Monday, June 24, 2013

WIP Dark Angels Belial Conversion

So after a very rough weekend, following a very rough week, I tried to do some more focused painting to get my mind back into.. well.. focus really. Unfortunately, it was a complete disaster!

Over on the Brushbrothers and Sisters forums, there is a small get together contest to see who can paint the best Space Marine scene. Figured this would be a good chance to bust out Belial here, and give him a go. I even did a small conversion by swapping out his redicular He-Man pose, with the storm bolter/power sword combo from the Dark Angels Terminator squad box. I think it adds a bit more to him.

That is not the problem though.. the problem begins with the coloring!

I had started with the traditional bone colored armor that is normal for the Deathwing company, but I hated it so much that I won't even show photos! It was horrible!

So I decided to invert the color scheme, and try a bit more of a darker armor color with a more cream cloth. Up to this point it was looking OK. It was more marble looking armor than black with highlights, but it was at least something that I could live with so.

The problems begin though when trying to add some sort of green back into the model here. Not sure what I was thinking, but damn if it was working here.

The green came out all weird for me. No matter what I was trying, it just was not working here. I think it is the turquoise like coloring in the black areas that is throwing it off, but it could just be that they are just not right for this model at all anymore! I am thinking of going back to just plain black and do the marbling effect more on them. Really keep the model dark here. Then do the cape/cloak/piece of cloth on his back to the same cream coloring. Though with maybe a bit darker for the inside sections?

What do you think? How should I proceed? Any ideas? Also for the metal sections, I think that gold might be too much, so will probably go with a darker silver metallic here. I think it would fit better, and not ruin the darkness atmosphere that he is ( trying ) to sport here.

Oh and re-priming it and starting over is potentially an idea also, just not sure on what kind of color scheme to try for on attempt number 3.. This guy made upset me so much that I stopped painting yesterday and played PS3 all day instead! That is how frustrated I am with the model.. so much for focus eh?


  1. Stick at it. Finish the inverted the scheme.

    If you still don't like - ebay.

    1. Thanks Zzzzz.. will see how it turns out in the end. Have to build up his custom base/plinth as well though.. but that is for another day as it is a project in its own right!

  2. Replies
    1. Cheers for the comment. But I am liking the blue direction better than the green one. Will see how the rest of the comments go. Have received some on forums saying to make the green closer to grey to work better with the blues. Will give that a try this evening.

  3. Hm... Either change the blueish color or the green. If I look in the color triad those two are really near together (depending on the tones you've chosen). Perhaps a bit less saturation of the blueish one to get it more to a gray tone and therefore seperating it more from the green?
    Sure you could desaturate the green but I don't know if that would fit an Dark Angel.

    1. I think you nailed what I was worried about.. playing too close to the color wheel in one spectrum! However I am really liking the dark blue at the moment more so than the green :) I know, not very Dark Angel-ish, but damn cool all the same though :) Let's see how it goes after some paint tonight!

  4. Looking good - hmm, I rather like the green. Best, Dean

  5. Hola
    Pues a my me gusta.lo único profundizar las sombras
    Y un plata oscuro seria el de mi gusto
    un saludo


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