Saturday, June 30, 2012

Sedation Wars Kickstarter

Most blogs today and the upcoming week will talk about the new 6th edition 40k release.. me.. not so much.. after the bad tasting tournament I attended a while back I can't really say I am in favor of trying out the new 6th edition ( except I have heard that you can now pre-measure.. so I guess I was ahead of the game there ;) ).

So instead of talking about 6th.. I want to bring up Sedation Wars. Like many, I have fallen victim to this kickstarter, in so far as it keeps getting so good that it is impossible almost NOT to pledge for it.

Looking at the Biohazard pledge level of 100$ you get everything below and some extras even..

So what started out as a boxset of 50 highly detailed and awesome looking models for a boardgame that may or may not be good.. you now also get:

Barker - A heavy weapon specialist
Resin cast of Kara
Sedation Wars dice - 3 for each side
Download of rules to use all the models
12 extra Vanguards
12 extra Strain
A painting DVD from Studio McVey
2 additional Scythe Strains
2 additional Brimstone Strains
Another Cthonian
Another Grencila
Another Vanguard Cannon drone
6 Mini drones
6 Crabfaces
Keegan (Riddick)
THI Pilot (Tank Girl)
Cyber Akosha
Morgan in his Biohazard suit..

And there is still another last stretch goal of $781,598 in which we will get a monster sized Kara in super suit to help deal with the strain population within this game. Considering that at the time of writing this we are at $761,706 and have 15 hrs to go, I think we can make it.

What's else is there are additional items to get as well. Such as the calamity crew (Firefly Crew), CIR Ridley (Aliens), Hexen Phaecirus (Cylon 6), plastic terrain set, and some others.. The ones listed above are the ones that I have also pledged for seeing as though they will only be available for kickstarter, and left overs given out at conventions. Ones that I will probably never get to attend to in time to pick them up.

Now one of my mates had planted an idea to get 2 boxes, and then use the Vanguard as a Space Marine force, and the Strain as either Tyranid or Daemons. I have to say that I did entertain that thought for a while, but in the end had to say no, cause well, then the pledge would reach $305, and it was bad enough at $195 due to shipping and extras. Can't say I wasn't tempted, but I cannot justify the cost, and I don't think I could make the models work to a functional army either.

Anyways.. if your interested in it, best to get on it now, before it goes forever and your stuck paying $80 for the basic boardgame and miss out on all the extras being offered for the next 15+ hrs.

Again here is the link if you want to go there, and see you after the strain is cleared!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Project: Daemons of Chaos: Nurgle Herald Finished

Ok so it didn't take long to figure out how to finish this guy up..

After sizing up the Nurglings, and seeing where they would fit best, I went to town on the base, and the Nurglings to finish this bad boy off.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Project: Daemons of Chaos: Nurgle Herald WIP

So another parcel of models arrived, and within it was a model from Maximini. The plaguebringer model.

As soon as I saw this model on eBay, I knew it would be a perfect Herald of Nurgle for my Daemons of Chaos project. And considering that I am having a hard time finding appropriate models for my heralds, I snatched it up as soon as I could!

Thing is, that it is a bit large to sit on a 25mm base, as currently it is sitting on a 50mm base shown to the left there!

With that in mind, I decided to switch it from a Herald on foot, and put it as a Herald on Palaquin, just minus the Palaquin ;)

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Infinity: Krazy Koalas

Finally I finished these 2 buggers.. time and motivation played against me for these two though.. but now they are done, and I can work on the Moran Hunter next I hope.

So just a quick post here, and some photos..

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Modern Diner from Aintsy's Castings

So this is the diner terrain pieces from Antsy's Castings that I got from The Angry Lurker a while back. He was raising money for Salute 2012, but I don't think I helped much as I got it for only 7 GBP plus shipping.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Yedharo Capricorn Bust WIP

So I finally got around to working on one of the busts that I got from Yedharo a while back. You can see the article here concerning the review of their product. All in all it is a good product, and as they build out their Zodiac range I will pick up more.

Thankfully 2 of the ones they did first relate to both myself and my wife's signs, so it was an easy choice on to grab them really.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Eldar: Warp Spiders

This is a continuation of another project I had completed last year. For the same person as who owns the Dark Elf army.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

More Ruins from Russia!

Well vacation is over, and I am back at work today.. why is it that vacations go so fast and work goes so slow?

Friday, June 15, 2012

Project Daemons of Chaos: Counts as Fiends

Well, last post of the week.. and to finish off this week here in Belgium, here is 2 guys that I painted up before leaving to add to my Daemons of Chaos army!

I have seen this done before, so no real shocker.. but taking Chaos Spawns and placing them as Fiends of Slannesh. 

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Night Goblin Squig Herders

With the tournament over and done with, and my placing in such a mid tiered pack, I thought I would do a quick post showing 5 squigs..

Now you might be asking.. why do I care about 5 squigs.. or squigs at all?!?!?

Well.. it is simple.. these guys were done up in about 4 hrs ( damn you drying time ) from nothing to finished due to me creating a list that required 5 more squigs than I had available! So in order to avoid losing points on painting ( which was not an option for me! ), and because I couldn't resent a new list as I needed to then reprint my lists, and I had no access to a printer. So the only logical thing to do was sculpt and paint 5 squigs before the tournament the next day!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

40k Ruins.. from Russia..

So.. a while back I was in Izmir and while there BuRock handed me off some terrain to use in the lair here at Mr. Lee's Painting Emporium. Quite a nice thing for him, but it came with a catch.. could I paint up some of his 40k Ruins that he bought off a guy in Russia on eBay?

I had to think on this for a whole 2 seconds before agreeing.. in hindsight, maybe I should have thought for 3 seconds and given it some serious thought, but meh.. such is life..

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Karargah Tournament: 2500 Fantasy

So.. yeah.. I do it again.. I went to another tournament but from my old club at the behest of one of the older members, and to be honest.. am very glad that I did!

Tournament was a typical 3 rounds of 2500 pts. This was NOT a Tusot tournament like Game 1, Game 2, or Game 3, which was a big selling point to show up to it. There were both proper painting scores and sportsmenship scores this time around.

Goal for me this time was to score bit in the painting and sportsmenship, and if I won a game then I would be happy also.. but it was not likely ;)

Monday, June 11, 2012

Vore contest.. from Frontline Gamer again

Ok, just a quick one here here as I am off to Belgium for work once more..

If you like Bane Beasts from Maelstrom's new line ( well not new anymore but.. ) then you will want to sign up to Frontline Gamer's latest post/article concerning them..

This time it is the Blood-Maw Vore.. one heck of a model.. it is huge to say the least, and the sizes shown on the site do not do it justice.

So if you really want to get your hands on it, then check out post from Frontline Gamer, become a follower, and post on the article!

Hopefully I will have time to do proper posts throughout the weekend.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Projects: Daemons of Chaos.. and where it stands today..

How's this for a horde formation? :)
Ok so a small bump in the production line as of late.. been a bit busy with the travel, and the buying on eBay to get some real work done it seems. But the eBay bit has been a bit worrying actually.. as I have been scouring around looking for OOP metal Daemons to fill in my core choices.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Project: Necromunda: Cawdor

Necromunda... oh how I remember this game well from my youth! And oh how I wish I could find enough people to play it once more.. I remember converting the newly made plastics from IG and Empire models to be gangs that would fight in the Hive worlds at our local gaming store.

Why plastics when they have such beautiful models? Because, I was still in high school, and pocket money was tight as it was while buying many other armies for the "core" games like Fantasy and 40k.

So when I got the chance to paint up some Necromunda gangs for a commission, well, I can just say that I am pleased as punch for the opportunity here!

More so that it is my favorite gang to start off with, the Cawdors! The fanatical, religious gang trying to expunge all that they see as unfit to be part of the hive.. To say that this puts a strain on their relationship with other gangs would be an understatement! But it is great fun to see them play out as they do, and see what kind of havoc they can cause when really fired up!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Battle Report: Chaos Dwarfs vs High Elves

Having not had a game in a while, BuRock and I decided we needed to remedy that! And being that my travels and his finally converged in Istanbul, we were able to set one up.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Frontline Gamer Birthday Giveaway - Updates

So it seems Frontline Gamer is having a bit of a problem over on his blog.. it seems too many people are joining up for his contests!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Project Imperial Guard: UK Version

So before the weekend, I wanted to show off the 2 tester guys I did up for the Project IG from UK.

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