Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Undead Shamblers - Almost finished?

Well I have come to the point where I need to call this beauty finished. At least for now.

My energy levels are already quite depleted and so putting effort into a piece that I might just be making worse is not a good thing to be doing.

It has been a great project to work on, and I know there are areas that I need to update, and will in time, but for now it is finished. And I call it a day.

It was a good project to get myself back into painting something more than just table top, and allows me to now get back to long overdue projects that I have wanted to get done, or have started but never finished.

It will come with me to Denmark in June to get some additional feedback while at Roman's workshop. And depending on time I might be able to do minor adjustments to it.

At the moment though he is finished, and I now ponder if I should keep the socket in wood, or paint it black. I am of 2 minds of it at the moment as both have their merits.

Enjoy and now I am off to find another mini project to get me back to understanding how paint flows once more before I start in on the larger pieces!

Friday, May 12, 2017

Undead Shamblers.. the paint WIP

Although it is coming together well.. we are still very much in the WIP phase of the project here.

But I am beginning to see how the piece will all fit together and see how the various colors are working in harmony in many areas.

Let me take a few steps back from the above photo though to show the progress overall however..

Last photo of the build for the base was seeing us with this. A multi-level base set for multiple models to sit on top of it.

With a bit of quick wet blending we see ourselves to this point. Where I now know that the brickwork is going to be an earthy brown/orange scheme, and the wood is going to be an aged white/blue scheme. A bit of color contrast in play here.. and some decent colors put together that I will then place throughout the models as well.

Same colors as the base, just taken up a bit further with the cream tones to make him stand out a bit further.

With him placed in front of the base we can see that there is continuity but also contrast between them. Dunno if this was the result of years of classes with the masters of figure painting.. or I just lucked out with my color choices this time around. Either way, they are shaping up nicely!

Moving onto the rest I still enjoy how it is all going together.. though later on I realise I should have switched the colors of the great sword and the crossbow guys. As the blue guy in front of the blue door and the orange guy in front of the orange wall don't work out as nicely... but the front man still stands out nicely and pulls focus so that is a nice thing at least!

After some playing around with the details further I got to intensify the brickwork on the wall in particularly to bring out some more light on the piece. The zombies also got a bit more work done on them before we began to add some foliage onto the castle wall/ruins there.

I don't have as many photos as I wish at this point as I was getting very much into the piece here. But I might have jumped the gun a bit also by putting them to the base already. Was a bit quick, but now I can see how they all fit to the piece however and how I need to tie them in more.

Such as with all the greenry on the base, I need to now work in that green color to the zombies themselves to tie them better into the scene. Also to add a bit more variation to the shadows as well with potentially some blues or violets/purples.

But now the hard part of the piece and one that I begin to falter at usually.. the details and finishing of the piece. To spend the time and effort ( and patience ) on it to get all the tiny details to really pop out better now on it.

From the base stonework, to the foliage, to the zombies, to the rust, to the door, to the small little insects that might get put onto the base even still. I suspect that the zombies are going to get pulled from the base to get some touch ups once I have an idea on how to proceed.. but for now it rests as is.

Hopefully the weekend brings some time for me to expand upon it further!

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Undead Shamblers... Imbrian Arts - Base Building...

So I got the chance to paint up the Shamblers ( my wording ) from Imbrian Arts by Jody Siegal. A bit of pre-release for his kickstarter that has just completed (successfully I might add!).

Although I have his range as it is now ( aside from the Bat Demon ) I decided to do a small diorama with his zombie trio here as they are so detailed and nice to play with. Plus they immediately screamed out for a group photo type setting..

So with that in mind, I got to work on building up a base for them in some sort of castle like setting.

Of course this comes down to having the right socket to fit them all with. This one coming from Pete's Bases in UK. A nice round base to give an interesting shape to the models.

Thing for this project however was to make some brick walls. I was given a few ideas on how to achieve it, but I decided to go back to some casting of Plaster of Paris. Taking some blisters I got to work out some blocks of plaster to be used later on.

The hardest one to make was the round one. This was made by hot glue gunning a plastic cup cut to shape to the socket. Then the plaster was poured straight into the socket. Thankfully it didn't stick to either the wood nor the plastic of the cup. In the end I got a nice cast of a circle that I could use for the base of the .. well.. base... :D

Some mock ups of the base with the models lining up to where I was hoping for them to be placed on the base when it was put together.

A central column was the beginning idea, and then having stairs to one side, and no idea as yet to the right hand side. But I knew that I wanted to have some levels within the piece to give it some variety overall.

After some work I got the idea to do a platform on the right. And the stairs were to go up to a door. As you can see I started to carve straight into the plaster to create the stone texture. The walls are superglued to the base, but I did add pins for connection points. Both to the base and to each other just in case.

I would constantly put the models up against the base to check placement. And also for scale of the base vs the models.

Stone work began on the central pillar which is now turned into some sort of wall. A wooden door tossed in, and some wooden flooring as well for the platform. Then of course a ton of rubble throughout the base. The wooden beam sticking out.. no idea but thought maybe at some point there was a larger frame for the platform?

This time I began to put the models up a bit to show off their heights compared to the base as well. Helped me to understand if I had messed it up yet or not! :D Seems things were ok thus far though.. aside from the door. A good comment I received on Facebook about this was that the door looked too new in comparison to the rest of the base. So it was torn off, and replaced with a more shabby door!

Which was fun to make as it allowed me to pull out my old but never used Balsa wood cutter... yes.. these exist.. and honestly it was really cool to use. I can see it getting more use in the future if I wanted to make something more symmetrical ( or just want clean cuts on the balsa wood ).

End result came out ok.. the back side has nothing on it, and I will keep it empty and painted black. Trying to focus it from the front if possible.

Next post will be about the painting, but hopefully you enjoyed this base building aspect however :D
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