Thursday, June 27, 2013

Guild of Harmony Alice Review

Ok so on Tuesday I posted about how I won this model from's contest back in Oct. I also stated that I would do a review of this incredibly small miniature.

Well first off I have to apologize.. it truly is 32mm in size, just while holding it without any comparison it is beyond tiny! But is probably better sculpted autonomy wise than many models that I work with these days. See her compared to the Resin Pirate, and an Infinity Model.

She is actually quite tall, just super thin. And her mechanical rabbit is quite tiny, but not the end of the world there.

When compared against normal gaming models, she is a bit smaller, but then I have to challenge if these are really 28mm anymore!

As far as the model itself goes.. beautiful! I have had a quick look over it, but I am not seeing anything majorly wrong with it. No major mold lines, no air bubbles, and the small pieces ( although loose ) are easy to place on the models. I think this will be an easy to prep model, but will be very interesting to see how I get around to paint it up.

As far as packaging of the model itself goes it was also simple enough. A plastic ziplock baggie. Which Zaphod was kind enough to wrap in paper towel before putting into the Painting Buddha tin. Again, very thankful for that. Both for protecting the model better, but also cause of the tin itself and how it fits with my painted Buddha on my desk at the moment :)

So let's see how this goes along for being painted up. I am very curious as to how I will get along with it, but if it turns out well enough ( both the painting and the experience ) then I will probably pick up more of them. I really like the Mary Poppets combo that they have on their site. Would love to paint that up one day!



  1. I've had a few miniatures like her, you do have to dig out the detail, looking forward to how she turns out especially the rabbit!

  2. Nice model Mr Lee Very little .
    I follow .

    1. Thanks Capt, and indeed quite small! Going to be a challenge when I get around to painting her!

  3. She's larger than the females I'm used to painting and I thought she would be. For me she's a big figure. I want her, but she intimidates me as a painter.

    You can do her and do her well, you just have to get into the right mindset when you approach her.

    1. Larger than what your used to painting? Really? Then Anne I think you would do just fine with her :) And I don't think you need to be intimidated by her either, cause your painting is really good!

      And as far as the right mindset, you are completely correct on that. I am already brainstorming on her plinth and how it will work. So many ideas right now, and the boxart is helping a lot in those ideas ;)


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