Monday, June 10, 2013

Project UK: Last of the gangers..

And we come to the last of the gangers finally. I say finally only cause it seems like I have been painting them forever due to the hiatus I put on them for a few weeks. But I have to say that they were really great sculpts though, and a lot of fun to experiment on :)

So here thy are.. the specials, the heavies and the captain. All in all, I great bunch of guys that I would be wanting in my corner in a street fight indeed!

Nothing really special to say about these guys any further.. I mean I have been posting about them almost insistently over the past week so.. here they are all finished up.

I still really like how the fat bloke came out in the end, and the captain is a close second.

Some more shots below.. and a different project/topic coming up starting tomorrow!

So hopefully you enjoyed these guys. Not sure if there will be any more Necromunda gangs in the future, but they were all a lot of fun to do up! Lot more characterful than line troopers indeed!



  1. Hola
    Pues te an quedado muy bien,y a my el gordito de la barriga me gusta,a lo mejor si le hicieras un tatuaje en la barriga te gustaría mas ¿?¿?
    Atento a mas

  2. Nicejob mate. Love the Heavies.

  3. Fantastic brushwork on all of these guys. Best, Dean


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