Thursday, October 8, 2015

The long road to SMC...

Am off to yet another convention.. and driving there as well!

Where to this time... why... Eindhoven, Netherlands! Home of the Scale Model Challenge show! Same as I went to last year, but this time not with a plane!

And driving? Why.. yes I am! But not straight cut to the show, no, that would be too easy. We will head to Frankfurt first to pick up good buddy Denny Crane first, before circling back to Eindhoven. But again, the path is not straight, as we think of doing a detour to Spiel at Essen on the Friday first!

Am I crazy? Will this be an epic-ally long drive, fraught with danger and tears? Possibly.. but then again how often do you get the chance to drive across Europe? Not many I tell you! So let's do this thing, and get it over with! And see what kind of adventures we can get into along the way!

So don't expect too much from me here for now.. but if you follow my facebook page you might get to see my ramblings as I stop off at random places for food, drink and fuel. Or just be seeing photos of me sitting on the side of the road crying as I try to explain to someone how lost I am in their country but don't speak their language! Either way.. should be good :)

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Review Tuesday: La Licorne

Welcome back to another Tuesday review.. the shows have been kind with many offers on, and this was just such an offer that I picked up at Euro Militaire.

First off I have to say that I am not a huge fan of French. Not to be confused with France.. just French in general. I mostly blame this to my French teacher back in Elementary all those years ago that made us repeat ad nausium the phrases until we could say them even if we did not understand them.

To this day I still can only say the basics like hello, good bye, and my name is... but with a heavy Quebecois accent.. so that doesn't help if I ever was to go to France ( which I do plan at some point as my wife is in love with French and all things associated to it.. go figure... )

Anyways... this is not a deep down work on why I like or dislike French, but more about the model, that just so happens to be from an apparently famous french comic!

Right away I have to say that the packaging is wonderful. Seriously.. what is with these companies coming up with amazing ways to package their products, and not sharing the secrets! Seriously this one even had the lid magnetically close! I will need to do an article on packaging at some point and post that up here!

Anyways.. onwards to the model and contents!

As you can see.. the figure is of medieval backing.. very Shakespearean origin.. including a spinal cord/skull mace like weapon! :D Pretty awesome!

Cast on it is pretty smooth, and the big slab of resin at the bottom should be easy enough to remove from the feet. The rest looks decent with the vent pours done in easy to hide or fix locations as well.

Quite the face on this character as well!

Oh and another art card ( am starting to begin a collection just of those! ) and a sticker ( gotta love stickers! ) which has already been placed on the almighty  miniatures transport box!

I was contemplating to try to find the comic that it relates to but that would probably require me to understand French, and well that can be referred back to the monologue at the beginning of the article. BUT I can see this guy going toe to toe with hell's greatest heroes in a bid to save his soul or that of a twisted loved one.. Maybe even a bit bright to reflect the period of his clothing?

In any case.. I have a few ideas for it. So it could be a fun little project to tackle!

Monday, October 5, 2015

U.K.G.K. Show review!

Another weekend.. another show! And another week to recover from the show before I post up about it!

Have to say that this driving up and down the island is starting to wear thin on me, and it just the start really! I have a mega drive ahead of me soon, but more on that later!

So this was the United Kingdom Garage Kit show.. a show that shows off pieces that sit in the realm of large. I am talking about 1/6, 1/4, 1/2, 1/1, 3/1 scale! Amazingly huge pieces throughout the show, but a good show all the same.

Apparently it is also a tiny show though, as there were not too many attendees, but it seemed that everyone knew everyone at the show! Quite a family like atmosphere here, and it was nice to be able to have decent chats with all the sculptors and painters I have chatted with for the past years over Facebook in person finally!

Some people like Stuart Good came with massive displays! Far too many for what I could see myself to display at home, but he came with his car filled to the brim with all the pieces to display.

Which is considerable compared to my itty bitty table full of pieces that I have worked on or half finished so far leading up tot he show..

I also realize that I need to bring my own cloth and stands to make my displace a bit better. :) That and I should maybe bring some more of my tiny busts to show off. As there were a lot of comments with regards to how they looked, and how cool it was to paint such a scale compared to what most were working on.

Some very interesting pieces throughout the show though, and some great ideas to work on for displays for future. Something to change up myself and how I go about to present my pieces at said shows. Maybe I can improve my set going forward.. let's see.

As far as individual pieces go.. there were quite a few great pieces throughout the show.. below are just a sample..

I did like looking at all the pieces, and having a chat with many of the artists as well. Many great ideas and seeing the Wolverine piece made me weak enough to pick up a copy of my own from Fantasy Realms :) Looking forward to painting up the old school Wolverine now to add to my larger collection :)

My only gripe from the show was the traffic to get both to and from the show as it was quite a distance from me already. Combined with a rocky bed with lumps.. made for a short sleep the Saturday night. Thankfully the people at the show were there to keep the spirits up, and thus I was in good spirits for the majority of the show ( had some downtime in the middle to eat lunch and recharge my internal batteries )..

To top it all off.. we also got to see a master of Monsters do his thing on a Frankenstein mask. Painting up lightning quick with his mad airbrush skills, Daniel Martines Munoz. Was very cool to see how quickly he could get the base of the mask painted up with basic colors, and some tiny effects as well. 

I worked on taking some video of his steps.. but it overheated my camera from how awesome it was. So I had to stop using it fully, and just watch the magic. But watching how he worked it all, I need to look into doing something like this myself. Just for fun and see if I can so such a technique. 

Overall it was a good show, met lots of great people, and looking forward to diving into the new pile of resin that I picked up while there! Until the next one :) 
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