Thursday, June 20, 2013

WIP - DV Chaos Chosen

Not much to say this week.. but before I left for my work trip this week, I was starting in on the Dark Vengeance Chaos Chosen models. They will be painted up like Word Bearers hence the red armor with silver trim.

I have to say that there is a lot more details to these guys than I first realized. And some of the connection parts while assembling created some major gaps. Though even with the gaps, I did not fill them. Gasp! Ack! For shame you might say!... Fair enough... but I play to use those gaps as battle damage, and add rust etc to them instead. Easier to deal with, and hopefully gives a nicer look to the end model.

You can see below the whole gang lined up and waiting paint originally..

I am only really starting on the main chosen models, and leaving the leader and the lord/hero models for last. I will do a bit more work on them due to the cloaks and other pieces on them. So best not to set them up for line painting with the rest then.

Hope to get more work on them over the weekend.. will see how that plays out though as usual..


  1. Another great work on perspective , i follow you Mr Lee

  2. Hola
    Bueno pues hay que estar a atentos,y si tienen detalles que te pasas,yo a cavo de terminar a el canis nacido lobo y e terminado harto de tanto detalle jajaja,a un que claro queda de cine al terminarlos.
    un saludo

  3. There should a champion chosen model in that pile of stuff somewhere, I'm sure he'd hate to be left out.

  4. Thanks all, yes, it should be interesting to see these guys all painted up.

    @Zzzzz Indeed there is a real proper champion kicking around somewhere.. He will also be done separately as the details on him are even a bit more than these guys!

  5. That's some real good looking red work Mr.Lee!

  6. Very nice WIP - looks like you used an airbrush for the red. I've yet to feel confident in using an airbrush. Best, Dean

    1. HI Dean, indeed I used my airbrush to set up a 4 layer coloring here. Black primer > White highlight > Dark Red all over > Bright red on top and highlights. That was the easy part.. now the silvers is what is taking a long time.. so much trim and decorations.... taking forever!


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