Saturday, June 30, 2012

Sedation Wars Kickstarter

Most blogs today and the upcoming week will talk about the new 6th edition 40k release.. me.. not so much.. after the bad tasting tournament I attended a while back I can't really say I am in favor of trying out the new 6th edition ( except I have heard that you can now pre-measure.. so I guess I was ahead of the game there ;) ).

So instead of talking about 6th.. I want to bring up Sedation Wars. Like many, I have fallen victim to this kickstarter, in so far as it keeps getting so good that it is impossible almost NOT to pledge for it.

Looking at the Biohazard pledge level of 100$ you get everything below and some extras even..

So what started out as a boxset of 50 highly detailed and awesome looking models for a boardgame that may or may not be good.. you now also get:

Barker - A heavy weapon specialist
Resin cast of Kara
Sedation Wars dice - 3 for each side
Download of rules to use all the models
12 extra Vanguards
12 extra Strain
A painting DVD from Studio McVey
2 additional Scythe Strains
2 additional Brimstone Strains
Another Cthonian
Another Grencila
Another Vanguard Cannon drone
6 Mini drones
6 Crabfaces
Keegan (Riddick)
THI Pilot (Tank Girl)
Cyber Akosha
Morgan in his Biohazard suit..

And there is still another last stretch goal of $781,598 in which we will get a monster sized Kara in super suit to help deal with the strain population within this game. Considering that at the time of writing this we are at $761,706 and have 15 hrs to go, I think we can make it.

What's else is there are additional items to get as well. Such as the calamity crew (Firefly Crew), CIR Ridley (Aliens), Hexen Phaecirus (Cylon 6), plastic terrain set, and some others.. The ones listed above are the ones that I have also pledged for seeing as though they will only be available for kickstarter, and left overs given out at conventions. Ones that I will probably never get to attend to in time to pick them up.

Now one of my mates had planted an idea to get 2 boxes, and then use the Vanguard as a Space Marine force, and the Strain as either Tyranid or Daemons. I have to say that I did entertain that thought for a while, but in the end had to say no, cause well, then the pledge would reach $305, and it was bad enough at $195 due to shipping and extras. Can't say I wasn't tempted, but I cannot justify the cost, and I don't think I could make the models work to a functional army either.

Anyways.. if your interested in it, best to get on it now, before it goes forever and your stuck paying $80 for the basic boardgame and miss out on all the extras being offered for the next 15+ hrs.

Again here is the link if you want to go there, and see you after the strain is cleared!


  1. I've been madly dialling up my pledge as more and more is added as extra buy's - not all the extras have tickled my fancy, but enough to warrant 2 pledge updates.

    I'm really looking forward to this game, and am gald I held off buying the minis separately when they were first released.

    I'm a bit sad the Firebrand weren't worked into the game somehow, as I think those minis trump the Strain stuff. Its also odd some of the Vanguard stuff didn't make it in - they actually sculpted new troopers and special weapons rather than go the ones they already had.

    Definately think the final stretch will get up. We're $16K away as I type this. Blows my mind how big this got.

    1. I have done the same. Originally only was going to get the Biohazard after the extra 24 models were added, but then they released the terrain, and I added on for that.

      But with the Aliens, Battlestar, and Firefly references.. well.. I had to add a bit more there also.. even if they will not show up for a while as yet. Will be cool to have them none the less.

      Even now they have raised the bar to $773k in pledges.. so I don't think this last stretch goal will be that difficult to manage!

  2. Yeah I think i also can't get around this. I already fell for the Mantic kickstarter but this game is also sick. Wanted to pledge for biohazard and terrain but I think I will opt for all of the limited miniatures...

    1. I passed on the Mantic one, and the Zombiecide ones.. and I am kind of kicking myself for doing so. Both were really good deals also. However thankfully I got on this one, and I have to say that I am glad that I did.

  3. Final tally, and an update on the photo in the blog.. it hit 950k+ in pledges, and is now the highest earning Board game Kickstarter ever!

    And we got the Barker Exo-Skeleton, and the Gnosis suit.. will be a lot of fun to paint those up, and see how they come out. Now the long wait for November and March :(

  4. I told Mike before he put the Kickstarter up not to worry at all and that everything would be fine. I also told him I thought he'd reach $550k no problem, possibly a bit more... but to hit $951,254 is just simply splendid it really really is. I think Mike is genuinely flabbergasted by the response to the game. I just hope what I've seen as a fun little game with a decent level of tactics is enough to satisfy those who have pledged. Some people seem to be building up to Epic levels I fear no game could live up to. Some somebody write the other day he'd heard it was the best board game ever TM... why do we always seem to over hype stuff in our hobby?

    1. No idea on the game play myself, aside from what I have read on your blog and the videos on the kickstarter.

      For me it is the miniatures, and the pure bang for your buck by taking advantage of the Biohazard deal. If the game is good, well that is just icing on the cake in my opinion! Though now I have to wait until they ship it my way! Oooo it is going to be a long couple of months now..


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