Friday, June 28, 2013

Guest Post: Sons of Medusa SM project

Well here is another nice little treat to show everyone.. a guest post from Nathelis over at Brushbrothers, and also his more Showcase blog of Miniature Fairy Tails.

This army level project does not really fit into that theme, so he has agreed to let me post it up here to show off.

What I find funny with him is that he calls this Table Top quality.. for him I guess it is, but for others it would be much more.

All the decals on the left shoulder pad are freehand painted on. The greens were done with his airbrush, and then the rest is kind of self explanatory. Or so he says ;)

Quite a dusty, war torn look for the bases as well that he is going for on this army. And yes, this will be an army.. one that he says will be of a company level.. With another 50 of these guys going to be finished in short order any day now.

A view from behind..

All I can say to the work he is investing her is great work. Not to the display standards we normally expect from him, but considering the pure volume of models he is working on, we will let it slide this time around.

Expect more posts and photos on this as he continues.. and comment below if you think he is missing something from it. Am sure he would love to hear the feedback :)


  1. i love well painted tactical squads, and this is outstanding.

    1. Agreed, and to think he calls this basic table top coloring! :O

  2. These are great - I am absolutely with you Honour Guard, I love a well painted tactical squad! In fact I think all painters should do one at least once - preferably with a Rhino/Razorback or drop pod for good measure!

    1. Am really glad that I can help showcase some of the work of others. Cause originally this would not have been shown due to it not being up to his normal "standard" but I really think it needed to be showing what can be done quickly. Thanks for the comments!


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