Friday, April 1, 2011

Lizardmen Commission

My first real commission work to provide more than just a simple paint job on some models.

The brief was to paint the models to be for show as much as for gaming. To put some real effort into them, while also adhering to the original GW color scheme. 

So I got to work on the models, and in the end it seems that my buddy liked them as I have been given more work from him to complete in the near future, and plans for even more after that.

Items painted were:
  • Slann on palaquin
  • Razordon
  • Salamandar
  • Hero on Carnisaur
  • BSB
  • Special Hero
  • 3 Stegadons
    • 1 Ancient, 2 regular
Great experience overall though, and I have to say that although the characters are a pain to put together, they are a joy to paint. The muscle details on them really gave me a chance to work on some layering and wet blending that I haven't done too much of previously. 

Not sure if there will be more coming for this race in the future but for now a majority of the photos can be found here in the Lizardmen Commission gallery.

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