Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Contest Give Aways..

So, through all the blogs that I follow, it seems that many of them are providing some free give aways..

One such blog is the Frontline Gamer.. who has linked back to another new blog that neither one of us were aware of.. Sippin' On Paint Water..

With Frontline Gamer.. he has a give away for a Krull model from BaneBeasts.. the miniature line created exclusively from Maelstrom.. magnificent model, and quite the give away!!!

From Sippin', the prize is a basket of chocolate and miniatures.. the exact details of wach is still unknown, but what can go wrong with a basket of miniatures and chocolate?!?..

So if you want to get into either of these contests, just link to them from above, and follow them..

If I ever win one of these.. I will have to pay it forward and do up a contest of my own I guess.. so wish me luck ;)


  1. If you win the basket I better not catch you re-gifting it. Lol.

    1. Haha, no, That would be cruel. Plus, I think my son wouldn't allow it. But I would have to find something that can be given as a prize, just not sure what. Would have to think on that one I guess...


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