enough and allowed me to finish up 58 of them in a paltry 20 hrs.. which is quite quick all things considered.

Metals were my basic recipe. Bronze, heavy Delvan Mud wash, brass.
Purple was Warlock Purple, Liche Purple, Purple Ink, Pink/Purple mix.
Silver is gunmetal, with Silver highlight.
Flesh is Foundation Flesh, with Ogryn Flesh wash.

As stated the painting went quickly, the palette is easy to do up, and the color scheme works well across the whole army. More posts to come of other units as they get finished, and time permits to write them up.


Horror Commission

Ok so it has been a while since I have had the chance to post. Work has been, well, busy to say the least. Between new projects, old projects, and then changing jobs between projects, it had left little time for things like posting. Though this has not left me with no time to paint.

So a recent commission I finished was a batch of 40 of the newer Plastic Horrors for Deamons of Chaos in WHFB. The brief for it was simple, make them pink and like the box art. Original scheme I had tried was closer to this lone character here.. But it was deemed to link pink and not vibrant enough.

Fair enough, so back at the rest. After a quick check at GWs site, I found their mock up color palette and I adapted it with the colors I had.

Seeing as this was a TT+ quality commission now, I leaned into the washes a bit more, and tried my hand at adding a bit more depth to them. Now you will notice that the photos are not the greatest, but my regular camera is missing a battery at the moment, and so my Sony Neo had to step in.

Overall experience of these models from assembly to painting was not the most enjoyable. The assembly of them was a nightmare. I have put together plastics before, but these seemed to take forever ( actually took me 11 hrs to get them together ). Once assembled though, painting all the parts was a pain due to how much covered everything else. Weird arm angles did not help here. Note to self for future.. paint in parts.. bodies and arms separate.

Once the base colors were thrown down though, the rest went quite quickly. Base coat of pale flesh, with a liberal coating of Baal Red, followed by a drybrush of a mix of 4 parts Pale flesh to 1 part Red Gore. More liberal washes of Baal Red to bring out the bright pink coloring and make the shading more evident.

Tongue was simple enough, Black base, Ultramarine blue, Enchanted blue, Sky blue, and a heavy Blue wash allowing it to pool and give different depths.

Flames again were quite simple. White base, 2 rounds of heavy blue wash, and then white to the extreme edges.

Metals was my common Bronze, heavy delvan mud wash, brass and gold extreme highlight.

All in all a decent unit, that will definitely be standing out on the table.

For myself, I will be working on my own horrors in the not to distant future, and will carry on the lighter pink scheme throughout them. Which I think better fits the older OOP metal Horrors from years gone by.

Cheers for now. 
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