Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Relic reinforcements...

So I have been on a bit of a hiatus from painting in general. It is one of those slumps that hits you and doesn't want to let go of its grip regardless of what you say to them! I have started a few projects of late, but none of them are really making the progress that I would have liked from them. Nor going the direction that I had hoped.

With that then it means to jump back into table top gaming models instead. Pick up my mojo from there and see what can be done with them!

Above is a shot of my Relic Britanan army. The mad dollies of the British King..

Originally I only had the first 9 troopers painted up.. of which 8 are sitting here still (one was donated to the Jack Crowe fund.. aka to give his forces some extra painted umph! ).

But then I wanted to have more troopers painted up.. and I really should have a commander painted up to play with! Well originally the plan was to get some more painted up so that I could play with some more painted pieces on Tuesday night at the club.. however that got sidejacked with the Mrs heading off to Belgium for a workshop.. work life trumps geek life sometimes..

So I picked up the puppeteer and gave him a quick paint job..

Nothing fancy with him, and most of it was wet blended and played around while watching Fast and the Furious 6.

The ground and jacket colors are a bit off from the troopers, but since I am still getting to grips on what style I like, I am ok with this. I still need to also finish his backpack sticks and string. But that will come soon enough.

Then I picked up a few of the specialist troops that I had..

A bomber and 2 marksmen. All very crazy in the game. Marksmen have crazy range and can do some serious hurt, while the bomber can be quite the diversionary tactic to play against the opponent.. cause when it goes boom, it can take out quite a selection of models with it ;) Kinda a no brainer on why they were painted up quickly, plus they account for a large amount of points for me to get into a game with.

Here I got them to a basic color scheme before adding some shadows/highlights and the all important washes to go with them. Can't say that they are the best painted again, but again they are for gaming and I wanted to have something done quickly.

Really simple painting here, with lots of washes and darker browns for the shading here. I did not attempt any OSL on this piece, and I do not think I will be anytime soon either. Not cause I can't but more cause I don't believe they are needed at the moment for a gaming piece. Not when the purpose of painting them up was to paint something quickly..

After getting the Bomber set up, the marksmen went really quickly. Same style and colors, with heavier washes to make them a bit darker. I only painted one of the 2 eyes here.. damnit.. will have to go back and fix the other one then. Which is quick anyways.

Only thing left was to add the grass, but no close up shots of them with it applied.

All told now I have 182 pts worth of troops painted up, and I have taken down the Captain, and 2 Light Dragoons to paint up next. My hope is to find time to paint them up this week in-between sessions of painting Catachans for Project UK. Who knows, maybe I will have a ton of Skirmish gaming pieces painted up to a decent gaming level in short time, and ready for some games later this summer when time allows!

A guild ball model article is coming soon..

Monday, June 22, 2015

1/300 scale fighter plane...

Depending on what resolution you are looking at the photo, there is a good chance the plane you see here is larger than it appears in real life! Damn this was a tiny plane!!!!

Why the switch from large pieces like the Tooth Fairy, to something this small though? Good question there.. simple answer.. I'm crazy! :)

Actually easier answer is that this years play by blog held by Clint over at Anything but a One is to be a aircraft game. And when I ran into him at Salute earlier this year, we got to talking about them. And he had bought all the planes, so I asked if it would be cool for me to paint it, and send it back to him?

I should have taken the look of happiness as suspicious as I didn't realize how tiny they were until after I said that ( or before, can't remember now :) ). But having it batting around the studio lately, and finally coming across it once more while cleaning up I figured best to get it done. I mean, it is tiny, so it shouldn't take that long right?

I actually airbrushed the base colors on it still. And then laid down some base colors..

Ok.. so its red. No it is not the red baron, but when asking about color schemes Clint said something about something or another.. and then I remember saying something about it being more Canadianized if i painted it.. and I think he was ok with that? :D Either way, it is now red for the body, and blue underside.

Why blue on the underside? Why, to blend into the sky obviously. So that when you look up, you can hear it, but not see it!

And red for the top is obvious to represent the glorious colony of the Brits, being Canada!

I stippled some clouds even onto the underside. I mean, we're clever us Canadians here ;)

I also did not attach the wing struts or wheels to it though, as I was told not to put the struts on due to how he would be attaching it to the flying stands. And the wheels, well.. i couldn't figure out how they should sit.. Besides.. if we are to battle, i do not believe my plane will be landing safely anyways.. So I figured they would just drop off once I take off :) More aerodynamic this way maybe?

And to show that it will be  under heavy fire.. I also weathered it up! Like I have flown through a German oil smoke cloud as I was shooting at them, and that my plane had taken some other damage.

Of course, I did absolutely no research on this whatsoever, so for all I know the planes were not made of metal, but of fabric. And thus there would be no battle damage.

I did attempt a small grim reaper though on the side.. and it looked really cool.. but then I attached the top wings, and the piece that attaches for them cut his head off.. I will call that being more authentic then :D

But it looks cool, and the rule of cool was in heavy effect for this model here! :D

I then hit it with a heavy spray of matte varnish which made it look more aged instantly. Killing all the shine from the red ink that I had applied on it previously.

So I went with it, and did photos where it looked like it was from older photos :D

And remember how I said that since it is so small it shouldn't take me long to paint it up? HAHHAHAHAHAHA... no, this took me like 3 hrs to paint up.. trying to figure out what I am doing, and if I should highlight or not, or wash or whatever.. new scale, new techniques, and new things to figure out.

But it was a lot of fun though, and not something that I will be doing anytime soon though. :) Maybe some FoW if I feel like painting small, maybe.

In the meantime, it is now packed in a blister that I need to find a padded envelope for and ship it off to Clint for the game.

I am absolutely terrible at shipping things, and suspect that this might not work to keep it without any damage. So some quick gluing from Clint might be required, but thankfully it is only 2 pieces :)

Looking forward to seeing how I die.. I mean take out enemy planes in this years game. I did horrible last year with the ships, so hopefully I can do slightly better ( not hard really ) or at least take out someone else this time instead!

Enjoy the week!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Review Tuesday: Tooth Fairy bust from BorkenToad

Wow where has time gone? Seems like it has been forever since I have had time on the blog to write something.. and honestly.. it has been!

Holidays were a great way to recovery some much needed energy, and I am coming back to the painting table with renewed energies! And when I say renewed energies I mean there are a ton of projects ( as always ) on the go.. some you will see over the coming weeks, and some you will have to wait a bit longer. As they are both epic, but will require a lot more time to get accomplished.

But holidays are over, and the blog needs some attending to.. the dust around here is starting to gather up! So let's brush those out with a review shall we? And a pretty cool recent piece to cross the desk, and actually be announced while I was on holidays!

So BrokenToad is normally known for his Pigments, brushes, and brush soap. However it seems he has been working behind the scenes to get together with a pretty famous artist (Giorgos) to make him his first miniature bust!

I have picked up his brushes previously, and they are pretty good quality. I say pretty good instead of excellent as the only critique I could make on them is that they are really light. So feels like I am not even holding a brush, which is great for longer painting sessions, but also changes up my way to paint. I have what some might call a heavy hand with regards to painting :)

The bust itself is great though. Check out first of all the box that it comes in! Like damn... a custom made wooden box, with the stencil of the concept art em-blazed on the front of it.

Inside you can see that there is even a cool little card telling a small story of the piece, and showing the cast number of the piece. Seems I was a bit off the mark on ordering my copy, but still quite close to the first adopters here.

A pretty cool concept artwork done here as well on the card insert. Gives some interesting thoughts on the color scheme and how to play with the tooth after the painting is all done. Lots of gore and blood available to be played on this :)

All the parts are split up and inside their own baggies. All resting on a bed of straw.

The main torso is pretty cool. Lots of little details here as would be expected from a Giorgos sculpt. It is quite close to the artwork that was provided to him as well to make this piece.

Not quite sure of the back section. This is going to be quite a little challenge for this as it deviates from the smooth sections of the rest of the sculpt. Might be interesting to paint it like internal organs? Or ribcage? Dunno..

Rest of the parts.. there are some pieces to clean up, and remove some of the excess resin mold inserts.

The big tooth! And I mean big! If this were to scale, then this little fairy is quite small overall, which makes him a bit more scarier in my opinion! Bit of work needed to be cleaned up as you can see in the photo, but nothing major thankfully.

Test assembly of the piece here. I can see this to be a bit difficult to paint up if I assemble it with the tooth in place, but it needs the hands in place also. Mmmm.. difficult as there are some gaps on those tiny arms that need to be fixed to make it better.

My only other concern is that the little stand that it comes with and the arms like they are, makes it a bit difficult also to line up properly. Though I came up with a solution for that when I got around to assembling it over the weekend.

So in the end I went with the arms and wings assembled before priming it up. It will be a bit interesting to get the tooth in, but it can be sneaked in if worked on a bit. Might require a bit of muscle to make it happen, but it will get there in the end!

But the biggest thing I switched out was the socket. I pulled one of the resin copies from MDP models to use instead. It allows the hands to hang a bit better, and gives me a bit more space to pool up the dripping blood that will be used at the end :) Also allows me to angle it a bit to give it a bit more dynamic look to it :) I hope that comes across in it at least... maybe?

So my motivation for this piece is threefold at the moment:

  1. Provide assistance to local artist ( BrokenToad ) who are doing great work, and producing great pieces of work.
  2. The 'Eavier Metal group is having a painting competition until end of July, so motivation to get it painted quickly. Which is always helping me get things done ( deadlines ). 
  3. BrokenToad himself has a super contest to go with the models as well! 500GBP prize for the top prize with regards to the painting of the piece. Quite the motivation for that and it is on until end of September!
Considering that it is only 100 copies being sold ( yay for limited edition! ) there is a decent chance that I can make an impact. But I know some of the others that have picked it up, so the competition for it will be quite tough. Though end decision is up to Kris Toad to decide on, so.. creativity and style will come into play here as well. 

In the end.. it is also a kick ass cool model, and now to continue to look at color scheme and styles in which to paint this one up. Anyone else picked it up, and hoping to get it painted for any of the competitions coming up???? 
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