Thursday, June 13, 2013

Ottoman Irregulars

After having the Janissaries, we need to move onto the foot troops that are sent out in waves to bring down the invaders numbers before the Janissaries clean everything up!

Style here was to make them bright. Lots of bright colors on the cloth, and to give them bronze shields and metal weapons.

I haven't stated this yet, but the grass section is a Mini-Natur grass that I picked up from PK-Pro here. Great little product that is stuck to some double sided tape. You can just stick it to the base and let it be, however since I was running some brown ink on them afterwards, I needed to super glue them down first.

I really liked the effect combined with the sanded bases. As it gave just enough of a look/feel of being in the battlefields that are not full of green fields or have just come down from the mountainsides.

Last group is up tomorrow..


  1. Hola
    Buenas piezas si señor
    un saludo

  2. Very nice minis, colorful and nicely based!

    1. Ditto Phil's comments.

    2. Thanks guys! The basing was a new test of a new product I picked up recently as stated in the article. Great stuff though, and easier to use than the more freebased flock I used in the past. Cheers!

  3. Mr Lee is on a painting rush again. :-) Nicely done.


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