Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Battle Report: Chaos Dwarfs vs High Elves

Having not had a game in a while, BuRock and I decided we needed to remedy that! And being that my travels and his finally converged in Istanbul, we were able to set one up.

Game was set between the Chaos Dwarfs from the Ottoman Empire vs the High Elfs from the Dark Forests. Neither army is fully painted, and thats my bad cause I have not put much ( read that as any ) effort into them aside from collecting! A typical gamer mistake, and one that I never seem to learn from ;) Oh and before you ask, yes.. we proxied models throughout both sides of the game.. its just how we roll!

So the forces were arranged with 2000 points in mind, and consisted of the following:

Chaos Dwarfs:

  • Sorceror Prophet, Lvl 4
  • Castellian BSB
  • 2x30 Infernal Guards, Full Command
  • 2x6 Bull Centaurs, Full Command
  • 2x20 Hobgoblins
High Elfs:
  • Mage, lvl 4
  • Hero, BSB
  • 2x10 Archers, 
  • 2 eagles
  • 30 White Lions
  • 30 Spearmen
  • 2 chariots
  • Bolt Thrower
  • 5 Shadow Reavers
Scenario was Watchtower, and BuRock took the tower with 10 archers, while I got first turn. 
Set up saw a unit of Bull Centaurs ready to charge the tower first turn, BSB IG unit to its left, and Prophet unit to its right. Second BC unit further left, ready to support as needed from that flank, and both HG units holding my flanks as much as possible. 

Chaos Dwarf Turn 1:

Animosity roll was safe, and the units begin their movement. As stated, the Bull Centaurs charge forward straight into the Watchtower, taking 1 wound from Archer fire. My Prophet moves up to the obstacle to wait to see responses, BSB unit holds in a forest that makes them cause fear now, and the second BC unit moves forward to get some flanking charges in hopefully. Hobgoblins move forward and do nothing as I had forgotten to equip them with bows! Doh!

For Magic, the breath of hashut was dispelled, but Ash Storm was caste upon the White Lions, and then Flames of Azetoch, but it deviated further than I had hope, causing no damage. 

Close combat saw the Bull Centaurs tearing through 6 of the archers, and taking nothing in return, however they held the line thanks to the proximity of the BSB within the White Lions. Seeing as the Archers held, the BCs moved back 1 inch from the building, and waited. 

High Elf Turn 1:

Animosity rolls.. wait. . not its High Elfs so they had to take their vanity tests, to which they unfortunately all passed.. 

No charges were declared, but the Eagles began their movement. With one coming to stop in line to the left most BCs. White lions left the woods, and took 5 casualties from moving out of what was now dangerous terrain thanks to the Ash Storm being cast on them. Chariot moves over the hill, and the other eagle moves towards the right. Shadow Warriors move to be out of sight from the Hobgoblins, and the spearelfs move over the hill as well. 

Magic sees some very scary things get thrown my way.. Getting all his Hexes cast off on the center most Bull Centaurs. -3 to WS and Str, and then getting hit with Pit of Shades! I lost 3 BCs to that in the end, and they were pretty much crippled for close combat in the next round. However he cast Pit of Shades with Irresistible force, and we forgot to roll on the miscast table! We would remember in the next turn however.. 

For shooting we see a Hobgoblin die to the Shadow Warriors, and the bolt thrower failing to hurt the BCs closest to the tower. 

Chaos Dwarf Turn 2:

Attempting to keep the peace on the hobgoblins, the left unit stays sane, however the right goes nuts, and runs from the Shadow Warriors. 

Charges see the Prophet unit attempt, and succeed a charge against the tower, while the full strength BCs hit the eagle and eat him with no wounds in return. The BSB moves up closer, and the HGs do as well. 

Magic sees Ash cloud falling upon the spearelfs, while the Prophet's unit got Hatred added to it to help in the close combat round. 

In close combat, the Prophet rips open the lungs of an archer, while simultaneously decapitating 2 more beside it. The rest of the dwarfs take out the last archer, and claim the tower for their own! Standing proudly on the watchtower, he sees the White Lions march forth to cause him a bit of pain in holding the tower. 

High Elfs Turn 2:

The picture above was taken a bit into CD Turn 3, but is still accurate aside from BCs in combat with the White Lions.

White lions charged into the right most flank of the tower, while the eagle and chariot attempted to charge the cursed BCs standing looking at the watchtower. The chariot however had a bit of a mishap while attempting to cross the fence, and blew out a tire. From here, it went careening out of control, and exploded in a misshapen mass of wood and elven guts. Quite the sight, I must say! The eagle then landed against the BCs without incident.

Magic was interesting.. we had started out with him casting the negatives once more, both on the Prophet's unit. With me keeping the dispel dice that I did have in reserve waiting on pit of shades or Mindrazor. To which he did cast Mindrazor on his white lions and with irresistible force! Again.. cept.. hold on.. we never did figure out what the miscast from last round was!

With a quick roll of double 1s! We found that the wizard should have gone boom last round ( potentially ).. so with another quick roll, we found out that he did! And took with him 12 more of his stubborn Spear Elfs with him! We also remembered that the unit was hit with Ash Storm.. so it couldn't have casted magic this turn anyways! Double oops..

So the Mage was removed, we both felt dumb for missing these points, and we carried on ( though with a lighter step on my side as my Prophet was no longer hexed! ). However since he had no chance to cast anything, he then removed the hatred from the Prophet unit to have at least that in his favor for the forthcoming combat.

Shooting saw little effect.

Eagle vs the BCs saw 1 wound each be applied, however again the BCs held thanks to the ld of 10 from General, and the BSB being nearby. They reformed to face the eagle, and have 2 be able to attack next round.

Close combat of the White Lions + BSB vs Prophet and IG was interesting. None of the hits from the Prophet landed, and only 1 WL died. Whereas the WLs were on fire, and snuffed out 6 of the IGs. Thankfully the Prophet has a ld of 10, and the BSB was nearby to keep them safe. Back goes the WLs 1 inch, and ready to take the BC charge forth coming.

Chaos Dwarf Turn 3:

Not much to be said here. The bigger BC unit charges into the WLs, while the BSB moves forward a bit further. Hobgoblins move up and try to sneak around to get at those damn archers. Prophet sits in his tower and watchs the action below.

Magic saw not as much happen as attempting to cast the magic missle was unsuccessful. So no more magic was cast from there.

Combat saw the BCs eat the eagle and realign a bit to get into the way of the WLs if possible.

The other BC unit gets massed against the WLs though. Fluffing a lot of their attacks, and taking 9 wounds in return, they turn tail and run. WLs cannot pursue due to how they are lined up, but the BCs are not in a good position at this time.

High Elfs Turn 3:

Seeing the excellent opportunity to take down the BCs, the archers run forth to hit them, overrunning them to destroy them, and moving into contact with the BSB unit. The WLs get back into combat with the watch tower, and attempt to remove the Prophet from his perch.

Shooting sees no effect once more. Why take a repeater bolt thrower if it will not do anything is beyond me..

Combat sees the BSB eat the archers alive! Taking no causlties, and killing 4 in return, making them run for the hills! Of course since CDs are stunty, they are -1 pursue rolls, and miss by exactly 1 inch.. argh..

The big fight continues. The WLs take out the champion of the IGs, and then kill 7 more to round things off to an even 8 kills. I return with 1 kill, lose combat, but hold! Thank you very much! Much heated words from the High Elf player at this point.

Chaos Dwarf Turn 4:

Not wanting to waste their movement against the archers, the BSB unit moves around to line up to the WLs. The BCs charge in cause they are dumb, but why not? The Prophet stands on top and looks down on everyone, cause that is how they do it!

Magic worked out this time around. With the magic missle being cast upon the Spear Elfs, and destroying half of their unit with a single shot.

Close combat saw 1 BC die, but taking a few with him, and the WLs reforming to add ranks, and remove the ability for the BSB unit from getting into combat.

High Elf Turn 4:

Shadow Warriors charge the flank of the BCs. Chariot and Spear Elfs charge the BSB unit. Archers rally, and turn to face the BSB unit.

Shooting is again useless, though was targeting the watchtower.

Combat sees the BCs take 1 wound from the SW, and stand from the onslaught of the WLs. They again lose, but stand firm.

The highlight combat however is the combo charge against the BSB unit. Impact hits, spears, more spears, and horse do all they can against this unit, but to no avail, as the CDs refuse to lose anyone! Returning death back to the spear elfs and causing both units to flee. Though I decide this time around not to pursue.

It is at this time that we roll to see if the game will continue or not. I need a 6 to stop the game and win! I roll a 1.. typical.. so we continue..

Chaos Dwarf Turn 5:

In a pure brilliance move, I remember ( ok so I ask to be reminded ) that I can move out the unit from the tower.. and at the same time move in a fresh new unit in its place! To which I do just that! Sucks to be high elfs now with a fresh unit in place!

Hobgoblins move around the building, and are now just 1 turn away from doing something.. meanwhile the prophet pivots to a point that can see something to cast magic on.

Magic however does nothing as I fail to cast a simple spell.. I must not be afraid of losing the prophet to miscasts.. the High Elfs lost theirs and they are doing ok.. oh.. wait.. nevermind :)

Combat saw the BCs finally die, though they did take out 4 Shadow Warriors along with them. WLs now prep themselves for a charge against the newly re-defended watchtower.

High Elf Turn 5:

With a big push, the WLs recharge the watchtower! While doing so the chariot rallies, but the spear elfs fail, and continue to run, straight forward and in the way of the bolt thrower! Poor bolt thrower, he has done nothing all game :(

Combat begins, and the High Elf attempts to slaughter the poor BSB.. however he was then informed that the BSB was not going to be participating in that fight, and that he had to slog it out against the infantry instead. He then proceeded to take out his frustration against the champion, and killed 6 or 7 in total. Though being the stubborn, and stalwart stewards that they are.. they held!

Once again we rolled to see if the game would end.. needing but a 5 or a 6 to finish it.. and with that.. a 6! Huzzah! CDs win the game by doing what they do best.. being stubborn, and holding a defensive line!

The unpainted BSB and his weaponless henchmen look out over the battlefield and go.. "More slaves to be gathered!"
Good game.. interesting as I have never played Watchtower before. Seems he who holds the tower with the biggest unit is the winner really. And having both the general and BSB close by really helped on more than 1 occasion. 

This also ties up the games between BuRock and I, meaning that we are at a even winning streak of 1 each.. never to be higher, or lower it seems.

Long post, but hopefully a good one.. and hopefully more painted models in the future!


  1. awesome report again but hey, i didnt proxy a single elf... only the eagles were proxied but they dont count, right?

    cant wait until the next game mate.

  2. Nice one Mr.Lee, good read and result!

  3. I love chaos dwarves! Do you have more pictures of them? I remember playing aginst them when they were official in the 90ies. Pointy heads, black beards and hearts. Surely an army to love :-)
    Nice report, keep it rollin'

  4. Thanks guys..
    @Paradox0n.. no close ups as there is nothing really done on them.. but hopefully I will get some work on them soon. I keep buying models for them, so I guess I should work ont hem right?


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