Monday, June 17, 2013

Project UK: DV Cultists

Once again I crack open the Dark Vengeance box set, and have begun painting the rest of the chaos horde here for this project.

These are the 10 ranged cultists. Painted in the same style as the original ones, just a couple switches in where the blues or browns go.

A lot more messy also with the washes it seems, except on the skin. Where I probably could do another wash to bring them out again.

Overall a quick paintjob for table top quality. Does the job, and from a distance they look the business that they need to so.. all in all a good unit to throw at some more elite units on the table.

Expect a lot more DV goodness in the coming weeks.. though at the moment I am stuck in workshops in UK/Brussels this week once more.. so most of the posts this week will be from what I did over the weekend or last week while sick :)


  1. Hola
    Buena unidad,un buen color,el azul sobre todo
    un saludo

  2. Great paint Mr Lee !
    Vincent .

  3. Nice job mate. I agree the skin needs a another wash the chaos icons are bit hard to see.

  4. Fun! Makes me want to play Necromunda, these would be great for it


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