Monday, April 21, 2014

Nemo - Scuba Diver

A great little piece that I picked up while at Salute that I have had the fun of painting up the last few days. Mostly as a side piece to just work on to loosen up prior to going to the Massive Voodoo HQ for some private painting practice.

So with this piece I tried a few new techniques, and a few recently practiced techniques.

This is what it looks like out of the blister. Single piece model for the most part, and the accessories on a sprue. As you can see there is a bit of flash there... obviously some clean up was required here.

Once cleaned up ( mostly ) you can see what the piece looks like assembled.

I tried to do as much as I could with the airbrush for skin tones. But only so much as I could say that the base levels were laid down. As I was wanting to try some new styles in wet on wet while using Vallejo's Retarder Medium. Which I read in this month's Figure Painter Magazine #12 of a reborn painter who tried it for helping him with the wet on wet painting styles.

So after a bit of setting up the metals I went to town on the contrast painting on this bad boy! Though the photos are a bit all over the place at this point.

Here I began to work on the skin sections trying to go to white, and almost black in the extremes. The metals are done in the new Scale75 Metallic range. Leather sections are done with their leather range. Not the best, but getting there with many inks and washes.

From here it was the fun parts though... RUST and weathering on the metallics!

I have been posting these photos on my FB page previously though, and some comments came out that I should make the octopus orange to contrast to the metallic colors, but once the rust came into play.. I think the shiny dark blue/green model really began to show up better.

The verdigris is just GW's version from their new special effects range. It came out better than I anticipated here though in the end.

The only thing with this model that I figured it needed was a lens on the helmet. I mean, really.. why have an oxygen tank but with an open helmet frame... so silly if you ask me!

I wanted to try to achieve a lens like effects, and thought that the Vallejo Still Water effects would be the trick. So I applied some within the face section.. and waited.. and waited...

As you can see.. not the best results.. but that is the purpose of living and learning though right? At least I can see the effect, and know that this process is one that needs more investigation.

Some final photos in the light tent.. not sure I am liking them as much as the other WIP shots I took off the cuff... but will let you all decide on your own then :)

Only thing left now is to build him a base... something sandy maybe.. with some water effects... who knows.. or maybe a rocky cliff with crashing waves? Or a dock? Or the side of a ship?.... Damn so many ideas now.... oh well.. enjoy the model as I travel to Germany and get some feedback on this and other pieces from Roman and Raffa, while working on my class piece.

Enjoy and expect many photos and articles forth coming over the coming week+...

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Rust.. continued....

So yesterday I finished off with the above photo. Showing the model covered in rush and paint and looking all worn and what not.

Now I want to show what it looked like against the socket itself. And for this I did a solid coating of a single type per facing, before mixing the 3 together in different ways.

Starting from Dark to light here.. and on a dark grey base ( I just don't learn at times! ).

My plan was really to just lay down a really thin layer of the rust. Learning from my mistakes on the model itself.

From here I would then do a stipple effect in the top right corner and another layer on the bottom right corner.

This was the plan anyways, and I can say that I am more or less in line with that near the end there.

So here are my first results of said tests.. and again using the darkest color out of the bunch.


As you can see that it turned the dark grey into a brownish mix, and the edges especially began to turn Orange. The stippling did not turn out so good, but the second layer was even more orange in the middle of it. So basically where ever it pooled up, it would shift color a bit more... or at least go a bit brighter in that section.

Next up.. Normal rust..

And the same treatment as before..

Again we see that it turns orange, and in comparison to the Copper it does so much faster and in larger areas. Almost turning yellow in some areas of the piece.

With the stipple, we can see some texture begin to appear, giving it an interesting look. And the bottom area we see some interesting pooling occurring. Very interesting!

And last was the Yellow rust..

This one came out super bright, and very streaky! Where the others went on in a smooth application, this one you can really see the brush strokes as it was on the socket.

But it also gave the most interesting stipple and second layer looks. Going a bit darker and blacker in parts. Almost like the stipple section ( top right ) was burnt more than rusted out! Very cool!

Last but not least is the application of using all 3 on the same piece and seeing directly the differences between them.

From bottom to top it is Coppor, Normal, Yellow. But they really reacted weird with each other, and I also threw some water at them. I really liked how this looked, and now want to paint a tank or 3 that are rusting in a field or building somewhere!

And again you can see the colors used but in reverse order and thinned a lot more.

Main things I can say that Roman also pointed out is that you need to keep the bottles closed. Although it is to be used like paint, it dries like rust. And it can dry fast!

Use an older brush for this as it will destroy said brush! I need to see how badly I mucked up my brushes, but at the moment they seem to still be ok.. let's see what a bit more oxidization does to them!!!

And the final socket with model on it looks like this..

A nice little addition for my painting cabinet now. And a good piece to test the use of rust on!

Hopefully this information was useful. If you have questions on it.. comment below. If you liked.. comment below.. heck if you got this far, and still have energy.. comment below! :) Would love to hear your thoughts on this! In the meantime.. it is now the weekend here in UK.. for those out here.. enjoy it! And expect some epic travel posts coming up next week with probably the odd travel prep coming up over the long weekend! Enjoy!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Rust, and the pursuit therein!

Ooga chukka ooga chukka ooga ooga ooga chukka..

No idea why this song comes into my mind while looking at this photo.. but it does! But enough about the songs.. this is more about the rust and the applications of it.

So I spoke about it a bit, and how I received the first bottle, in my last post about Salute. But now I wanted to give the product a proper go at it. Though of course I say this, and do my tests, and then Roman over at Massive Voodoo posts up his own tutorials after I do my applications ... oh well such is life.. but just know that I did these tests BEFORE reading his article :)

So yeah.. the beginning portion.. and to find an appropriate test piece to try it on! Well, actually test piece was easy to find. I have had this Forged Monkey sculpt since the first beginners paint class with Roman back in March of 2013.

And the start of painting..

Seeing as the guy who sold it to me ( cool guy btw ) was doing it on a dark surface, I figured I would start on a dark surface. So I primed the piece in black, and misted it with grey. Seems normal enough right?

This is what it looked like after applying a few thick layers of the normal rust on it. And then I waited.. but I was very very impatient with this stuff. And began adding more and more and more... and well... not the best idea really.

I did give it a bit more time to air out and dry?... and this is what happened soon afterwards..

Top right was added with some water to try to make it have some cool effects.. but it just washed itself out a bit more.

So first tests.. not so successful really.. I mean there were some really nice effects from it, but not as bright or thick as I was hoping. And the stipple styling was not coming out as nice as I had hoped.

What do we do in this scenario though? We just re-prime it and try this again!

This time we went heavy grey. And you can see some of the build up from the previous experiments and layers.. but that is fine. Gives the piece some character.. I hope!

But I can say that this time I played with the colors bit by bit and thinned it down before applying it to the model. Just to see what effects that would have.

Immediately I can see the colors and styles that I was looking for.. and DAMMMMMN... The brighter sections is the Yellow Rust, the mid-tones are the Normal, and the darker sections coming from the Copper. Honestly this made me hooked on this product ... immediately!!!!

Played around with a bit more yellow on the edges to give it some more style.. and variation.

And with those tests proving successful.. I then wanted to try something else with it. How well it would do with chipping medium placed on top of it!

So I gave the piece a nice spray of AK Interactives ( pre split with mig ) chipping fluid, which made everything a bit shiny and glossy. But I was in full on test mode, so no turning back now!

Once the chipping layer was dry ( thank you hair dryer! ) I applied some blues to the model as a base color to test with. More in thinking of the color wheel and contrasting colors.. but also cause I really like my blue paints from Andrea and was hoping this would turn out cool.

Still really thick paint in places.. but again not surprising considering how thick I was applying colors before this and how many layers are on the pieces at this point. But onwards!!!!!

With the chipping medium between the rust and the colors.. I just did what it says the jar.. wet a brush and scrub away the top layer of paint! So.. that is what I did.. and this is the result!

The mixture of chipping medium, paint, and water seemed to take a lot of the color out of the main part of the rust. Not something that I was happy with.. but not the end of the world either.

So with that in mind, I took some of the rust ( normal ) and reapplied it in places..

And it began to get a bit darker and more in line to what I was hoping for. So I played with it a bit more, and began to add it and the other ones in other places. Like the edges and where I think rust would form... not that I know anything about where rust will form or even bothered to look at reference photos.. I mean I was having too much fun tossing rust at this piece!

And it really began to come alive at this point! And the more I waited the more the colors began to shift as they dried further.

At this point I figured I may as well just finish off the piece then and paint the eyes.

Since I was already in a testing mood, I just took out some Forged Monkey red pigments and played around with them a bit.

Normally I would go on about how this is the end of the tests.. that I really liked it.. and that it has great applications but that I still need to try it out some more.. blah blah blah...

Well I have more to show on how it looks on the wood sections, but I will put that into a second article for tomorrow!!!! In the meantime, let me know in the comments what you think of the end results and if it looks good or not! Cheers.
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