Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Brom the Dwarf bust..

So the weekend before last I had the chance to hang out with my good friend Peter over in Reutlingin, near Stuttgart Germany for a weekend of painting and beers..

A much needed weekend for the both of us as things have been quite busy and hectic, and this was a nice downtime for the both of us. Where we could refocus on painting and pushing ourselves to try new projects ( or in Peter's case a project that has eluded him for many years! ).

For me this was the Brom the Dwarf bust from Enigma. I had picked it up in a bargin bin or random shopping experience sometime in the last year. Probably to go with the ill-fated Dwarf Project that I had lined up this year ( which is failing hard btw! ).

But now with a 2 tone coloring happening, I was ready to get started on the piece.

Random skintones from the Scale75 skin tone sets here. Quite pastel looking, and rough still, but a good direction already.

Here is a random quick shot ( that is out of focus ) of our projects. As you can see Peter's piece was already quite a bit further along than my own, but it was only really base colors cause there would be a ton of work to be done on it from Peter's side before long.

I can say as soon as I applied this thinned tank hull color for the beard and hair, my motivation for the piece jumped massively! The intensity of it to me at that point was just jumping out at me and I was really liking the direction it was taking already!

The blue/green bandana was just an idea to go with. And honestly came out better than I expected, while giving the direction of Brom being more of a Glam Rocker Dwarf maybe :)

We were not sure on the tunic color, and I did go with purple. Not the best color maybe, but it was tying into his skintones a bit more, and also expanded upon the glam rocker look :)

The wooden shoulder pad would go through a few iterations before I would get it sorted. And maybe layers of ink, washes, paint, texture colors, etc....

Things were coming together, but the shoulder pads were throwing me off.. So they would get reworked many times over..

Also around this time my wrist was bothering me like something fierce. Seems the damage from boxing last year is beginning to take its toll :( So more beers are consumed instead of painting at this time.

After many beers and some rest, I did get back at it though. The back metal sections needs more work to tidy up the rust, but the shoulder pads came a long ways forward here.

But the wood came a long way forward for me, and I am really enjoying how it turned out. But looking at this photo I can see I need to fix the interior rust on the other one as well :D Still much to do it seems lol..

But the final product of where I left it from Germany is looking good. And I have to say that it is pretty much one of my best pieces I have painted in a long time. And sitting on my shelf at home I can see why it stands out so much, and need to work on replicating this further!

Anyways.. hopefully I have the nerve to pick him up again and finish him off in time for Euro and the rest of the shows. He won't be getting any golds but I think he might get past the first cut at the very least :D

Enjoy the day folks!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Review Tuesday: Journey Kickstarter from Marrow Productions!

After a bit of a wait, as one does with Kickstarters, we see Journey land this week! Actually it landed last night, and I immediately took off to pick it up from a collection point ( since it was being delivered with a signature required.. and I was unable to be home to sign for it ).

Heck, after getting the notification that it had arrived a fellow club mate received his as well! Huzzah! So plans are made for playing it tonight at the club... but first.. I needed to see what was included in the box!

You can tell there is class here when even the cardboard box itself is designed for the company itself! Class right there, and something that I wish I could do for the wasteland warrior.. maybe future projects ;)

The box itself is ace as well. Quite bright and colorful with plenty going on with it. And a nice sleek design for how they incorporate their logo into the box as well. And sturdy.. this is going to be a good box to contain everything, and be used for transport as well of the components!

Cracking it open, and we see layer upon layer of stuff to go through here! I did crack it all open and place all the components into ziplock bags as much as I could. Assembled the character cards to have their dials, which is a cool little feature. Only part I think that needs improvement at this point is the HP trackers.. I can see them falling off and getting lost if not careful at the club and with others playing with the game.

What I think is really cool is how the models are packed. I know from the Kickstarter updates that this was a sore subject for Hon and Ray as they had a lot of troubles getting this to work right. But I think the extra time they spent on it and worked for it made this a perfect solution.

Each gaming piece comes in their own plastic tray holder ( or grouped rather ). And they fit perfectly into their cardboard boxes that fit within the main box.

What this means to me is that if one is careful on how they repack their things into the main box, they can have all their gaming pieces painted up, and less issue with being broken or paint chipping from being loose in the box! Huzzah!

Actually this was really cool, and considering how well the pieces are sculpted and cast in plastic, it is hard not to want to paint them up!

So I did!

Immediately after opening the box and putting the majority away, I took out the Monkey King to get some paint on him!

2k Black/White sprays with spray cans occurred.

Skin and inner shirt was started in on.. to get an idea of where this might go.. I did refer to the boxart a bit, but then took a few different directions on it..

I was having a ton of fun painting this up, and doing  a bit of wet blending here and there, and also just adding some more colors into some different aspects of it. But a lot of Dark Sea Blue found its way into this piece somehow.. :)

So after about 4-5 hrs last night I got to this point on the model. I am quite happy with it for being able to play with it later tonight. But I do plan to go back over it with some more details and fix things like the metals, while also going and doing some freehand sections on the major cloth sections there. Not sure what, but maybe I will research some things that might be common on them.

Anyways.. am I happy with this kickstarter? I would have to say yes. Ok it took a while to arrive ( was scheduled for July 2014 ) and there are still things to come for it ( not sure what phases they are all coming and how it is all split ) but the core game is here now and we get to play it already. And the quality of the plastics and the rest of the boxset looks great already.

Now to see how well it plays up tonight! Expect a battle report kinda thing happening if I can remember the actions and the taking of photos tonight :D

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Review Tuesday - Tiny Leads Samurai!

So just before holidays I received this great new product from Tiny Leads! Their 19th Century Samurai in 75mm scale.

Right off the bat, we can see that this is a quality product. I mean.. high class here. Proper shoebox styled box, but of high grade material.

Right away we see some nice extras tossed into the box here. And custom form fitting foam inserted to the box. The business card sized art cards are a great touch. And the sheet giving a nice history lesson on the model itself. And a small button that has been added to my painting smock along with the rest of the pins collected in the past.

So extras aside, then we get into the actual models themselves. And this is where the real great aspect of the piece comes together.

Right away we can see the main components are safely sandwiched between the 2 bigger pieces of foam. What surprised me were the temple stones. I hadn't really checked what was going to be included with the model.. and so the scenery bits are an added bonus to me :)

The bigger pieces are sitting at the bottom of the box.

Honestly all the pieces are top shelf casts as well. And the join sections with their peg/slot aspects make putting it together very easily. Even as just a test fit really.

Spread out these are nicely showing the size of different aspects. But assembled.....

Have to say.. once together ( and I even found a good socket to fit the massive base! ) it is surprising at how large it really is! I look forward to painting it up, and maybe even getting around to it sooner than later! The scenery really makes the piece comes together, and very happy to see it included in the set.

Seems there are some copies left out of the limited 150 cast set. Check out Tiny Leads' page for more details!
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