Friday, April 1, 2011


So another game that has begun to creep up for me is this Infinity game. Futuristic skirmish wargame, where you need only a few models to really get started. Well a couple models and a decently filled table full of terrain to play on that is.

The thing with this game is that if you are ever caught without cover then you are pretty much dead. 

So having an affinity with shiny new models, I bought up the Nomad starter pack to kick things off. Have to say that they are nice models overall, but that the older generation models from Corpus Belli have some propotion issues. The heads and hands are massive in comparison to some of their other newer ranges ( such as the Haqqislams ). 

That being said the models are great, very little flash on them, and the details are as expected from metal castings. Though I do with they were made out of resin instead as then it would be abit easier to convert some of them, and to place them on more custom bases. 

After buying up the Nomads, I wanted to get a second faction also for running demo games. So after looking through the different factions, I decided on the Haqqislams. I thought it might be cool to have something that could be semi related to me working and living in Turkey. Though I have been informed shortly there after that this is more eastern arab than Turkey. 

As it turns out though I am better with the Nomads than with the Haqqislams. The play style of both are great, but vastly different, and the start boxes are a bit uneven in so far as what each offers and can provide as a starting force. 

Though the painting of the Haqqislams was just so nice. The models almost painted themselves as the level of detail was just crying out for highlights, and washes. They definately came out in a nice manner, and were a joy to paint up. 

For the future, I do have more models coming for Infinity. 3 more Nomads are on route, and I have also ordered the Yu Jing Sectorial boxset for more playtesting in the future. 

Will see how it goes and if I can get more people invested in the game at my local club or not.

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