Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Ottoman Janissaries

Janissaries.. the elite class of warriors from the Ottoman empire. And one, if not the only, group to wear actual uniforms as well. So it was only natural to paint them up first here for this little group.

Quite hard to paint up properly here though as they are mostly ( if not completely ) covered in red cloth! I broke it up a bit ( and probably broke the historical nature ) by making their pants black. To give it a bit of contrast and break up the monotony of the color here.

Hats were done up as cloth, with some slightly reddish gold color for trim and metal sections.

And here they are sitting behind their Galbions.. awaiting to pick off invaders trying to attack the empire!

Again a lot of fun, and quick to paint up in the end. More to come tomorrow!


  1. Great looking Janissaries!

  2. Those are good, the Janissaries were formed in 1383 and abolished in 1826!

  3. Very nice looking troops go well with the barricades made previously

  4. They look great - as well as the wicker works. I do like Janissaries. Best, Dean

  5. Precious miniatures, I am charmed with them and especially the complete set. Soldiers and parapets. Regards.

  6. Thanks everyone. They were interesting to paint up as I am really not used to painting Historicals. I find them too limiting for me.. having to paint them a specific way etc. I think they could look good in blues or yellows, right? :)

    @Fran.. good to know when they were taken out of action though! Am sure that the current PM wouldn't mind a few these days to help deal with the clashes in Turkey!


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