Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Portal Round 2 Entry Finished

So round 2 is finished, and we have submitted out Entries as of last Monday!

This overtook me for the month of January. Almost all consuming. MOre so as my idea and plans for the entry grew and grew! But the end result is one that I quite enjoy, even if it is a bit dark ( 2 high sides on a small base will do that ).

I did learn a lot on this piece, including but not limited to the placement of pieces. Proper planning ( or improper planning in most cases! ) on how to build a more elaborate base.

That some aspects of the base are better than others ( like the oil drum is great, but the signs might be a bit much ). But as much as it grew, I still kept to my original design. Something that in the past I would have given up on and gone a completely different route!

The final result though I have to say is a real bugger to photograph :) There are lots  of interesting things on it, but unless you find the right angle it will be a nightmare. Something that I hope will make people look at it further when in person, but via my photos it is not probably the best piece to show off.

And since he is entered for the Portal competition, which is solely online, this could very well play against me. I have also sent it off to Massive Voodoo's Bananalicious contest for their diorama category.. again where the photos can only say so much on the overall piece.

But win, lose or draw ( if that exists? ) I came out with a mammoth project within 3 weeks of prep, plan and paint. Which results in one heck of a strange little diorama.

Hope you all enjoy it, and if I am still in the competition, then let's see how I do for round 3.. and what the criteria is ;)

Thoughts? Comments? Or dare I say it, critiques for this piece?

Friday, January 23, 2015

Portal Entry round 2 continues.. slowly..

I posted about the starting of this project back on January 9th, and only now posting more about it! Yikes! Best correct that!

The deadline for the project is fast approaching ( Monday at midnight is what we were last told! ). And as such, I think I took on far too much of an ambitious project than I realized. Especially with my normal daily schedule being needed to be worked on!

But progress I have made since the last post on it!

Here is what the base looked like with the initial sketches applied, and some extreme highlights applied to give it a sense of direction. Of course it cannot stay this way as the project is to be about a post apoc like area, that has plenty of weathering on it!

Well in the area of extras for the base I started with a simple weathering technique I picked up ( or refined would be a better word ) with John at one of his Weekend Workshops. Process was simple enough.

  • Spray down a couple different rust like colors with the airbrush. 
  • Spray down 2-3 layers of heavy chipping fluid. Ensuring to let it dry fully, and naturally between the layers ( using a hairdryer removes the activator or whatever in the chipping medium and ruins the effect ). 
  • Spray down my main colors ( in this case army green? )
  • Pick out the details and do some layers for some highlights as well. 
  • Then taking a warm, stiff brush, slowly rub off the top layers of paint from the pieces. Exposing the rusty colors below. 
And Voila! Rusty pieces ready for the dio!

Though they look a bit ... um.. stark in contrast to the rest of the alleyway.. and everything is still looking very clean. Too clean rather..

This is where I began to really experiment on how to continue with this. Especially with the bricks on the path ( which I took several attempts at! ).

Unfortunately due to it being experimental, I don't have so many photos.. but the general premise of the steps were the below:

  • Take out several different pigment powders. Apply them directly to the base without water and rub or dump them into the cracks and sides of the wall.. Rubbing them in with a stiff brush once more. 
  • Add a bit of pigment fixer to some areas ( mostly cracks ) and then dump some more on top
  • Add some AK interactive Rust Liquid on areas. It doesn't come across as full rusty, but more dirty and muddy even on this scene. 
  • Add more pigments.. just start throwing them on top of each other, and work them into the base. 
  • Take some Modelmates Sand Liquid Pigments, thinned a bit with water, and begin to layer that on the bricks.. 
  • Beginning to like the effects!
  • Add more pigments :) Rub them in some more. 
As you can see it is a very scientific method to the madness going on here.. but when it was all said and done.. the piece looked more together and definitely dirtier with the pigments and liquids applied. 

The AK Interactive stuff really helped on the signs though. Just a tough of it, and then worked with a damp brush and it spread out nicely. Making the chipped aspects look more real. Spreading the color out a bit, while still making the chipped parts stand out ( in some cases ... I overdid it a few times! ). 

Now I begin to work on the models themselves.. you can see the Ottoman standing in his alleyway ( though not fixed yet ) waiting for the trader to arrive.. oh and his mount ( whom I hope to finish! ). 

Quick work on the models themselves ( amazing how fast 28mm scale pieces are to paint compared to 1/6 scale busts! ). 

Looking forward to seeing how the scene builds up, and what else I can push into it yet. 

Hope you enjoy this so far, and expect some more ( final ) photos next week! Enjoy the weekend in the meantime!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Review Tuesday: Massive Voodoo Tutorials

The masters of disasters pictured above are the source of today's review. The boys who are bigger than life ( I mean look at them.. they are taller than that door there! ). Kinda creepy? Maybe... but let's continue all the same.

But the review is not fully on those 2, but on what they bring to the community. Especially with regards to their Tutorials they have on Massive Voodoo.

Reason for this is that over the process of creating my current base work, I have dug into their archives quite a bit to pull out some interesting tidbits.

Things like the bricks... though I had learned some of this from the basing class back in August last year. But it was great to re-read their thoughts on how to apply it and here to apply it.

Or using some of the wood pieces to better applications ( even if I didn't fully use it, but it was great for inspiration ).

And this tutorial I really want to use, but need to see if time will permit me to get it done before the end time of the competition. Adding some posters to the walls ( even with all those lovely bricks and slabs made ).

One trick that I do want to do is to add some more litter to the base. Especially with regards to the newspapers and magazines from this tutorial.. 

But I digress... cause there are plenty of items on their Tutorials at the moment... such as adding pigments to the base to weather it up ( though John will have words from this as I did do his weathering class also ).

So to end this small, weird, review of the Massive Voodoo Tutorial section.. just wanted to point out how much information is out there. Massive Voodoo is just one avenue, but one that has quite a wealth of information available. One that has been around for over 5 yrs and continues to grow on a weekly basis!

All images are from the tutorials themselves, taken by the Massive Voodoo crew.. who I will get a chance to meet up with again in February! Looking forward to it already! And what new tricks they have learned since our last encounter :D

Now go. Get inspired, and PAINT!

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