Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Painting Updates April 12, 2011

Ok so I was able to get some painting done over the weekend and Monday night. It was a pretty lazy weekend so was able to spend most of Saturday painting.

Started off with painting up a new Infinity model for my Nomads. The dreaded Intruder with Heavy Machine Gun. The color scheme I am going with for this faction is simple enough. Primarily red jumpsuits, with the odd brown section to represent some change in the unit from the basic line trooper. Black guns, boots, gloves, and an off grey helmet. I tried for some glowing sections, but they didn't turn out as nicely as I would have liked.

I then worked on the trolls some more. I am struggling a bit to make them not as plastic looking, but I am hoping that a few more layers of paint will alleviate that concern.

The transistion between belly and skin will still be worked a bit more, and they will be abit brighter when finished, while the skin will get darker still. I also had a chat with my mate whom I am painting this for, and he likes the direction I am going so far, but again wants the above points put into action. So darker skin, and lighter bellies coming up.

So last up is the Hellcat with Heavy Machine Gun that I got finished in an hour last night. Again cause the color scheme is so simple, the painting takes almost no time at all. Airbrush helps in this also though of course. 

Change here is that I did white boots to give the unit type a difference from the rest. This is also to make it easier for me to know it is on the table. I tend to miss these kind of models/units that can come onto the table later in the game.

Hopefully tonight/this week I can finalize the Trolls and begin work on the Orc Heros afterwards.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Upcoming Commissions

Now that we are into a new year, people are asking for more and more assistance to get their models painted up for the summer gaming season. When wives and children go off to summer houses, while we stay back and work. This however is not a bad thing as it means we can organize more games, and tournaments for the local gaming community.

So with that in mind, I am beginnging to get more nad more requests to paint up others models.

Previous projects still on-going are the final flocking of a large Empire force, and the final bits of sculpting and painting for some Vampire Counts.

New projects started just this weekend include the Tower of Sorcery which is a massive tower for Warhammer Fantasy. This should be a lot of fun to paint up, but might take a bit of time. Alongside this is some Orcs and Goblin units. Namely the Orc Warboss boxset, Doom Diver boxset, and the Troll set.

Both of the new projects should be fun as it will allow me to experiment more with my airbrush for both basecoating and detail work. I will be going for good quality on most of them ( Doom diver exempt ) but also trying to get them completed as quickly as possible.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Gaming Weekend

With the weekend past, and the hangover settling in nicely, I can safely say that was probably one of the best gaming weekends I have had in a long time. A friend from another city popped on up originally for a concert, however since it was cancelled and his plane ticket already paid for, we turned the weekend into a gaming weekend instead.

So we started the weekend off with a ride to the gaming club for introductions and some quick games of Infinity to remind ourselves of the rules. Was good to get to grips with the game once more, and to also win the first round with some lucky dice rolls on my side, and some poor ones with my opponent. Of course the same can be said in reverse for the second game.

From here I moved onto a game of Napoleon with the Black Powder ruleset. Major change in the rules that we have to make for our games is the reduction of all ranges to be 1/3rd of the original. Made the game a lot more interesting and tactically flexible. Instead of moving 12" per order we moved 4" instead. No 24" shooting range, but instead we did 8". Was a lot more fun to see everyone lined up trying to shoot the other until there was room for proper charges.

It was after all this fun at the club that we moved back to the house, and got stuck in with rule testing for our home brewed game, It Came from Berlin. A WW2 remake ( cause who doesn't like WW2 games? ) but with Zombies ( cause we all know Zombies make games better!! ). The biggest switch up in our game is that it is not an even fight. Not even trying to make it look that way. The game plays fast ( though takes forever ) and the decisions to be made come quick and direct as there are not many options when faced with an apocalypse of Zombies. Fine tuning of the rules changed the game in some significant manners.

First run showed that the zombies owned the Heroes within 10 turns, with them not making it past the first corner of the board. Second run showed the Heroes controlling the board and getting to the objectives in 15-20 turns.

It was at the third run that we found a bit more of the magic of the game. With some re-spawn points for the Zombies, the Heroes did not have it as easy. We made the re-spawns random, however for some reason my rolls for their placements always made them appear just in front of the heroes, or behind them causing more fear and panic in the Heroes.

On the Sunday we stayed in for the most part and had more friends showing up for gaming. Starting with It Came from Berlin again, to get more interest and see other players point of view with it. We again modified it, or thought up some more rules for it, but in the end the Heroes died as they activated too many houses at once, and the re-spawns occured right behind them. Trapping the poor Heroes in the middle of the street with little ammo, no bandages, and no high ground to escape to.

From here we moved to multiple games of Infinity. Nice 2 vs 2 games of starter packs ( roughly 250 pts a side ). Great starter games again to get used to the core rules ( since we are only using Starter boxes ) and also to see the effecitveness of things like combined orders, open gaming boards, and mass buildings.

Ovearall a great weekend of gaming though, and although I am a bit tired from a weekend of standing around, throwing dice and moving toy soldiers, it was a great weekend and one I hope to repeat more in the future as the table project gets closer to completion.

Until then, enjoy the photos, and wait for the next update of gaming experience.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Creation of a gaming table

I think there is a time in every gamers life that they want to have a dedicated gaming space. Somewhere that they can just let their true inner geek run wild with no fear of what others think. 

I have finally gotten to that point it seems. Not afraid to say it either, but yes I think I have gotten to that point. After years of gaming in stores, clubs, friends houses, carpets and makeshift tables.. I have finally moved on to the point of creating my own gaming room, complete with dedicated gaming table.

Here I will have the ability to not just play games with friends, and look at how my newly painted models look on the table, but also I have make a truely magnificant mess of the room with all the comings and goings of projects everywhere. Without having to worry about cleaning up because company is coming over, or cause of my son might be playing around there. No this room is fully dedicated to all things geek, and it is definitely a turning point in my gaming life.

So what are the plans for this room?

Thus far I have had a carpenter build me a table to hold games on, to work on larger projects with, and when the time allows for my wife to build puzzles on with little concern of losing pieces from cats or stray children.

Expansion plans include shelving units to hold terrain for the table itself, and cubboards for the hordes of boxed models that plague the outskirts of my room currently of projects long since forgotten.

For work that I myself can do, I have started on the creation of several city buildings. Rubbled, and destroyed from wars past, that will work for both Warhammer 40k and also Infinity ( though I have been told that it sides better with Infinity than 40k currently ).

Once I have a nice standing of urban terrain, then I will redouble my focus on fantasy terrain and table settings. Making them themed to my armies to help inspire more fear in my opponents as they are playing on my turf.

Deamons of Chaos

Deamons of Chaos.. one of my favorite armies!

I know it got a lot of bad press back in 7th edition, and from what I hear it is still not completely broken in 8th edition. That being said, I still love this army. For the ability to play so many different styles while still staying true to one army book.

As it stands these days it is my main gaming army for both fantasy and 40k, when the chance to play occurs. I have the most models painted in this section, with many many more boxes waiting to be put together and painted. Including a few hundred resin bases to paint up and rebase the entire force.

The other biggest thing about Deamons of Chaos is the ability for conversions! Usage of many different companies models ( such as the Ultraforge more shown above ), and being able to scratch build models with minimal effort, but great effect. 

For models, currently the collection consists of 20 bloodletters, 10 more beastmen converted to bloodletters from long ago, 20 plaguebearers converted from crypt ghouls and zombies. On top of these, I have converted/sculpted 20 Horrors ( fairly simple but good enough for gaming ), and 6 flamers made from left over bits. Plus other units of not so much note.

For characters I have several. Ranging from 3 Heralds of Tzeentch on discs ( converted from crypt ghouls ), 1 Herald of Tzeentch on Chariot ( converted from Corpse Cart ), 1 Herald of Khorne, both on or off Juggernaut, and a sculpted Herald of Nurgle on Palaquin. For greater deamons, again I have plenty. Bloodthirsters, Great Unclean ones, and Keeper of Secrets/Lord of Change depending on the needs in the game. 

Things to come are mass core troops. As required with 8th edition. Plan is to expand up to 90 of each of the core troops, and then to bulk up the special and rares. Currently a lot of this has been bought through trades, but still waiting on finishing some of it before I begin on some of the bigger units ( like 6-12 bloodcrushers ).

Expect more photos and updates on this army in the future.


So another game that has begun to creep up for me is this Infinity game. Futuristic skirmish wargame, where you need only a few models to really get started. Well a couple models and a decently filled table full of terrain to play on that is.

The thing with this game is that if you are ever caught without cover then you are pretty much dead. 

So having an affinity with shiny new models, I bought up the Nomad starter pack to kick things off. Have to say that they are nice models overall, but that the older generation models from Corpus Belli have some propotion issues. The heads and hands are massive in comparison to some of their other newer ranges ( such as the Haqqislams ). 

That being said the models are great, very little flash on them, and the details are as expected from metal castings. Though I do with they were made out of resin instead as then it would be abit easier to convert some of them, and to place them on more custom bases. 

After buying up the Nomads, I wanted to get a second faction also for running demo games. So after looking through the different factions, I decided on the Haqqislams. I thought it might be cool to have something that could be semi related to me working and living in Turkey. Though I have been informed shortly there after that this is more eastern arab than Turkey. 

As it turns out though I am better with the Nomads than with the Haqqislams. The play style of both are great, but vastly different, and the start boxes are a bit uneven in so far as what each offers and can provide as a starting force. 

Though the painting of the Haqqislams was just so nice. The models almost painted themselves as the level of detail was just crying out for highlights, and washes. They definately came out in a nice manner, and were a joy to paint up. 

For the future, I do have more models coming for Infinity. 3 more Nomads are on route, and I have also ordered the Yu Jing Sectorial boxset for more playtesting in the future. 

Will see how it goes and if I can get more people invested in the game at my local club or not.

Lizardmen Commission

My first real commission work to provide more than just a simple paint job on some models.

The brief was to paint the models to be for show as much as for gaming. To put some real effort into them, while also adhering to the original GW color scheme. 

So I got to work on the models, and in the end it seems that my buddy liked them as I have been given more work from him to complete in the near future, and plans for even more after that.

Items painted were:
  • Slann on palaquin
  • Razordon
  • Salamandar
  • Hero on Carnisaur
  • BSB
  • Special Hero
  • 3 Stegadons
    • 1 Ancient, 2 regular
Great experience overall though, and I have to say that although the characters are a pain to put together, they are a joy to paint. The muscle details on them really gave me a chance to work on some layering and wet blending that I haven't done too much of previously. 

Not sure if there will be more coming for this race in the future but for now a majority of the photos can be found here in the Lizardmen Commission gallery.

Have to start somewhere..

Ok so this blog is to allow myself to post and talk about what I am doing in the realm of miniatures and wargames. To give examples of my work, and to get feedback on what it is that I could do to make my models better, or to paint faster.

Another reason for the blog is that lately it seems I am spending more and more of my time working on others models than my own, and it might be good to show this work to others. Who knows, maybe one day there will be enough work out there in the land of the interweb to allow me to quit my day job and work on models full time.. shaa.. right.. like that can happen.

My plan is to update this on a weekly basis as best I can, be it hobby related or otherwise.Hopefully this blog will also inspire me to paint more and get into the hobby more also.

But who am I?

Well, originally from Canada, I have some how found myself living in Turkey. Living with my wife, and raising our son, who I hope one days falls in love with wargaming and miniatures as much as I do in the future, but time will tell on that.

Currently I am able to game when time permits, and usually focusing on such things as Warhammer Fantasy, Warhammer 40k. However recently I have branched out into Infinity and Napoleonics ( Black Powder Ruleset ). Other games include trying to make my own rules, loosely based off of Infinity, for a WW2 alternative version. I know it has been done before, but I think mine has a bit more of a twist to it.

When not working on models, I am normally playing with my son or working. Lately it seems my worklife is getting more hectic, so again this blog is to help ground me and ensure that I am focusing on the models when time permits.

So thats it for now, I will be posting up some of my latest projects, and as always posting some of those works to my picasa account when time permits, or projects allow.

Cheers for now
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