Friday, June 14, 2013

Ottoman Cannon + Crew

Cannons! The mainstay of any proper army.. and for the Ottoman's these were highly prized as they had few available back then. So whenever there was a cannon, it would be decorated with gold leaf work throughout it.

First group is the loaders, a Ottoman leader of some sort, and some guy who carries a big stick! He must be a future AKP member..

And then the other loaders here..

Again they are very bright. was very interesting to paint up this style and colors. I was referencing the photos sent to me on them, so hopefully they are ok from that view. But damn if I didn't have issues with wanting to change them a it more and add more "realistic" colors to present day views. I guess this is why I have so much issues with historical models.. I can't understand their logic to wear such bright colors when charging into battle!

Last but not least is the group shot of them below.. nice little side project to work on.

And now I am back into the Sci-Fi world and focusing on the Chaos models! Expect a lot of updates on those next week hopefully.. even though I will be on another work trip to UK, I am hoping the weekend allows for some decent painting time!


  1. Hmm don't know why but my comment has not been posted... Ok again: Shading the wood and darkening the inner of the barrel would enhance the cannons. But that would be the only thing. Ottomans to the battle! :)
    Keep it rollin'!

    And: FIRST TOO!!!! :)

  2. Nice ones, for sure. But, actually, Ottomans have had plenty of cannons, their casting process was on par or superb to the European one.

  3. Very nice minis, great work!

  4. Hola
    Buenas minis
    Me gustan los cañones
    un saludo

  5. Excellent cannon and crewmen. Best, Dean


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