Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Project Night Goblin: Scibor Goblin Chief

Another model completed from my eBay lot from TrollTrader. This time is was the Goblin Chief from Scibor. No other reason to paint this other than I really wanted to :) Do I need more reasons than that? Even if there is, well screw them.. I did it cause I could.. fair enough?

So for this one, I painted it much darker than the one from Scibor. More so because I wanted it to fit into my Night Goblin force better. Only problem is that it has no blue in it, and I actually went with a red scales on the shield instead. Also provided him a stone gut plate instead of a bronze one.

The cloak is also darker, more in line to what I did with the Uglyn LoveLord model. Though this one is lacking bikini top, and thankfully his junk is hidden. Though the fur part I think came out nice once more, and I think I have found a good recipe for it for the foreseeable future. Tierra Earth -> Khaki -> Bone White.. no washes surprising.

The basing was an experiment by using the Vallejo Black Lava as basing material, and then drybrushing the colors on like it was the sand. Not quite sold on the result I was going for, but it is something to look at with regards to the other texture materials that Vallejo sells. Such as the Stone or Sandy versions.

Not sure if he will be used in the MetuCon game, but lets see if I can slip him in ( even if he just becomes a guy on a chariot ).


  1. He turned out very well, I'm thinking of getting some of that Vallejo black lava myself!

    1. Its great stuff.. really.. but I plan on getting the other textures too.. I think they will be better for basing than this one.. unless your looking for something that can do mud.. which I think this is great for!


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