Saturday, June 29, 2013

Future project?

Am curious to see how many bloggers can understand why I would draw and color this on paper... it is a pre-cursor to something that is coming in time..

Seeing as my son was asking to do some coloring this week, and so I thought it would be a good chance to see how badly my drawing has gotten over the years. 5 minutes later this is what I got. Enough to know where I would take the project, but making me cringe at the same time.

My son, being of the knowledgeable age of 5, had this to comment. "Baba, you need to look at it more while drawing." Cute kid, wise words, off to bed without desert soon there after :)

He also chose the colors, which ironically enough relate quite a lot to a particular football team around here. One that my wife doesn't support, but I do just to get a rise out of her. Seems my son is starting to see the fun in that and is pushing it along with me :)

Friday, June 28, 2013

WIP Dark Angel Belial Part 3

I would love to say that this is the last WIP before you see the final work of this guy, but that would be a lie. As always, I am trying to get as much feedback on this model as I can as I am trying to go for a much higher quality than normal on it.

As such, I am getting a lot of positive constructive comments on how to improve it. And for the most part, currently the main comments revolve around tightening up the colors a bit, smoothing out the layers, and getting more contrast on the pieces. Sounds simple, but in reality, extremely difficult. More so as when I take one step forward, I usually get a massive step backwards on another section. Always learning though so what can you really say about it!

Here you can see I started on the metal sections, I have changed the ceremonial rope to be red, and his dagger too. Yeah, that is about it! Spent the rest of my painting time playing Dragon's Dogma on PS3 instead. :) Not as rewarding, but climbing up the back of a troll to strike him in the eye is pretty fun!

Anyways, cloak is still far from finished, and not sure how else I will tackle it yet. Nor what colors I will use for the trim piece that sticks out from it.

Though I also have to say that this Failcast model of Belial really sucks. I spent far too long trying to fix it, and I am still seeing issues with it everywhere. Thankfully I will make this model for show instead of gaming. Not sure he would survive a couple of games seeing how flimsy he is. Will recreate him from the plastic boxset of terminators one day for gaming purposes I think.

Anyways.. let me know what you think of it now. As stated, there will be more posts on him in the future, and always appreciate the feedback on this project!


Guest Post: Sons of Medusa SM project

Well here is another nice little treat to show everyone.. a guest post from Nathelis over at Brushbrothers, and also his more Showcase blog of Miniature Fairy Tails.

This army level project does not really fit into that theme, so he has agreed to let me post it up here to show off.

What I find funny with him is that he calls this Table Top quality.. for him I guess it is, but for others it would be much more.

All the decals on the left shoulder pad are freehand painted on. The greens were done with his airbrush, and then the rest is kind of self explanatory. Or so he says ;)

Quite a dusty, war torn look for the bases as well that he is going for on this army. And yes, this will be an army.. one that he says will be of a company level.. With another 50 of these guys going to be finished in short order any day now.

A view from behind..

All I can say to the work he is investing her is great work. Not to the display standards we normally expect from him, but considering the pure volume of models he is working on, we will let it slide this time around.

Expect more posts and photos on this as he continues.. and comment below if you think he is missing something from it. Am sure he would love to hear the feedback :)

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Guild of Harmony Alice Review

Ok so on Tuesday I posted about how I won this model from's contest back in Oct. I also stated that I would do a review of this incredibly small miniature.

Well first off I have to apologize.. it truly is 32mm in size, just while holding it without any comparison it is beyond tiny! But is probably better sculpted autonomy wise than many models that I work with these days. See her compared to the Resin Pirate, and an Infinity Model.

She is actually quite tall, just super thin. And her mechanical rabbit is quite tiny, but not the end of the world there.

When compared against normal gaming models, she is a bit smaller, but then I have to challenge if these are really 28mm anymore!

As far as the model itself goes.. beautiful! I have had a quick look over it, but I am not seeing anything majorly wrong with it. No major mold lines, no air bubbles, and the small pieces ( although loose ) are easy to place on the models. I think this will be an easy to prep model, but will be very interesting to see how I get around to paint it up.

As far as packaging of the model itself goes it was also simple enough. A plastic ziplock baggie. Which Zaphod was kind enough to wrap in paper towel before putting into the Painting Buddha tin. Again, very thankful for that. Both for protecting the model better, but also cause of the tin itself and how it fits with my painted Buddha on my desk at the moment :)

So let's see how this goes along for being painted up. I am very curious as to how I will get along with it, but if it turns out well enough ( both the painting and the experience ) then I will probably pick up more of them. I really like the Mary Poppets combo that they have on their site. Would love to paint that up one day!


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

WIP Dark Angels Belial Conversion part 2

Progress on Belial continues.. I have not been really painting anything since working on this model back on Saturday. But for some reason I had a twitch of motivation to play around with it a bit more last night. Mostly thanks to the comments and how to improve the model further.

As you can see, I have kept the blue/black sections, but refined them a bit further. And the green parts I have darkened up further with Caliban Green washes. I think having it a lot darker made it a lot better for this model, and I am feeling a lot better about it.

You can see the black sections that are pure black.. those will be all silver metallics. Dark silver, but still silver all the same. Hopefully it doesn't throw the model off any more than it is already is. It is already sitting with too many colors as one person says to me ( you know who you are! ).. but I am not used to just dealing with a single color or 2 for an entire model..

Am not sure if I will go darker on the cloth areas as they are very bright at the moment, which is OK for me, but could be darker to fit with the theme more. Will see when I have the metals on the model also.

So more photos below, and hopefully I will get more comments on what people think of it, and how I can improve it further!

Still not sure how I will tackle the wing parts yet. But I have time for that still I think..

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

New prize arrived!

So a while back I entered another contest from another blog that was celebrating their 300th follower milestone. This site was, and here is a link to the contest!

OK, so it was a while ago, but due to a lot of issues with their server, and losing data on some of the winners I had to wait a bit longer. Cannot really complain though, cause well free loot is free loot! To complain about how long it takes to arrive is just petty.

So what did I get? As you can see from the link I had a choice of a steampunk Alice or the OOP Collectors Dwarf from GW. Since I am not the biggest fan of dwarfs ( am more of a greenskin player myself! ), I opted for the Steampunk Alice from Guild of Harmony.

The above is the original master model prior to being sent to the casters as you can see the metal pieces sticking out on it.

Now it says it is a 32mm model, but it is damn small. I will do a proper review of it soon, but I am going to have some serious trouble painting this up though! Though it will be a nice challenge, so maybe it will turn out OK in the end? Below is a shot of the studio paint job..

Quite the paint job, and the base that goes with it! I mean the freehand alone on this model at this size is already intimidating, but will see how I do with it. I don't have as much pieces for the base as the original painter had, so again that will be interesting to see how I work it out. Also I will attempt it in a blue dress I think instead of the pale green shown here.

What is also cool is that President Zaphod Beetlebrox ( Blog owner of ) also sent me something extra with the gift. A Painting Buddha tin that held the model for shipping to me! Which is quite ironic considering that I just painted up a Buddha not too long ago! They are now both chillin' on my desk at work here, and generating a lot of comments from my co-workers!

So I was a very happy little blogger yesterday when I received this, and cannot wait until I can get into the model a bit further. Not sure when, but I do need to finish it for an online contest from Brushbrothers forums! Part of their fairy tales and myths contests. I think an Alice from Steampunk Wonderland would fit, don't you?

Monday, June 24, 2013

WIP Dark Angels Belial Conversion

So after a very rough weekend, following a very rough week, I tried to do some more focused painting to get my mind back into.. well.. focus really. Unfortunately, it was a complete disaster!

Over on the Brushbrothers and Sisters forums, there is a small get together contest to see who can paint the best Space Marine scene. Figured this would be a good chance to bust out Belial here, and give him a go. I even did a small conversion by swapping out his redicular He-Man pose, with the storm bolter/power sword combo from the Dark Angels Terminator squad box. I think it adds a bit more to him.

That is not the problem though.. the problem begins with the coloring!

I had started with the traditional bone colored armor that is normal for the Deathwing company, but I hated it so much that I won't even show photos! It was horrible!

So I decided to invert the color scheme, and try a bit more of a darker armor color with a more cream cloth. Up to this point it was looking OK. It was more marble looking armor than black with highlights, but it was at least something that I could live with so.

The problems begin though when trying to add some sort of green back into the model here. Not sure what I was thinking, but damn if it was working here.

The green came out all weird for me. No matter what I was trying, it just was not working here. I think it is the turquoise like coloring in the black areas that is throwing it off, but it could just be that they are just not right for this model at all anymore! I am thinking of going back to just plain black and do the marbling effect more on them. Really keep the model dark here. Then do the cape/cloak/piece of cloth on his back to the same cream coloring. Though with maybe a bit darker for the inside sections?

What do you think? How should I proceed? Any ideas? Also for the metal sections, I think that gold might be too much, so will probably go with a darker silver metallic here. I think it would fit better, and not ruin the darkness atmosphere that he is ( trying ) to sport here.

Oh and re-priming it and starting over is potentially an idea also, just not sure on what kind of color scheme to try for on attempt number 3.. This guy made upset me so much that I stopped painting yesterday and played PS3 all day instead! That is how frustrated I am with the model.. so much for focus eh?

Thursday, June 20, 2013

WIP - DV Chaos Chosen

Not much to say this week.. but before I left for my work trip this week, I was starting in on the Dark Vengeance Chaos Chosen models. They will be painted up like Word Bearers hence the red armor with silver trim.

I have to say that there is a lot more details to these guys than I first realized. And some of the connection parts while assembling created some major gaps. Though even with the gaps, I did not fill them. Gasp! Ack! For shame you might say!... Fair enough... but I play to use those gaps as battle damage, and add rust etc to them instead. Easier to deal with, and hopefully gives a nicer look to the end model.

You can see below the whole gang lined up and waiting paint originally..

I am only really starting on the main chosen models, and leaving the leader and the lord/hero models for last. I will do a bit more work on them due to the cloaks and other pieces on them. So best not to set them up for line painting with the rest then.

Hope to get more work on them over the weekend.. will see how that plays out though as usual..

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Project UK: DV Cultists cont.

And now the close combat versions of these cultists..

Am actually again really liking them, though I know I can do better, they are for table top quality. I think if I were ever to pick up another ( 3rd box? ) of the Dark Vengeance I might try a bit more effort into them.. but that would have to sit behind my Dark Angels project, my Nomad Infinity project, my 10k points of Daemons still waiting to be painted and a host of other side projects as well. Soooo probably not happening anytime soon.

You can see a few prawn tattoos on them once more. Really like doing those, as they make the models a bit more unique I think.. and well.. every warlord needs some prawns to do their bidding :)

Next up are some Word Bearer Chosen from the box set. They looked simple to do, until you start to really see all the details on them! Dammmmmn... so much details!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Project UK: DV Cultists

Once again I crack open the Dark Vengeance box set, and have begun painting the rest of the chaos horde here for this project.

These are the 10 ranged cultists. Painted in the same style as the original ones, just a couple switches in where the blues or browns go.

A lot more messy also with the washes it seems, except on the skin. Where I probably could do another wash to bring them out again.

Overall a quick paintjob for table top quality. Does the job, and from a distance they look the business that they need to so.. all in all a good unit to throw at some more elite units on the table.

Expect a lot more DV goodness in the coming weeks.. though at the moment I am stuck in workshops in UK/Brussels this week once more.. so most of the posts this week will be from what I did over the weekend or last week while sick :)

Friday, June 14, 2013

Ottoman Cannon + Crew

Cannons! The mainstay of any proper army.. and for the Ottoman's these were highly prized as they had few available back then. So whenever there was a cannon, it would be decorated with gold leaf work throughout it.

First group is the loaders, a Ottoman leader of some sort, and some guy who carries a big stick! He must be a future AKP member..

And then the other loaders here..

Again they are very bright. was very interesting to paint up this style and colors. I was referencing the photos sent to me on them, so hopefully they are ok from that view. But damn if I didn't have issues with wanting to change them a it more and add more "realistic" colors to present day views. I guess this is why I have so much issues with historical models.. I can't understand their logic to wear such bright colors when charging into battle!

Last but not least is the group shot of them below.. nice little side project to work on.

And now I am back into the Sci-Fi world and focusing on the Chaos models! Expect a lot of updates on those next week hopefully.. even though I will be on another work trip to UK, I am hoping the weekend allows for some decent painting time!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Ottoman Irregulars

After having the Janissaries, we need to move onto the foot troops that are sent out in waves to bring down the invaders numbers before the Janissaries clean everything up!

Style here was to make them bright. Lots of bright colors on the cloth, and to give them bronze shields and metal weapons.

I haven't stated this yet, but the grass section is a Mini-Natur grass that I picked up from PK-Pro here. Great little product that is stuck to some double sided tape. You can just stick it to the base and let it be, however since I was running some brown ink on them afterwards, I needed to super glue them down first.

I really liked the effect combined with the sanded bases. As it gave just enough of a look/feel of being in the battlefields that are not full of green fields or have just come down from the mountainsides.

Last group is up tomorrow..

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Ottoman Janissaries

Janissaries.. the elite class of warriors from the Ottoman empire. And one, if not the only, group to wear actual uniforms as well. So it was only natural to paint them up first here for this little group.

Quite hard to paint up properly here though as they are mostly ( if not completely ) covered in red cloth! I broke it up a bit ( and probably broke the historical nature ) by making their pants black. To give it a bit of contrast and break up the monotony of the color here.

Hats were done up as cloth, with some slightly reddish gold color for trim and metal sections.

And here they are sitting behind their Galbions.. awaiting to pick off invaders trying to attack the empire!

Again a lot of fun, and quick to paint up in the end. More to come tomorrow!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Ottoman Galbions..

Strange pieces to paint up, but at the same time interesting..

Galbions from the Ottoman era. Used to defend behind against the enemies of the Ottoman Empire.

You would think they were quick to paint up, but I actually struggled a bit on the coloring of them. In the end I think they turned out good.. now to wait and see what is going to be sitting behind them defending the great empire! Oooo suspenseful is it not?

Monday, June 10, 2013

Project UK: Last of the gangers..

And we come to the last of the gangers finally. I say finally only cause it seems like I have been painting them forever due to the hiatus I put on them for a few weeks. But I have to say that they were really great sculpts though, and a lot of fun to experiment on :)

So here thy are.. the specials, the heavies and the captain. All in all, I great bunch of guys that I would be wanting in my corner in a street fight indeed!

Nothing really special to say about these guys any further.. I mean I have been posting about them almost insistently over the past week so.. here they are all finished up.

I still really like how the fat bloke came out in the end, and the captain is a close second.

Some more shots below.. and a different project/topic coming up starting tomorrow!

So hopefully you enjoyed these guys. Not sure if there will be any more Necromunda gangs in the future, but they were all a lot of fun to do up! Lot more characterful than line troopers indeed!


Friday, June 7, 2013

Project UK: Last ganger batch, WIP

I am currently on route back home, and should be landing around now. Hopefully everything is safer in Turkey and I get home well enough. Before leaving for this trip I had 4 more models of this ganger set to finish and this is what stage they were at before leaving.

My goal is to now finish them tonight and then focus on some chaos marines over the weekend, though that is all dependent on what happens this weekend around here. Enjoy!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Project UK: Gangers Batch 3

Third batch finished also last weekend.. once I got into the groove with these guys they were becoming a lot easier to paint and taking less time for each model. I am also liking how the skin patterns were coming out closer to the end here.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Project UK: Gangers Batch 1

Finally was able to get to the rest of the gangers from Heresy miniatures.. great models here.. some came out better than others.. but as a group they look good I believe!

Enjoy these and others while I am in Brussels for work once more. So expect a lot of pre-planned posts coming out in the coming days!

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