Tuesday, January 26, 2016

German Armor.. on loan..

A quick post before the game tonight..

3 German tanks.. I think they are Panzers, but of which type that eludes me.. I am a really terrible historical player here it seems as I don't recognize or understand any of the vehicles unless I have played them myself :)

For this my common floormat opponent at the club had a few unpainted German tanks kicking around in our last game. So I offered to paint them up for him since it should not take me too long to do so. He gave me all 3, plus a tank on which to copy for the pattern.

I did go on a very simple method for painting it. Mostly it was primed with the base color of IJA Yellow and Grey Green ( very little to tint the yellow mostly ), and then brown and green splotches were applied throughout the armor.

From here, and after all the metals were painted and the rubber for the tyres were done, I varnished it with the gloss, and applied a heavy black oil wash on it. Possibly too heavy in some spots, but then again it is German, and they got a lot of wear in the war I figured.

Once done, the matte varnish came out to seal it in, and I drybrushed the entire tank once more with the yellow to bring back some of the details and edges. I could go full on and do some pigments, and chipping and blah blah.. but looking at his test model, this is quite in line to that, and I didn't want to go too far on them. Always easier to move forward than backwards when painting up weathering.. so if he wants some of it later one we can always go back to it.

Now to finish prepping my models for tonights game.. he will be bringing a lot of little medium/light tanks vs my Pershing and 4 Sherman list. This should be interesting as I suspect I will be outgunned at least 2 to 1 here.. so he will have the tactical advantage on that aspect in the game.. for a change :D


Monday, January 25, 2016

Beep Beep.. gun toting Jeeps coming through!

Beep beep.. hot lead coming through!

This is a trio of jeeps that I finished the last week, but seemed to forget to post about them here!

Tons of fun to paint up, and they were done after the Pershing, but not with all the techniques tossed in. I don't want to spend that much time on things that die if they sit closer to the enemy than myself just because they are classified as transports still.

One thing I did do differently on these to the Pershing that I am quite happy with is the weathering.

On the wheels and sides of the jeeps were coated with thinned down ModelMates Mud pigments. Both dark ( as a base ) and light to give it some color and contrast.

I have to say that these came out much better than I was expecting after the Pershing debacle, and I think I need to just tweak it a bit more to get it fully right. I hope anyways.. But I do see it being used more in the future on lighter colored bases to really shine.

Also on these guys I skipped the black oil wash, and did a pinwash with black ink instead. Trying to be a bit more controlled on the use of it, and not given it a massively darken state look. I think it was more of a success as well, though took more time to get done.

Overall I am very happy with them.. I think I do need more Jeeps, and maybe some variations between them. As these all have the window frame pushed down, maybe a couple with it up still, and then the decals maybe for the hoods. Also since I will be painting them later on ( as in not now ) the colors will shift, so that is another reason to go with some different jeep designs.

Just have to see how well they do in game now.. which should be on Tuesday ( tomorrow ) when they go up against the Germans once more! To which another post will be incoming on 3 German tanks I painted up for my opponent recently as well :D

Enjoy the week.. hope the weekend was productive.. and hope more paint work with happen for all those out there!

Friday, January 22, 2016

MOAR American armor..

Ok.. the Americans are always one to ensure that they are not one upped! And with all the Japanese armor finished, they needed something more to be added to their forces.

I had ordered a few more tanks a while back, and they just got finished casting up from the Xmas rush at Warlords.

The main tank for me the M26 Pershing. Although it is a heavy, and worth a ton of points in game, and does not have that much really available within it to do that much damage... it is a massive tank to cause psychological warfare against my opponents. And to be used when no care is given to the outcome of the game :) Having played against many Heavy and Super Heavy tanks with my light and medium tanks, and the heavies going down fast, I know it is not worth the point. But it was fun to put together and try out new techniques on all the same.

Especially on this one, as I pulled out an art book called TankArt. A book that I borrowed from John Harrison of the Weekend Workshop for over a year to read, before finally just buying my own. And within it there is a step by step on how they go about to paint up a 1/24 scale Pershing. So I figured most of the steps could be used here on this one as well..

Some of the techniques were old ones used in a new way for me. One of which is chipping.. but without chipping fluids, or hairspray. The technique plays on different types of paints ( Enamels vs Acrylics ) and the thinners for them.

So in this case the Pershing was basecoated with Tamiya Dark Green, and then followed by some other greens whose names I forgot. I did not have all the proper colors that the book mentioned, but I had something close enough, and would give my model something different :)

But over the enamels from Tamiya we laid down Acrylic Olive Drab/Greens from Vallejo Model colors. Mostly zenthinal in nature, keeping the shadows holding the original color. I know now that I could have done almost the full tank in acrylics once I started the weathering process.

Once the acrylics are laid down, taking a wet, but not soaked, brush full of Tamiya thinner, I would drybrush it over the model. It would slowly pull up some of the acrylics, and leave the coloring of the darker Tamiya base showing. I have to say that it was really cool to see how this worked, and how easy it was overall. As stated, I probably could have done better overall with it had I done more top level of greens before this chipping step.

Another thing that it talked about was difference in texture of the metals. Where a lot of it would be matte from war torn and dust etc.. some more heavy traffic areas would be a bit more shiny from overuse. Their tip? Take a hard, condensed q-tip and rub it softly in the area. It will shine the paint up, giving it that sheen from overuse, without ruining the paint ( too much.. depending on how heavy you do it! ).

I would then go on to do things like pigments and such. In some areas it came out ok and everything worked well.. such as inside the track sections.. in others I would go overboard, do too much, and it would look like a mix of whitewash or snow.. such as well.. everywhere except the track sections :)

Live and learn on this, and I must work on my ability to mist the thinner/pigment fixer over the model instead of pooling it.. and also have more patience when letting it dry before placing more :) Oh and probably knowing more of what colors these pieces change to once dry :)

Overall I think it was a nice piece to play around with. I used the graphite stick that Raffa gave me years ago to give some of the shine an extra boost. I suspect this will not be the last time I do this, and I think I will be playing around with pigments a bit more in the future.. let's see how those turn out..

Enjoy the weekend.. mine will be full of infantry painting.. with photos of them hopefully sometime next week.. hope the weather is miserable for most and gives everyone a chance to stay inside with some hobby related activities.. Enjoy!

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Japanese Armor roll call!

I had recently posted up my work on the American armor platoon, but then my Japanese got jealous that they got fully painted up vehicles when the Japanese had been around first ( in my shelves at least! ).

So I reprimed all the Japanese armor then, and went to town on them!

With all the armor out, I was able to get the base coats laid down, but instead of using masking putty to do the camo on them, I just freehand it with the airbrush instead. I think it worked ok, and I tried to go a bit brighter with the yellow this time. As the previous tries were too dark, and got lost when laying down the washes and pigments.

So my Ho-Ni Type 3 was a lot of fun to paint up. The heaviest tank we have I believe out of the full range.

Followed by the Chi-nu which is still a medium, but holding some heavier armaments on it. Plus the respected MMG on the front hull.

The dual Ho-Ros that were some of the first pieces I had painted first time around. Mostly due to their heavy howitzers that came with them, and how good they are to clear out infantry units ( 3d6 hits at +4 pen ).. also a magnet for all the shooting which allowed my troops to get closer to charge range :) My club hates me at times when I play this force :D

The Shin-HoTo command tank. The only tank we have with this skill in our army, which gives us a bit of an edge when creating Tank War lists. Not over powered, but gives out some serious hurt with the upgraded main cannon ( medium AT compared to the Chi-Ha's Light Howitzer ).

Speaking of Chi-Has.. I have been collecting them for a while it seems, with little to no paint on them. The main workhorses of the Japanese armor platoons in my opinion, and thus deserving of paint.

The Ke-Nu.. a very light tank.. and one that I thought was more of an armored car than a tank, but I was wrong. Thankfully only bought one of them.. :) It is funny to play with as it is very lightly armed, and fragile at the same time. Not something that I bring out too often, unless I want a cheap tank to harrass the enemies with.

And the last ones are my dual Type 92 armored cars. I love the idea of them, and they work in greta tandem to the Chi-Has with their combo MMG/HMGs. But the casting of the pieces from a company in US, that over stated their cost on the packaging, and thus cost me more in customs than the tanks themselves.. Not happy considering ho you can see it is a 3D printed tank, with no clean up for the lines of the piece on it.

Overall, once all the basic colors were laid down, everything was gloss varnished, and then washed with black oil. Then matte varnished, so that I could do a quick drybrush of a lighter green, and copious amounts of model mates sand pigments added to the tanks.

Just happy to see that they are all finished now, and that I can check off another section of my Japanese forces to be fully painted up and finished.

More armor photos to come soon!

Thursday, January 14, 2016

More Analogue Hobbies entries..

While painting up a ton of table top models is not for everyone, this competition over at The Analogues Hobbies Painting Challenge is giving me the proper kick in the pants that I need to clear out some older projects. Giving them a new lease on life, and hopefully to do better on the fields of war as well!

Up first were a project well lost in the times.. and I need to continually ask for forgiveness on this..

The first batch of the Raging Heroes models, and a quite electric mix of them to be honest. The wilderness girls in Catachan colors to make their male counterparts..

Some nice characters full of life and very dynamic overall.. Especially the Slannashi Daemon Princess there.. lots of fun painting her up!

And to round it off I also re-painted up my Trucks I have been using for my Japanese forces.

Normally they should be 2 1/2 ton trucks for the Americans, but I find that they work nicely for the basic trucks for Japanese as well. Both have a MMG/HMG option, so this fits. I also redid the barrels of the guns with brass rods as they were all terribly bent previously.

Netted me 205 pts towards my total, but it seems that due to my work on the side side project for Mad Max I have been lapped by a few others to have most points painted! At least this is making it interesting, and will be cool to see how it all works when I drop the next set of vehicles off to show everyone. That and my challenge piece that is utterly failing right now.. thankfully the title is Epic Fail.. so I think it will fit nicely :D

Enjoy the rest of the week, and just think that the weekend is right around the corner!!!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Review Tuesday - One Shot Goblin Chicken Rider...

Damn.. Ok.. so James has finished off another kickstarter.. after doing his massive Big Smoke one just finalizing recently as well..

But this is a slightly different one as it was a single piece being produced and sold. With the extras being things that were easy to deal with, or already been produced thanks to the Big Smoke. Smart move there, as it will make the entire post kickstarter process much faster ( barring any unforeseen instances as always ).

Backing this kickstarter was a no brainer for me though. James has been a great friend with getting our own miniatures off the ground. Providing some advice to avoid a few pitfalls that are common, making my own launches of models ( past, present and future ) much easier.

But with having friends in high places it seems that I also got the luck of an early copy of the model! So for me this is the faster released kickstarter I have ever backed being that it showed up 1 day after the campaign ended.. ;) I do not think I could foresee any kickstarter ever being faster :D

Upside.. got it quickly.. downside.. no special container and label. Honestly.. that is fine cause looking at the piece, anyone who has backed this kickstarter will be very very happy with the quality of the piece.

Looking at the concept art, and the photo of the original up on the site, you can tell it has a lot of small details throughout the model.. but it is not until you get the piece in your hand that you can see how tiny the pieces are, and how much detail can be put to a detail on a detail...

Cracking it open as soon as I received it you can begin to see how tiny this is.. the squares are 1 inch in length. The level of details that Valentin Zak has put on this is insane.. and James caster has done a magnificent job at capturing all the details here.

I was really caught off guard with all the tiny little spikes all over the model here... Be it on the head, the back, or on the lance there.. And the details on the toenails as well.. just wow..

And to think this is just the goblin rider!

The large chicken is just as equally detailed, right down to the wings associated to it.

Huge kudos to Zak for his sculpting, the caster for his skill at small fragile pieces, and James for his thought on what he was looking for and bringing together a great concept art, sculptor, and caster to realize this piece.

But wait.. that's not all! James went one step further to look for a talented artist to paint up the boxart for it. There was a posting on facebook about looking for artist.. I had offered my services ( a bit tongue in cheek though ) and was turned down.. honestly.. it was the right choice lol.. considering that he got Lil Legend Studios to paint it up for him which was epic..

Prior to seeing it in person I was kinda like ok.. this is a good paint job.. after seeing the scale of the model, and the small details that exist within it.. this paint job just went up to a wow job to me.. and something that I will need to have further looks at for inspiration on how to paint up my copy.

So if you backed this kickstarter from Infamy's James Griffith owner.. than you will be very happy that you did! And considering how well he is on the production schedule, you could even be seeing it before the date shown from Kickstarter as well! No guarantees of course, but there is a good chance of it happening ( more so if everyone fills in their backerkit profiles and details as soon as it comes out! Always helpful to the kickstarter owners! )..

And if you missed this, I am not sure if James will have any extras to sell outside of the kickstarter, but he does have plans to do more One Shot projects. Honestly.. if he does.. I highly recommend picking them up! You can be sure that they will be uber detailed.. high quality.. and with his experience now at releasing models.. they will be on time or early! A great combination of skills happening here..

Now the only thing I need to do is think up a nice little scene for it to sit on.. including some interesting colors to put on the chicken there itself.. maybe something dinosaur like? Or Star Wars original trilogy styled colors ( as Lil Legend seems to have captured slightly? maybe? ).. too many options and possibilities here..

Friday, January 8, 2016

Side side side Project.. in conjunction with a few contest perhaps..

Dunno why I continue to do crazy things like start new projects always, while I have so many others that are still on the go, but here you go...

Massive Voodoo boys, Roman and Raffa, are doing up another contest. Which is crazy cause the Banalicious contest just finished not too long ago as it were!

But they are at it again cause they like to be busy, and cause I think Roman in particular is kinda obsessed with the new contest theme... Mad Max!

This is the second time they are doing this, as they have already successfully done this long ago, with great results! Though the rules for it were a bit more specific and strict I would say..

Not so in this one! In the reincarnation of this contest you can see that it is a lot more open to interpretation and can allow pieces and things that have been out and about for a while be included! And figures can be included even if they are not what is going to be used to be judged on! Fair enough..

So where does this bring me, or effect me than? Well I have had a few ideas for a mad max themed diorama for a while... and I began it as soon as the contest was announced and officially up and running!

The idea was that it would be a Vin Diesel model, along with a chick, both loaded with guns, standing near a mucked about, modded, and basically damaged Ferrari model. Thought was that it would be on some sort of roadside dirt area with some bigger rocks/boulders nearby.

Quite elaborate, and large considering that the models all were in 1/24 scale :) Go big or go home..

So I went home in the end.. only cause I think that the scene is too large for what I want to do at the moment, and it is not coming together as much as I had hoped. Plus I don't think that the car fits Vin Diesel so much, but probably would be ok with the Zombie Hunting chickie there in Bikini top.. so back to the shelf of shame for it at the moment.. along with the title of "The Fast and the Fury Road".. which I thought was kinda clever..

Meanwhile I have been working on my blogger painting competition. Which is basically painting as much table top pieces as quickly as one can over a span of 3 months or so. The start of which I have done fairly well considering that I finished a Bolt Action army, and a few others yet to be released.

But I began to work on a side project when starting in on one of the challenges.. and it was a British MP Motorcycle from Tamiya. And the more I stared at the piece, the more I was thinking this could be my Mad Max replacement piece ( and probably work in other areas and contests as well )... So table top painting aside for now, and working on this over the past week.

To get into the mood I had to see how crafty my table could get, while still being cleaned up a bit.. more clean up is really required here.. but this is a start I guess..

Reference materials were pulled together.. that being the Art Book of Mad Max, and some how to books for military vehicles and diorama building. Both of the latter 2 being ones I barely cracked open in the end, and just went straight to Mad Max over and over again...

After a few hours this is what I came up with.. the base is a combination of 2 sockets put on top of each other, some barrels ( probably leaking something bad ), and a lot of graval, sand, dirt, and wood bark.

Oh and the bike being assembled, almost out of the box ( not the best at customization are we? ) but with a heck of a lot of things added to it in the end. But hopefully the story that I am building will work? Also after all the tank building and throwing on stowage to them, it gave me lots of string experience.. so that would come into play.. which was right before Massive Voodoo put up a tutorial on how to include string into your dioramas!!!!  Some of the point in that article might have been of use for me, and will be in the future as well.. but for now I have done what I have done...

Once all the rocks etc were laid down, and glued together ( so much glueeeeee ).. I then began to water down ash from my fireplace to create a more muddy, aged looking ground structure. I only have begun to use this stuff, and still trying to find the best way to use it ( and not breath in so much of it while working with it.. terrible for your lungs.. like smoking perhaps.. ) but the end result is pretty cool. Though you do have to brush off a lot of the excess before painting else you will get clumps of the ground coming loose after primer and such.. again bad for your lungs..

The bike was very fiddly for me to work with though.. not used to working on such small detailed vehicles.. so it was quite a lesson for me to play around with it there.. Especially knowing that I had to paint it up still!

I did try to make the piece have a bit of worn and weary look to it, by adding a lot of stowage again, but also things like seat covers, extra luggage, the string came into play heavily here, and also a cover for the tank.. like maybe it is a blanket, or something, but having a gun on it for weight on it helps also I think..

Painting I tried to keep it bleak and dark and dreary as much as possible. A dark grey colored bike, with some military green added to the chassis and fenders was fun. Some pieces were made via greenstuff that was flattened, left to dry over night, and then cut up into section. A lot of brass etchings was included for buckles and belts.

The oversized jerry can added, same scale, but large enough to help them last longer in the desert..

At this point I still did not have a story ( and honestly I am making it up as I go along ) but I knew that the biker had to be someone that was checking out the landscape and understanding what might be coming..

I had pulled the gun arm from a kit I bought a while ago from MDP that was made from a company called Live Resin. It is quite modern equipped and ready, but I think being a scavenger he could have found pieces of it and put them together. Though the pose on the bike I am not liking as much so have gone about to remedy that some.

I also then began to see a bit more of a story happening here.. and I thought since the bike can handle 2 persons, maybe a second person on the scene will make it more interesting as well? Rummaging through a 1/24 scale tank I have, I found another good pose that could work here. Maybe he is picking something up.. maybe he is checking tracks.. maybe he is getting ready to do a number 2??? Who knows! Will figure it out as I get to that part of the scene then :D

But the bike and scene are looking better together, but still a bit off in terms of colors etc. Which is ok at this point as I have not added any pigments to weather them both down some.. I think that will help to tie the models and base together.. but also means I need to finish off the models first and see where they will sit!

But the main model on the bike looked too British.. which is not surprised considering that it is part of a British MP Bike set :) So back to the Mad Max Art Book for inspiration on clothing types here :)

And for the first time in a LOOOOOOoooonnnngggg time that I have begun to sculpt something.. and of course I got a bit bigger than I probably should have.. but am having a bit of fun with it all the same..

So far the chaps, the extra belly fat, and some belts have been added. Leg and knee pads gone on, and some studds added.. cause he is one.. amiright.. amiright??? Lots to go still.. including paint, and converting the second model counching near the bottom.. oh and some rubbish and scatter terrain for the lower sections of the base as well.. Curious how it will all go.. but for now.. let us get through today, and then enjoy the weekend!!!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Analogue Painting - First Challange, Nostalgia

So the challenges for the Blogger painting competition has come to its first week. Most have entered in their pieces, and it is currently in review for voting as far as I know.

The first week was Nostalgia.. and as someone noted this is the first of 6, not 7, challenges for the competition. Seems I can't count.. meh..

The challenges have open themes running for them however, and this one of Nostalgia although open, brought forth a lot of similar themes. Models that either we have had for a long time ( like this deamon prince ) or models from when we first started gaming, or some such things like that.

For me this daemon prince was a piece that I have had kicking around for a long time indeed, and I wanted to paint it up for this challenge due to it fitting the nature. It also allowed me to also bring back a base from before as well.

The base and plinth was something that I tried to used for the GW Dark Elf Sorceress model when it first came out. I thought it would have worked on this piece as well, but it turned out to be far too large to work nicely there.

So since it was far too large for the sorceress, it was left on the shelf of shame for a very long time. Seemingly to be in the vicinity of 4+ yrs? Made fully out of cork, gravel, and a lot of pigments tossed about.

It is not the greatest piece in the world, but it was a very nice piece for me to get back at it with.. and makes for a nice change of pace from batch painting as well ;)

But now back to batch painting.. I have some Jailbirds finished up, but some Krieg girls kicking around that are in need of some paint :D Until then ;)

Monday, January 4, 2016

USMC Armor.. Roll in!!!

This took me about one day to paint up thanks to the airbrush and oil washes. The different colored Sherman though was my first attempt and came out a different shade. I did not like it, so bought more dark green to give us a deeper base color to play with.

2 poorly casted Chaffees that I bought off of eBay.. really wish I had not bought these as they are poorly done, and the write up on them were badly done to trick people. But whats done is done and they will join the cause to fight the opposition!

The pre-order plastic scout cars.. 2 M8s, and a M20 ready to ride forward and recce out of the way when needed.

2 M3 Halftracks painted up to get the marines into combat..

2 M16s ready to mow down enemy troops, or also to take out aircrafts as they come in for bombing runs.. Might be a bit cheesy to have 2 of them, but at the same time proper american style to go for excess..

The spearhead of my army, triple Sherman 75mm with wooden side armor, and extra stowage to last longer in the fight!

And what I am calling my command Sherman here.. the first one that I painted up to get a color scheme in place.. but it came out too light colored.. and I did not like the coloring for it.. But the resin version is a nicer piece to paint than the plastic ones..

I need to do some more color variation to the greener tanks, but for now they will do and can be put to the test in some games :)

And a poorly done up photo of the entire US army now ready to mobilize onto the field! Ready to fight against my Japanese at times..

Let's see how it goes when they both get put onto the field then shall we? :)
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