Monday, April 30, 2012

MetuCon MegaGame! Night Goblins vs Dwarfs Turns 4 - 6

And so we return.. as you all remember ( and if you don't then go here to remind yourself ) there was a massive game played between myself and BuRock.. our very own Battle for Skull Pass!

We left off with the Dwarf General being beaten down by a pack of Night Goblins and 2 Night Goblin Warbosses hiding within the unit. And with this inspiration, we continue to press on!

Turn 4 - Night Goblins:

As the night goblins press forward to drive home the killing blow, one of the thanes of the Dwarf army pulls out a lucky charm.. a charm to defend against unnatural attacks and charges! This charm radiates pure Dwarf defence spirit, and requires all the Horde to pass a leadership in order to charge!

Prior to attempting a charge, the Might Warboss checks if he can call a mighty Waaaaaaaaghh!!! But since he is in the watchtower, and cannot charge himself, he rethinks this plan, and looks out over the battlefield instead.

With the dwarf charm in effect, the horde begins to feel its effect.. the remaining spiders attempt a charge against the bolt thrower, but are too scared to pull it off, and stay put once more.

The center staged Night Goblins, being all hopped up on killing the Dwarf General, attempt a charge against some Dwarf Querralers.. but they are also Anvil'd to move at half movement, and thus miss the charge by a hairs breath..

Movement sees the Vortex totting Shaman slide into a perfect angle to let loose the mighty spell, while others attempt to reform and move towards future charge opportunities.

With the magic phase underway, the Shaman pops a mushroom, but his batch is much better than that dolt of a greater shaman's batch.. how he made it to greater shaman status.. no one can really tell.. He also tells the other Shaman, who is hurting from a bad dose of mushrooms himself, to use his magic rod.. Ok, sure it will kill him, BUT we will have more magiks to play with!!! So the lesser of 2 shamans, using his forbidden rod, sacrifices his life, and draws for 6 more dice for magiks.. and with a mighty 28+ on casting the spell, the last Shaman is quite pleased and is about to move the template.. when tragedy strikes.. Those damn Dwarfs have ANOTHER dispel rune, but this one more powerful than the last! Not only did those damn Dwarfs dispel the vortex, but they also removed the incantation from the Shaman's mind!!!! The horror!!!!

Shooting is fairly straight forward.. most missing, or not doing enough damage to make any impact. Mr. Lee blames this on the runes that BuRock was writing on his fellow cohorts sitting near him..

Combat sees the central unit break.. this being the second unit that this particular unit has removed.. and takes my BSB in the process.. however they do run far enough to outrun them, but 8 take difficult terrain tests for passing through the tower..

Not the best outcome at this time, and the warboss smacks his head in desperation as things seem to be not going to 'da plan.. of which he is trying to remember what 'da plan was originally..

The orcs in the middle.. they are actually in the tower.. I WISH they were there though.. 

Checking in with the wife.. trying to stay calm and say "Yes the game is going well.. "

Not impressed with the Night Goblin Hordes.. 

Wondering if placing the Warboss General in the watchtower, against an army of Cannons and Grudgethrowers was a smart move.. 
Turn 4 - Dwarf:

With the Goblin Horde on the run, BuRock decides it is time to play it safe.

Moving the miners into the building, and reforming his center unit to better charge next round. Many other units turn and begin to set themselves up to take on the Night Goblins on their own terms.

Artillery does what it does best, and begins to hammer away at the giant.. not satisfied with just taking it down, but obliterated it in the process with an overkill only shown by those in gladiator pits of old Roman times.. not very sporting of a Dwarf, but Mr. Lee plays goblins, so.. this is normal tactics if ever there were one..

BuRock, satisfied with his work.. sits back.. but he wonders.. did he forget something.. and will this Dwarf General killer unit cause him more pain???

Not much has changed cause the Dwarfs sit back and relax for a turn.. 

Wondering.. why is Mr. Lee holding his dice like that.. and why does it look like they are being crushed in frustration?
Turn 4 sees little real action, but more of a break in the game.. just coming back from Lunch both sides more re-addressed shortcomings in their battle plans, and set up for the last 2 rounds that would be the deciding factors on who takes the Skull Pass as their own..

Turn 5 - Goblins:

Ok.. so the Dwarfs want to sit back and wait for us.. well lets go to them shall we..

The Warboss climbs down from the watchtower, and decides to join in the fight with the Night Goblins below him, who thankfully have rallied.

Squig herd on the far right charge, alongside the spiders, to the bolt throwers. Both making contact, and the squig herd hoping for spectacular results..

The rest of the army attempts to do the same, however fail horribly.. the battle taking its toil on the Night Goblins.. Mr. Lee decides here and now that all will be doing laps later on.. if they survive..

With the death of the second shaman, and the lack of real spells, the last shaman just begins to curse and swear at the opposition.. and stamps his feet around a bit..

Shooting goes again as planned.. nothing happened.. back to school for this lot indeed!!!

The squigs, fired up from being in combat once more, eat right through the bolt thrower itself, and turn to face the second one, while the spiders put the hurt on theirs, with 2 dead dwarfs to their 1 in return. Though the dwarfs hold against the spiders..

Things are really not moving that much at this time.. I think it was due to exhaustion.. as not even player photos are being taken now.. 
Turn 5 - Dwarfs: 
With everything set up, the Dwarf general pulls out his last bag of tricks and goes to town on what used to be a horde in front of him..

Charges see his central units going for blood against the General killer unit, miners leaving their hut, and slayers moving towards the left flank of the horde.

Shooting sees little action, as there is not much left to fire at, though the poor snotlings take some fire, but nothing they can't handle.

The biggest thing that happens here, is a lucky cannon ball that smacks the now exposed general on the table.. the Warboss cries out to Mr. Lee to save him.. seeing as he has more power than Mork and Gork combined at the moment.. but there is little Mr. Lee can do when he rolls a 3 for a 4+ ward save!!!! And down goes the mighty warboss... a chear errupts on the side of the dwarfs, and they continue to shoot the watch tower to reduce the Orc unit to a lone figure.

The anvil then sends the dwarfs into combat with the recently rallied Night Goblins.. breaking them and overrunning them in a crossfire with the miners behind.

Combat against the most hated unit begins.. but even with a flank charge, they hold, and the warboss brings his attacks to bear against his most hated adversaries.

The last bolt thrower on the left also dies to the spiders, as they move foward,

Things are looking grim for the Goblins at this point..

Turn 5 saw lots of things getting finished off.. I can honestly say I was less than impressed to the Orc Warboss being sniped off with a cannon ball shot. I had hoped 8th edition would have resolved that, but seems not.. leave it to a Dwarf to pull off such a tactic though..

Turn 6 - clean up.. 

It is at this point that the game just is more of a round of clean up..

The big fight with the general killers continue on, and they survive the combo charge from the querralers as well.

A cannont kills off the last of the spiders, ridding the field of any evidence of them to be had.

The only upside was that BuRock got greedy, and had attempted to anvil one of his units to take my last orc, but instead the anvil had decided it had done enough, and blew itself up in response to his request. A fitting end to that blasted infernal machine!

When the dust settled.. and points were calculated it was clear that the dwarfs had taken the day.. although 4 of the main hordes were still on the table, little else remained.. the dwarfs, although most units are below half strength, were still on the table regardless, and were marching on the remnants of the once mighty horde..

Exhausted, spent, tired, and looking for a nice back massage from anyone willing to provide one.. both BuRock and Mr. Lee proceed to pack up the game.. another person comes by to ask how much money had we spent on such an army, and if any of it was for sale once more.. when the price was stated, his eyes went all buggy, and he slowly walked away.. probably thinking we be a couple of loons for spending so much on this game ( and this is but a small part of it.. so he might be right :) )..

Many lessons were learned from this game.. and watch out in the future as the horde plans to take on the recently completed Dark Elf army! Much blood and fear to be had in that game I am sure.. but reinforcements will be used.. this Mr. Lee swears!

Thanks for reading.. and to the victor... well.. your cannons have metal rot so there!!!! 

Friday, April 27, 2012

MetuCon MegaGame! Night Goblins vs Dwarfs Turns 1 - 3

And so the mighty game begins.. each side having spent a good 30-60 minutes setting up, answering questions, and razzing the other side about how they will crush them in the game about to occur!!! This is the account of this legendary battle.. 

Initial deployment.. where the generals take some quick shots of the table

Turn 1 - Goblins:
With the start of the battle.. the Great Black Orc Warboss shouts "Move you gits!!!" To which his own unit is now confused if that means them or others.. so after killing 3 of his retinue, they understood that meant them too. The unit with the BSB Night Goblin in it was confused though, and decided that his unit should "discuss" what the general had said. The rest of the army marches forth to "greet" the dwarfs facing off against them.

To add some excitement to the battle.. one of the Stone Throwers decided to throw live ammunition.. this goes horribly wrong, and the live ammunition decides to destroy the contraption. This spooks the spiders nearby, causing them to run off the board.

Not to be outdone by the stone thrower, the bolt throwers try their luck as well. Lining up some shots to the 2 gyrocopters, they let loose the arrorws of war!!!! And strike not just one, but BOTH gyrocopters within the first round! Much cheer is spread throughout the warmachine crew, and many shouts of anger rise from the dwarfs!

The Great shaman, not to be outdone, pops 1 too many magic mushrooms and gets a bad high.. and proceeds to vomit for the remainder of the turn.. while his colleagues laugh at him, and fail to cast anything themselves..

The rest of the turn ends without incident as this seemed to be enough for us at this time..

The Night Goblin Horde advances upon the Dwarf Entrenchments.. 
A quick, and over-exposed, shot of the infamous Mr. Lee!! After round 1 events.. 

Turn 1 - Dwarfs:
Angered by the death of their Gyrocopters, the Slayers charge forth to kill all that stand before them!!! In their mad rush, they release not 1, not 2, but 6.. yes 6 Fanatics hiding within the larger Hordes perched near them! Although 17 of their kin are caught in the ball and chain choke holds provided from the fanatics, they continue their charge into the Wolf riders!

Not to be outdone, the warriors on the right side of the battle also charge in, releasing 3 fanatics to that side! Only 8 of their kin are removed before they land their charge against the Squig Herd..

With the rest of the battleline barely moving forward, letting the flanks take the initial hits, the artillery steps up to show them how its done.. Letting the Grudge thrower pop off a few wounds to the big bright blue spider, and the organ gunner going and finishing him off.. both teams then sit back and watch as they cause another group of spiders to run off the table, and a horde turn tail and run! On their left flank, the cannon take pot shots at the bouncing squig.. figuring that if they can take it down they can scare the squig herd not far behind.. and with a lucky shot, they succeed in taking it and the rider down! A pint of beer for that Runesmith later on tonight..

The slayers, now fired up after losing so many to the fanatics, beat down upon the Wolf Riders! Routing them, but unable to catch them in their bloodlust.

Not to be outdone, the Dragon Slayer calls over to his mate on the Anvil! "I need more power!!!" to which the thane replies "I'm giving it all I's got matey!!" And with the power of the anvil, hurls the Dragon Slayer into combat against the last remaining Spider unit. However with this mighty push, he was unable to do more than 1 wound, and even suffered one in return. The spiders however remain to fight once more.

The greatsword weilding warriors dig in and take a might 8 causlties from the Squig Herd, hitting back for only 7 in return. Seeing that they are outnumbered, they hold, but begin to fear the might of angry Night Goblin pets..

The Dwarfs, never one to run from a fight, dig in for what could a long fight!

Known for his Heresy.. the Professional BuRock! Still not impressed about the loss of his Gyrocopters it seems.. 

Turn 1 looks to be a mixed bag of goodies at this point.. BuRock looking for more units to have been destroyed, and still mourning the loss of both of his gyrocopters. The fanatics being released as they were causing him no end of problems now, and in the future to come..

Meanwhile Mr. Lee ( that's me for those keeping track at home ) am estatic about the fact that I survived the first round at all! Considering how closely bunched up I am, and obvious deployment issues aside, the game has taken off and is shaping up to be quite dynamic.

Turn 2 - Night Goblins:
HA! Those Dwarfs think that a few deaths will hold us back! Spiders be nothing but cowards anyways.. and that Spider was old.. hence the bright blue hue of his carapace.. so you did us a favor!

Moving onwards, the Warboss shouts "Onwards!!!" to which his motley crew, again confused, begins to squabble.. with a heavy sigh, and a heavier back hand.. Upon seeing some of their comrades die at the hand of the Warboss, the Orc Arrer boys begin to squabble.. sticking to the building that they climbed into last round.

Marching forth, the horde begins to surge forward.. looking for a good fight in the middle of the table even! A giant wanders into the middle of the field looking for easy targets.. or becoming one! While even more fanatics are released to block the next unit of greatsword weilding Dwarf warriors from charging..

Seeing this sudden surge of movement occur, both units rally, ready to face what may come.

The boar boys, deciding to throw caution in the wind, and to provide a bit of a training exercise for their new mounts.. go galloping through the woods.. when their champion, BaRack O'BamYah clears the woods, he sees that the training exercise cleared out 4 of the non worthy riders for him.. leaving him with 5 fellow travellers to go forth and slay dwarfs with..

Seeing all the craziness going on around him, the Great Night Goblin Shaman attempts to cast a mighty hex spell! Though he was only a little bit high from the last mushroom, he pops one more, and gets SUPER HIGH!!!! And begins to vomit once more, until he sees part of what looks like a liver fall out.. not a good sign for his constitution at this point.. and again the rest of his fellow mages decide it best to play it safe, but also fail to cast anything against the strong Dwarf magic defence.

Shooting is more of a public works project for the Goblins.. whereby they look busy, and they try hard, but nothing is accomplished.

Combat sees the Squig herders eat the remaining Rangers, and sally forth to look for more prey. BuRock now has a reason to fear squig herds, and will remember not to take such a large block on in combat without reinforcements.

The Dragon Slayer beats upon the poor Spider Riders once more, killing 2 with his mighty rage.. however while in the middle of a blood curdiling roar, one of the goblins stick him in the belly with a rusty knife.. and the Dragon Slayer dies from infection, while the Spiders run off towards the bolt throwers.. giggling all the way..

The Mighty Warboss sees these actions, and is pleased that his right flank is so secure compared to his left. He then re-focuses on the center, driving the horde forward..

State of affairs after the second Goblin turn.. As you can see.. traffic in Istanbul has nothing to that of the Night Goblin Horde...

The crowd still gathers as the units move forward, and discussion picks up with topics like "Damn those be fine looking Night Goblins.. wish I had an army of those beauties!"

A poor reformation direction of the wolf riders, who were set to receive the second charge from the Slayers!

Look! Mr. Lee cleaned his right flank!!! YAY! He so happy!

Turn 2 - Dwarfs:
Seeing the pure joy flowing through Mr. Lee, BuRock does what BuRock does best.. he brings Mr. Lee back to reality! With the right flank in a false sense of security, BuRock brings out his unit of Minors.. I mean Miners.. the Minors BuRock has kept hidden has nothing to do with this game..

With his ploy revealed, BuRock lets out a mighty roar.. which is followed up by many at the table.. and he declares many charges forward!

Slayers run screaming into the wolf riders, the Dwarfs accept the Night Goblins challenge and charge into them, swinging mighty greatswords..

*Note.. it is at this point that I question the reason of why so many greatswords.. but then we realize I have nets, and the answers become frighteningly clear..*

The rest of the army cautiously move forward, with one unit deliberately taking out a fanatic, but taking no wounds as they prepared for the chained lunitic to hit them. Strange exchanges are made between the Thane and the Spider, before finally the Thane screams out "I killed your mother with a newspaper!" What Spider could resist such a challenge, and so the first chance it would get, it would be coming for that Thane!

The crews of the warmachines, chuffed with their work on big blue, re-align to the giant.. and with a deadly slice of a bolt through its knee, and a cannon to its head, the first giant falls.

The others put some hurt on the Spider, but little comes of it as it is too enraged to feel such pain!

Combat goes according to the dwarfs master plan. Slayers kill the remaining wolfs, and slam into the crew of the Stone Thrower behind them.

The central combat sees 12 goblins dead, with few in return. It is not surprising that with such odds against them, the Night Goblins run, but are cut down in the process. Seeing their success, the Dwarfs press on, and overtake a couple of, now startled, goblin chariots!

With the help of the mighty Anvil, the Miners get tossed into the warmachine hill, and take out a Bolt Thrower, and its crew, before overrunning into another Bolt Thrower sitting behind it.

Things seem to be going well for the Dwarfs..

The dwarf battle-line begins to move.. ancient tomes have foretold of this movement, and future tomes will record that it still is effective!

Pleased with how his plans are going, he gives thanks to his gods of metal.. the only way he knows how.. ROCK ON!

Turn 2 seems to be showing some of the complications with deployment, and how traffic can affect you anywhere in Turkey.. even in wargames! Although it is still early.. both sides feel that they have the upper hand, and continue on with their own battle plans.. It is also at this point that I realize that I don't have a battle plan, and just continue to push things forward :)

Turn 3 - Goblins:
Mr. Lee is not happy with those Miners.. they are causing him no end of trouble, and is looking to deal with them. Size matters, and he bellows down to the Warboss to fix this mess!

With a mighty roar, and a kick to the nearest snotling, he demands respect from the horde! All units decide now is not the time to squabble, and get their fighting faces on..

The Spider is still pissed at the thane for the challenge, and charges blindly through to the unit. The Great Shamans unit wheels and smashes into the dwarf unit against the Chariots, while the other units begin to rally. Putting pressure on the dwarfs right most flank.

Fanatics begin their rolls through the ranks, but to the dismay of the Warboss, they continued to under perform! Either wrapping the chain around their own necks, or running straight into their fellow fanatics! More causulties on the fanatics than dwarfs, to which give a rip roaring laughter to the sight presented to them!

Moving to higher ground, the Warboss heads up the tower, to gain a better view of the battlefield. He is not pleased to see so much of the horde gone already, nor is he happy to see so many stunties still around! He screams at his recent addition of Turkish Goblins, to leave the building, and plan for a charge against those Miners.. He also gets the rest of his units ready to receive or provide cover charges to the dwarfs.. an Orc plan is anything but subtle.. and this one is the least subtle of them all..

Magic.. well.. once again the damn Shaman pops a mushroom from him bag.. Mr. Lee must get him a new dealer as he has yet another bad trip.. this being his third in so many turns.. however thanks to the collective force of the previous ones.. his constitution seems to be doing better.. and the vomiting is kept to a minimum.. and no internal organs spill out.. though the other shamans laugh so hard that they too fail to cast anything.. again..

Shooting saw little effect as the crews were cowering from the combat, or obscured by what few monsters still existed on the field.

Combat saw night goblins falling to the dwarfs, but the chariots losing one of their own. They would run, but the the Night Goblins with their superior numbers would stay! The Warboss made sure of this, by yelling at the git with the huge banner to stay near them, and then making his pressence known to the unit from atop the tower! The Dwarfs then reform to get outside of the forest, and to put a bit of distance between them and the unit to their right.

The miners kill another Bolt Thrower, but instead of carrying on, they turn to face the Turkish Goblins facing their direction.

Not terrible.. but not the best situation to have yet.. 

If this were a ballet.. it could be classified as graceful.. but its not.. and so this is a bloody mess of units.. 
Not as proud of his little green horde any more.. and wondering if maybe he did something wrong.. 

"My Babies!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO" Cries Mr. Lee as he sees both of his Spider dead beside him.. must have been from the person smoking those death sticks.. damn that person.. 

Turn 3 - Dwarfs:
"Press forward Dwarfs! We have them on the run!" Cries BuRock to his dwarf warriors.. the General punts a shield bearer in the head, and points at the night goblins in front of him. "Charge!"

Taking this as que to respond, the Miners do the same to the Turkish Goblins in front of them.

Rest of the movement saw some re-positioning of units, but nothing spectacular at this point. Dwarfs are too confident in themselves to see their advance falter. And for good reason as they have begun to get the upper hand!

Shooting from their guns, finally sees some damage occur to the unit threatening their comrades, making them route, but not far enough. Artillery takes pot shots at the lone giant left on the table, while the organ gun taking out the last of the Boar Boys.. the shiny gold armor of the champion was not enough to save him from being inducted into the Swiss guard via Organ fire.. so many holes.. so little time..

More shotting from the grudge thrower, and cannons see the Trolls taking an early dirt nap. Flaming attacks are never a good thing for them, and so they fall over burning a slow and agonizing death!

Combat saw some leaps happen as the Miners take down the Turkish Goblins.. shouting things like "Pide is just a cheap version of Italian Pizza" or "Kokorec sucks!".. this angered the Turkish Goblins to a point where they were blinded with rage.. swinging wildly at whatever got in their way.. The dwarfs just sat down until they were exhausted, then pushed one over, and the entire unit of Goblins fell before the dwarfs.. they then began a slow walk past them, giving each a little kick while they walked by..

The other dwarfs in combat with the Night Goblins press their attack, causing many wounds. Even with the power of the BSB, steadfast, and the warboss, they take flight, only to be cut down. The Warboss blames that mushroom eating fool shaman for all this, and vows to kill him again when he sees him next. The dwarfs slam into the side of the BSB hoping for a repeat performance.

The General, impressed by the powers of his troops, engaged the opposing Night Goblin warboss in combat! Challenging him to single combat! But being a dwarf, and having his shield bearers, they all got to attack.. but not without the Night Goblin Warboss laying a massive smack down to the General, causing him a grievace wound before dying to the returning attacks.

Seeing his fellow warboss fall at the hands of a cheating Dwarf ( Single combat means 1 per side.. sheildbearers.. pfff ) he slams his mighty sword through 4 dwarfs. Spuring on his unit to great heights of fury! With only 3 out of 39 attacks missing, the dwarfs lose great numbers to the goblins, and lose the combat!

Although shaky from the ordeal they just encountered, they turned to the general for guidance and moral support! In their hour of need, surely he would protect them? However it was not to be, as the General's wounds were enough to cause him great pain, and the unit ran in fear of the horrible Night Goblin terrors standing in front of them! Only to be cut down as they did so!

The Black Orc Warboss is mighty pleased with this reaction, and looks forward to more of it to come..

Much death, but the horde remains.. we always remain.. 

BuRock and his "mighty" General unit.. 
Turn 3 seems to be a back and forth war.. with the Night Goblins losing units, or being routed throughout the board. However the lose of the General to the Dwarfs could be that nail in the coffin that Mr. Lee was looking for.

It is also at this time, that the discussion to make this into a watch tower scenario is discussed. A third party was consulted at this time, and I was told in no uncertain terms.. no.. and that to ask this again I would receive great bodily harm in forms known only to those with Dress Jackets..

Alkim can be very scary when he wants to be.. but his goatee and glasses look remarkably like my own.. if I wasn't trying to keep from dirtying up my pants in fear of him.. 

And with this seems like a terrible spot to stop the mighty battle report.. which will continue in the next post on Monday.. must be the Turkish side of my environment kicking in now.. as the interludes are usually longer than the content..

Stay tuned.. and see if the death of the Dwarf General is enough to turn the tide of war back for Mr. Lee or if BuRock will take this as motivation to press on harder to ensure victory for his Dwarf Clansmen.. find out.. on Monday!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

MetuCon MegaGame! Night Goblins vs Dwarfs

And so the big game is over.. many laughs.. many shouts of excitement ( and probably anger in there too at times ), and many comments from people passing by.. including a few asking if the models were for sale!

Quite tired, mostly due to moving the models from carrying case to movement trays. Then dealing with all the questions that came up while we played. Mostly like, "What is that big blue spider thing?" "Um.. its a Spider.." was usually my response :)

As stated before heading out, I would post the lists used.. you can see them below:

Night Goblin Horde of the Northern Icecaps...

  • Black Orc Warboss - Basha's Axe of Stunty Smashin', and Armor of Destiny, Shield.
  • Night Goblin Great Shaman - Lvl 4
  • Night Goblin Shaman - Lvl 2, Forbidden Rod
  • Night Goblin Shaman - Lvl 2
  • Night Goblin Warboss - Giant Cave Squig, Sword of Bloodshed, Enchanted Shield, Talisman of Enduranve, Potion of Foolhardiness
  • Night Goblin Big Boss - Battle Standard Bearer, Armor of Silvered Steel
  • Night Goblin Warboss - Battleaxe of the Last Waaaagh!
  • Night Goblin Warboss - Talisman of Perservation, Sword of Might, Shield, Light Armor
  • 50 Night Goblins - Full Command, Nets, Spears, 3 Fanatics
  • 50 Night Goblins - Full Command, Nets, Spears, 3 Fanatics
  • 50 Night Goblins - Full Command, Nets, Spears, 3 Fanatics
  • 50 Night Goblins - Full Command, Nets, Spears, 3 Fanatics
  • 50 Night Goblins - Full Command, Nets, Spears, 3 Fanatics
  • 50 Night Goblins - Full Command, Nets, Spears, 3 Fanatics
  • 25 Goblins - Spears, Shields
  • 10 Forest Goblin Spider Riders - Spear
  • 10 Forest Goblin Spider Riders - Spear
  • 10 Forest Goblin Spider Riders - Spear
  • 7 Goblin Wolf Riders - Champ, Musician, Spears
  • 10 Orc Boar Boys - Full Command, Shields
  • 2 Goblin Wolf Chariots 
  • 15 Orc Boys - Full Command
  • 13 Orc Arrer Boys
  • Night Goblin Squig Herd - 20 Squigs, 15 Night Goblins
  • 4 Snotlings
  • 4 Trolls
  • 5 Spear Chukkas
  • 3 Stone Throwers
  • 2 Giants
  • 2 Arachnarok Spiders

Whew.. ok then.. quite the list.. and from the Dwarf side we have.. 

  • Dwarf Lord - Shield Bearer, Runic Armor w/ Rune of Steel, Rune of Resistance, and Rune of Stone, and Runic Talisman w/ Rune of Spite
  • Runelord, Anvil of Doom, Runic Talisman w/ Rune of Balance, Rune of Spellbreaking
  • Thane - Runic Armor w/ Rune of Gromil, Rune of Resistance, Runic Talisman w/ Rune of Furnace, Runic Weapon w/ Rune of Cleaving
  • Dragon Slayer
  • Master Engineer - Runic Armor w/ Rune of Stone, Runic Talisman w/ Rune of Dismay
  • Thane - Runic Armor w/ Run of Iron x2, Rune of Stone, Runic Weapon w/ Rune of Cleaving, Rune of Striking
  • Runesmith - Runic Talisman w/ Spelleater Rune, Runic Armor w/ Rune of Stone
  • 40 Longbeards - Full Command
  • 10 Quarrellers 
  • 17 Thunderers
  • 44 Warriors - Full Command
  • 27 Rangers - Full Command
  • 36 Hammers - Full Command
  • 30 Ironbreakers - Full Command
  • 20 Miners - Full Command
  • 24 Troll Slayers - Champion
  • 2 Bolt Throwers - Both w/ Rune of Penetration,  1 w/ Rune of Burning,
  • 2 Cannons - Both w/ Rune of Forging, 1 w/ Rune of Burning
  • 2 Grudge Throwers - Both w/ Rune of Accuracy, 1 w/ Rune of Penetration x2, 1 w/ Rune of Burning and Rune of Penetration
  • Flame Cannon 
  • 2 Gyrocopters
  • 2 Organ Gun 
Game was played over an 8 foot by 5.3 foot table. Yes it was a weird size, but it was this or 8x8.. and I was not looking forward to trying to move things in the middle of the table.

Many comments about the terrain, and many more surprised that all the models were painted by myself and BuRock. This left us both pretty chuffed about the game to be played, and we dug in to get started.

Couple of photos can be seen below of the game.. more to come soon.. 

A crowd gathering before we have even set anything up.. 

Initial Set up.. we tried for 3 pieces of terrain per quarter.. with the watchtower in the middle

The dwarf battleline.. he almost castled up in one corner.. something I was really not able to do :)

Warmachine hill.. there were obvious reasons behind this.. but there were also obvious reasons as to why this was not good

Black Orc Warboss with his motley crew

8 feet of Night Goblin and supports.. just prior to what can only be described as a traffic jam similar to those experienced on the first bridge in Istanbul
As a parting shot.. many a blog has had photos of the recently completed Salute in London! Looking at some of the demos and participation games that went on there, I do believe BuRock and myself would need to bolster our game a bit to make it even slightly below par to the ones shown online this week. 

That being said, I think we did do a great job at promoting the game of Warhammer at MetuCon, and as stated above.. more to come.. 

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Project Night Goblin: Black Orc on Boar

Last model for the Night Goblin army.. and its a Black Orc! One that I like to call BaRack O'Bamyah! To be a future Black Orc Warboss on War Boar. 

I painted his armor to be more golden or lighter bronze to make him stand out more. As if he has the best armor of the group. Most likely it is the Armor of Gork! But we will see how that goes and if it works out in game play or not. 

And in the words of BaRack O'Banyah.. Yes We Waaaaaaghhhh!!!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Project Night Goblin: Savage Orc on Boar

More quick shots of models that played in the mega game over the past weekend..

This time it is a Savage Orc on Boar. I will probably be using him as a Shaman in the future just so that I can have an Orc Shaman in my lists.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Project Night Goblin: Goblins on Wolves

Just a quick post showing some shots of 2 OOP Goblins on Wolfs that I got from eBay recently. Painted up to match the Night Goblin army theme, and when needed to act as WM hunters where possible.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Project Night Goblin: Road to MetuCon Arrives

So a quick post prior to heading out to Ankara tonight for MetuCon. I spent the last couple weeks prepping for this, and even going to the IzmirCon to test out the horde formations of my Night Goblins, and the double Arachnarok spiders in a single list.

With that in mind, I am ready for the days ahead now. Saturday is prepped and ready to play a 6000 point Night Goblin vs Dwarf game. Basically it is me and BuRock playing our entire collections from our main armies together as a huge demo game. Not sure how it will go, but I know it will be great! Why? Cause I am playing against a 3 time top Sportsmanship winning player, so worst case I have the best game of the year, and he has to put up with me :) But seriously, it will be cool to see how we manage with so many units on the table. As you can see from the photos, my army does not do well on a 6x1 foot deployment zone. So we have opted to find a second battle mat, and make the game on a 8x6 foot table. Should be impressive, and a  8x2 foot deployment should solve the traffic congestion occurring above.

As far as progress goes.. see the photos below on the before and after effects of painting this army over the past 5 weeks.

As you can see, a few extra units were actually squeezed in at the last moment here. Thank you eBay for providing me some more chaff and characters to bolster the lines. If I actually used them as characters I would be up to 7k pts fairly easy, but 6k will do ;)

As far as the full list of models go.. I will post that up with the battle report sometime next week.

Day 2, Sunday will be a 40k tournament held by the Tusot group in Turkey. I have absolutely no hopes of doing good in it as I am taking my Daemons of Chaos and assume I will be going up against nothing but mech lists. Still, will be a nice way to spend the Sunday, and more so since the wife and little one will be going around and visiting her old high school and collage friends. Sorry.. can't say that this would be that much fun. More so since they will want to speak Turkish, and I would be forced to either playing on the Tablet for hours on end or take Sam to the park once the novelty of having him around her friends wears off.

Anyways.. hopefully we get a chance to leave work a bit early, and can get to Ankara in a decent amount of time tonight. Best case it is a 5 hrs drive.. worst case.. 8.. ugh.. wish me luck.. both on the trip and the weekend!

Couple more shots of the army, and some of the terrain I am taking with us for the game.

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