Friday, December 30, 2011

Year End Reflection..

Ok so another year has past, and time to take stock of what I have done this year so far.

It has been a fairly successful year as far as painting goes. Not for my own models, but for friends I have painted quite a bit.

A few things that has been done so far this year include:
5000 points of Empire troops
Some Orc Heroes, warmachines, and a large unit of Orcs
40 Pink Horrors
Lizardmen Slann, 3 Stegs, misc other Lizardmen units
Sorcery of Tower Terrain ( never again!!! )
5000 points of Eldar
2500 points of Dark Elfs

For myself, I have painted up some infinity models at the beginning of the year, but haven't touched anything else of mine all year long.

With all that said, it showed that I do have time, energy and the ability to paint large swaths of models if/when motivated. And people asking where their models are is good motivation.

Although I was unable to play many games throughout the year itself, I did manage to attend 2 gaming conventions, and a few tournaments. Did not do very well overall, but still attended a few.

What is up for the new year? Hopefully more painting of my own models, more commissions are likely, but never guaranteed, and potentially some life altering news. But for that last one, we will just have to wait for the new year to see how it comes out and which direction that news takes.

So let's see how it goes, and hope everyone else has a great holiday season. May next year bring lots of new miniatures, great rules for your favorite games, and time to play all the games you can ( or wife/family allows ).


Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Chaos Dwarfs: A friends interpretation of them

With the release of the new Forgeworld book containing the Chaos Dwarf army list, it is not surprising to see so many CD armies popping up now.

This is another one, that my mate from Izmir has stated up. We have talked, chatted, and investigated what would be the easiest avenue for him to build, paint and ultimately play CDs. Normally a Dwarf player anyways, so it is not a complete stretch for him to branch out into Chaos Dwarfs as his second army.

So for this to look vastly different from his normal Dwarf army, we looked and picked up the Mantic Abyssal Dwarfs. At first glance they remind me of really old Games Workshop dwarfs. Where pieces were slapped on to make them chaosy. And to a lesser extent that is what Mantic has done.

The basic form of the Abyssals are that of their Dwarf range. From here, they have metal pieces that can be added or replaced to make them more in line to a Chaos like appearance. At first glance of the parts, we were both a bit confused, and worried. The parts did not seem to fit very well, seemed odd, and we were not impressed that they were just add ons to existing models.

That being said, the assembly of the models was not as hard as we had thought, though still time intensive, and the final results were quite good. More so with the paint scheme we came up with for them.

With the mentality of making them get painted quickly, I did a bit of research online for a bronze like color that could be painted quickly. Fortunately, the internet is a vast collection of people putting our their opinions, and we ended up with what turned out to be the answer to our painting prayers. Though, the recipe was followed, my friends interpretation of some of the conditions were a bit off, but only added to the result in a positive way.

The recipe was simple, and consisted of few colors.

  • Armor: Basecoat prime of Silver ( local spray can variety ), Heavy wash of GW Sepia, Heavy wash of GW Ogryn Flesh, finished!
  • Cloth: GW Merchite Red, GW Badab Black wash, GW Blood Red hightlight
  • Skin: GW Tallarn Skin, GW Ogryn Flesh wash, GW Dwarf Flesh highlight
  • Weapons: Silver primer, GW Badab Black wash, GW Silver highlight. 
Now when the above stated heavy wash, this was shown in the photos to be that you put several layers on the model, and let them dry in between. Darkening the armor, but not completely overshadowing the color scheme altogether. Unfortunately I cannot find the original post that showed the recipe, and their examples, but I can assure it, it looked nothing like what my mate did. This is one of the downsides of trying to explain something over a long distance via Gtalk. 

That being said, his method of "Heavy" wash worked in the end, and gave a really great and unique look to the models. Instead of doing it in layers, he did all but dump the model into the GW Wash pots, and let them dry overnight, before doing the second dip of washes. Once dried, it gave the originally very bright silver, and after 2 levels ( can't call them layers with his technique ) the end color is a very bright bronze color, without actually using bronze paint. I have to say again, that everyone we have shown within our gaming groups are quite impressed with the end results. More so since it is taking so little time to get them all finished up. 

On top of that, he even made his own lava bases! The young padawan is growing up so quickly here.. They were created simply by cutting up balsa wood into strips and pieces, gluing them to the bases, and painting grey, and painting up the lava directly. We have since looked at tying in the layers of the lava better with GW Ogryn Flesh wash, but will see what it looks like after a few more "Light" applications of it.. but initial tests look good so far. 

So far he has 9 of them finished for the armor, but not all the rest of the pieces done. So they are looking a bit monotone, but still.. a scary sight of bronze made real when standing on the table.

So what does everyone think of them? Any comments on the scheme? Would love to hear in the comments!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Dark Elf Assassin

Lately I seem to be on a roll for characters, and thankfully the character models that were part of this Dark Elf commission army are just that.. full of character..

This latest one is to be an Assassin for his army ( I suppose ).. and it is a conversion based off of the Mercenary Eiryss, Mage Hunter of LOS from the Warmachine range. Just the arms were not used, and Corsair arms were put in its place.

Originally the model looked like this:

Converted version of the model came out like:

Color scheme was close to the last character in that the cloak was done with layers of grey over a black primer base, but then heavily washed with GW Badab Black Wash.

What I aimed for this model was to really tie it into the main force once more, but to still keep it a bit darker. The chainmail was painted as such, inside cloak was painted purple, as was the tunic, though not to the same purple/pink level as previous models. Leather aspects were just VGC Beastly Brown, and washed with Devlan Mud.

Overall I had fun painting this model. Took a little over 1.5 hrs to complete, mostly due to some of the heavier washes taking time to dry. Best part to me on the model was the face. It has so much details and just took to paint so well and easy unlike some other models I have done recently.

More characters forthcoming, but also the Crossbow Elf units will also be painted up very soon. 

Friday, December 23, 2011

Fantasy Battle Rep: Night Goblins vs Chaos Dwarfs

During the visit from my regular gaming colleague, we got in a quick 1500 point game of Fantasy to test out the list of Chaos Dwarfs recently released by Forgeworld.

I have to state clearly in the beginning that this was a test game. Neither of us have a full Chaos Dwarf army finished up yet, and I lack any fantasy terrain, but we were too eager to test out the rules that we made due with what we had, didn't have, and what could be used as a very very very VERY poor substitute for some items missing.

You can see the look of our substitutions in the board layout here:

Yes those are 4 2x2 foot boards without sand/flock or anything on them, the bottle of wash was a Bane Stone, the Ork Dreadnought an Idol of Gork, the 40k Barricades as a ghost fence, a house from our Infinity terrain, the windows package representing a hill ( which I have to say is more useful than the software that resides inside said package ), and the papers. We unfortunately rolled up 10 pieces of terrain for this game, and 4 of them turned out to be forests, and a marsh on top of that. For forests, we just cut up paper into a shape that worked for us, wrote forest on it, and played.


Ok, that part aside, this was going to be an interesting game. I played with my Night Goblins as I have the most experience with them, while my opponent took his turn with the new Chaos Dwarfs since he is normally a Dwarf player ( I know.. such a stretch for him to move out of his comfort zone here, but its still a second army for him so.. ).

Our forces were as such:
Night Goblins
  • Night Goblin Shaman, lvl 2, Dispel Scroll
  • Goblin Big Boss
  • Night Goblin Big Boss BSB
  • 43 Night Goblins with Nets, Spears, Full Command, 3 fanatics
  • 40 Night Goblins with Nets, Spears, Full Command, 3 fanatics
  • 6 Trolls
  • 3 Wolf Chariots
  • Arachnarok Spider
Chaos Dwarfs
  • Priest Hero
  • 2x25 Chaos Dwarfs, Hw/Shield, Full Command
  • 6 Bull Centaurs with Champion
  • 40 Hobgoblin Cutthroats
  • Deathshrieker warmachine
  • 5 Hobgoblin Wolf riders
So with our forces picked, table terrain set up, and armies placed, we got ourselves stuck in. With a mighty toss of the dice, the Night Goblins got first turn and began what they do best.. throw themselves into a nice set of animosity ruins, making both large blocks of NGs sit there instead of moving forward or casting magic.  The Arachnarok spider advanced on the right flank, while the 3 Chariots advanced slightly on the left to counter his Bull Centaurs. Trolls shambled up the front a bit, hopping over the ghost fence waiting for a fresh victim to come out of the forest to charge. And end of the NG turn. 

Chaos Dwarfs moved forward in a slow but steady rate. Wolf riders moving up to spring the Fanatics from one unit, only taking 2 riders from the open exposure, and baiting the larger of the 2 NG units to charge them and overrun into the Earthmere Marsh beyond. The Bull Centaurs marched forward, staying just within Reach of the Bane Stone to receive the +1 to wound, but keeping the chariots from gaining the bonus themselves if/when they hit. The priest of fire, casts off a fireball to the trolls, killing 3 of them outright. And in typical troll fashion, they failed the ld roll. Although using the Goblins ld of 8, and being able to re-roll thanks to the BSB, they still botched the rolls.. something that would become a reoccurring theme throughout the game. The flame cage spell also gets let loose upon the smaller of the 2 NG units, however the Shaman throws out a dispel scroll with a loud *Blat!* noise.. both for saying that the spell is failed, and for having to use the only dispel scroll so soon in the game :S For shooting, the Deathshrieker fires the single bolt at the Arachnarok, rolled a great hit, but failed to wound with a roll of 1. Only upside to that round for the Night Goblins. 

So with so many damage and such in the first round, we moved to the second. I was hoping that my *luck* was over now, and that I could continue on normally here on out. The chariots charge the Bull Centaurs, the Trolls Rally, the NGs pass their Animosity tests, the Arachnarok Spider continues his steady march forward. Both NG units move forward, and the Fanatics clean out the rest of the wolf riders, while only killing 2 NGs in the process. Seems things were looking up for the Night Goblins here. In the Magic phase we even get 11 power dice to cast our Bad Moon spell at large version.. only to roll a 23 when needing a 25 :S.. ending the magic phase prematurely.. Combat for the chariots was also dissappointing with the chariots getting 13 impact hits, but only wounding once, and that being saved by the Bull Centaurs. They then get beat to a pulp for their charge, being completely destroyed, and the Bull Centaurs trying to figure out why they were charged by such inferior contraptions. So ends another miserable round for the Night Goblins as they attempt to understand what is going so wrong for them, or if they pissed off Gork since the Chaos Dwarfs were defending his idol. 

Chaos dwarfs move a bit further up, setting themselves up for the Arachnarok charge to come next turn, with the Cutthroats ready for a flank charge. The second Chaos Dwarf unit sets up for a charge against the smaller of the 2 NG units, and the Bull Centaurs smack straight into their Flank. Losing 2 Bull Centaurs in the charge due to 3 fanatics hitting home. For Magic, the fireball hits the larger of the 2 NG units, but is dispelled by the shaman's rolling. Deathshrieker missle aims for the larger of the NG units, but scatters to miss the unit, and the fanatic sitting beside it. As per the rules, it then moves towards the closest unit with another artillery roll, but overshoots it also causing no damage. *Note: This was very surprising to us, and we realized only after the fact that it is not the template that needs to hit, but the center point on a unit for it to take advantage of the large blast. Against hordes and large blocks, this will be great, but against smaller units this could be difficult.* In combat the Bull Centaurs failed to do much damage, and the challenge showed both the NG and BC champ still standing in the end. In the end, the BCs lost combat due to not inflicting enough wounds, and the NGs having ranks and banner. They then reformed to be facing the BCs so that they could do more attacks next round. Small saving grace for the Night Goblins this turn, but still a better round for the Chaos Dwarfs. 

On to turn 3, whereby the Night Goblin Shaman is now facing off to Bull Centaurs. Not a pretty sight! The larger NG unit passes its animosity once more, and moves forward off the hill. The Arachnarok charges the Chaos Dwarfs, knowing that it will get counter charged by the Hobgoblin Cutthroats next turn. But considering how the game was going, and how the bad luck was, it was more of a desperate act to do something instead of just sitting around. The fanatics also moved around the board harmlessly. Not dying but not running into anything either. The trolls, who can pass a stupidity test, but cannot pass a panic test, moved back to the ghost fence. Although this time a bit leery as they are not sure if it was the fire or the moaning of Christmas past that caused them to run last time. For magic, the Shaman called upon Mork ( since Gork is obviously pissed that his Idol is still in Chaos Dwarf hands ) and asked for him to help cast the bad moon, though in its lesser form. Surprising his prayers were answered!!!! However, Gork must have heard him also, as it barely moved, it was against toughness, and the Chaos Dwarfs passed all their tests. The Bull Centaurs were also not too happy about this either, and smacked the Shaman back so hard he evaporated into mushroom dust. Upon seeing this, the rest of the NGs forgot how to fight, and did no wounds to the Bull Centaurs, and the Champion was ground into a Fungal paste ready for the post Chaos Dwarf victory dinner.   They then preceded to overrun into the flank of the Trolls who, as it happens, were in the way behind the Ghost Fence. The only upside, was the complete devastation that the Arachnarok laid upon the Chaos Dwarf unit. Killing a total of 3 models, although most were from the Forest Goblins as the Arachnarok was tired from its long hike through the woods to reach them. Thankfully he took no damage in return.

With a high of excitement and the taste of victory on their lips, the Chaos Dwarfs took their turn. Charging the Hobgoblin Cutthroats into the flank of the Arachnarok, and again positioning his other Chaos Dwarf unit ready to now go into the trolls since their original target of Night Goblins were now nothing more than a pale green stain upon the otherwise bland battlefield. Magic was of no importance this round, with little to nothing being cast or doing any real effect, and the shooting of the DeathShrieker again had no effect within the game. On wards to close combat where the Chaos Dwarf player picked the Bull Centaur vs Troll match up. Being 4 BCs to 3 Trolls, and hitting from their flank, the BC was looking to get this one over, before he had to deal with the pesky, but unreliable, Arachnarok combat. After a first round of forgetting that the BCs are on 50mm bases, and not 40mms, he rolled off for the Champion and his trusty sidekick. Hitting enough to ground the first Troll into a sludge of scales and bones.. however it seems that was not to be! The Troll was able to regenerate all the wounds, and smack the Bull Centaur Champion back for 2 wounds!!! What was this? The sting of retaliation fresh in the face of the Chaos Dwarfs as stupid Trolls could stand up to the thunderous attacks of the Centaurs!!! The Trolls still losing in the end due to the charge, and flank hit from the Bull Centaurs. The trolls were even able to survive the panic test, however not pass the battle reform test even with a re-roll.. such is the fickle fate of the dice! On the other combat, seeing the stubborness of the Trolls, the Aracknarok let out a mighty roar!!! Laying down his massive attack smack into the Champion, and not even denting the armor.... however the laughter of the Forest Goblins on his back for such a pathetic attack was enough to make his next 7 attacks all hit, and wound the Chaos Dwarfs, taking 5 of them with it. The Forest Goblins on the back of the Arachnarok decided this was a competition and stuck their spears through their distant cousins the Hobgoblins, killing 5 of them. The horror of losing so many from this monster was too much for the Chaos Dwarfs and Hobgoblins, though a lone hero spoke up on behalf of the missing Champion and struck a single wound against the beast. That one wound caused the Spider to squish 2 more Chaos Dwarfs. With so much Chaos Dwarfs dead, the Hobgoblins hightailed it out of the combat, leaving the Stubborn Chaos Dwarfs alone against the monster. The Hobgoblins would pay dearly for this betrayal to their masters later on!

Seeing their brethren run in fear to the ancient beast of the forests, the Night Goblins still alive charged forth into the side of the Chaos Dwarfs to assist the monstrous ally! Fanatics continued their flailing over the table, most deciding there was better prey off the table than on at this point. With everything else dead or otherwise in combat, and magic being forgotten due to the Mushroom cloud still floating in the air from the Bull Centaur fury, we moved straight into Combat. Starting with the Spider and NGs vs Chaos Dwarfs as this seemed to be more likely to be going my way. Although while in the fight, we also discovered that the forest that the Night Goblins charged through was a Blood Forest!!! Something tells us that this would not be a good thing for them later on. However for now, both units were so charged up, that they rained heavy death upon the Chaos Dwarfs reducing them to just 5 models, and taking little to no casualties in return. At such a sight, the Chaos Dwarfs ran off the table, through the Deathshrieker who spat at the cowardly warriors while going back to manning their cannon. Both units then turned in such a fashion to face the last Chaos Dwarf unit poised to tackle the Trolls. The Trolls however were still stuck in with the Bull Centaurs, whose fury was growing in great quantities at the insufferable Trolls for not dying!! Again they lashed out with all their might on the flank of the Trolls, but due to their hearty constitution, the Trolls laughed it off, and returned to do 1 more wounds back to the Bull Centaurs again. Losing yet again, the trolls pull off another great panic save, and this time even remember to turn to face the Centaurs, giving them their full attention for a change. 

The Chaos Dwarfs now are furious that those Trolls are continually sitting there, taking the hits from the Bull Centaurs and having the audacity to regenerate all the wounds being inflicted upon them. The Last unit charges into their now exposed flank to help put an end to this combat. The warmachine turns its attention to the monster in front of it, and the priest looks at the Night Goblins with a perverse grin on his face. Letting loose a mighty fireball upon the Night Goblins, powered up by the power of the Bane Stone, downs 9 of the pesky creatures. Which causes a chain reaction to the Blood Forest which goes into a frenzy of hungry, gobbling up 2 more of the small infectious goblins. However with the mighty Spider nearby, they easily pass their panic test, seeing that the Idol of Gork is freed from the Chaos Dwarf's hold, and gaining their deity's favor once more!!! The Bull Centaurs, now with their warrior reinforcements go to town on the Trolls, laying into them with all the force and ferocity bestowed upon them from their masters hatrad of all things that stand against them. For their troubles they are able to fell but 1 troll!!! In return the Trolls kill a Bull Centaur, and put 1 wound onto another! However at this point they are losing by 4, but still within the sight of their Goblin master. Rolling a perfect 4 to save the Trolls from running, the Chaos Dwarfs scream out in complete agony over what seems to be impenetrable Trolls!! The shaman off the side does a quick check in his arcane lore to see if he can find anything available to kill them before reinforcements arrive.. 

Unfortunately reinforcements are here before the Priest has a chance to even crack open the ancient tome! Fueled by the Trolls performance, the Night Goblins pass their animosity once more, and combined with the Arachnarok, they charge forth into the back of the Chaos Dwarf unit, providing much needed assistance to the Trolls who have stood against the brunt of the Chaos Dwarf forces at this time. Moving again, straight to combat, the Troll stand against the full brute force of the BCs and CDs once more, while the NGs and Spider clear out a rank of the CDs. *Note: It was here that we made a mistake and allowed the BCs and Trolls to do Stomp attacks against each other, with the BCs failing theirs, but the Trolls landing both of theirs and killing off the BCs completely.* With the tide of battle now in the favor to Night Goblins, and losing the combat, the Chaos Dwarfs failed their panic roll, and were subsequently wiped out! It was at this point that the Chaos Dwarfs surrendered and we went through an assessment of the game. 

The MVP for the Night Goblins had to be the Trolls. Although they lost half of their strength at the beginning of the game, their ability to regenerate wounds in close combat was just plain silly on so many levels!!! The cursing from my opponent on this fact was laughable however. The Arachnarok would come in as a close second due to surviving in the face of the sole warmachine, and then surviving 3 separate units in combat also. In all the games it has been played this has never happened, and I did not expect it to do as well as it had done here. 

For the Chaos Dwarfs it is the Priest with lore of Fire. Having dealt most of the wounds to random units, and killing the most models throughout the game with his magic. Even was even able to just stand in the open, knowing that there were no shooting that would be able to target him. 

Things we learned was that if there are Trolls on the table.. kill them with fire!!!! Else watch them regenerate everything in their wake, and keep coming for more. 

The Chaos Warrior troops are good, and hard to kill, but need to be combined with other troops to do any real damage when you take them with hand weapons and shields. Hobgoblins are not enough, and Bull Centaurs can be, but they need to be not against Trolls. Deathshrieker is a good warmachine, but needs to be worked more to see the full potential. It might be too useful in such a small game. Magma cannon would have been better in this game. Dwarfs with Magic though are a great thing to have. Really added a new element to the game, and made them play at all levels of the game for a change. 

Overall a good game though and one that we both learned from. Was very surprising to see the game swing so much and that the Chaos Dwarfs lost in the end as they seemed to have everything going for them. Might have to not take the Arachnarok next time, as it might be too hard to deal with at such low points, but then again.. the Chaos Dwarfs could have taken a K'Daai Destroyer.. so.. to each their own :D

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Napoleon Wars: Russians

A long time ago, I had started up Napoleon Wars in 15-20mm sized models. The group that I game with had a few members with armies already, and were looking for more players. Have to say, that due to the size, the price of the models was very tempting.. and so off I went into the deep end taking one of the larger of the nations under my wing..

I have to say that I haven't done much on them, but using the rules that we use ( Black Powder from Warlords ) I have enough to field about 500 points at the moment.

Although they are in such a small scale, one that I have not done before, they were pretty simple to do up. The models I used for my forces are primarily from HAT, and the detail on them are great. They really hold a lot of character within such a small space, that I was quite surprised actually with some of the end results. Especially the Militia models. Although I did them in a simple color scheme, I think they really came out nice.

For command models I pulled what I thought were some of the more interesting models from the sets, and just painted them in a bit more detail.

I will probably go back over some of these models soon enough as it has been well over 2 yrs since I have touched them last, and I cannot for the life of me remember some of the recipes for them, though it looks to be mostly GW Foundation Greens, Skin, and VGC Cold Grey.

Hopefully my painting schedule will clear up soon enough to allow me to touch them up a bit more, though in the meantime I also have an Austrian army that has been benched for a friend of mine for almost as long. so that might take priority. 

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Infinity Battle Rep: Update from last game

My regular opponent has informed me that I have missed a critical part of the last game we played.

During the 2nd turn, he had gotten his Foxtrot Forward Observer over towards where my guys were sitting. From here, he spotted the models. This allows him to shoot his Uragan Guided missle at them. This nasty weapon, when it lands, lets loose 3 blast templates on top of each other. Since my guys were so crowded, it was a very good shot, and an amazing tactic considering my opponent.. he must have learned it from the Nomads.

However, that being said.. out of the 4 models hit, 2 dodged, 1 saved 3 TIMES!!, and only a Morlock died.

He also didn't get the chance to shoot it again, as the Foxtrot ( again another thing to update ) was gunned down by another Morlock with Chain Rifle.. though I have say Swiss Foxtrot is not as cool sounding as Swiss Chasseur.. but anyway you slice it, the Morlocks have a trophy to take home from the game still..

Ok.. happy now? Are you? ARE YOU??? :)

Monday, December 19, 2011

Infinity: Battle Rep

To start off, my normal opponent flew up to Istanbul for a weekend of gaming, and to kick things off we started with a 200 pt fight in Infinity. Pitting his Ariadnas against my Nomads. Seems to be quite the animosity between these forces as they continue to end up on other sides of each other.

For this weekend, I had put in a bit of work on the terrain. Getting a bit more of the spackle finished on some of the buildings to give it some texture. Will go into details on them at a later date, but I also got them primed grey instead of having theme stark white like previous games.

Our forces were a bit REM heavy this time around, both of us trying out new strategies that revolved around these mechanical death machines.

Quick note, we did find out ( thankfully before the game started ) that REM controllers are required for every faction.. something to think about when bringing out these guys.

So off we went, both pulling out our primary and secondary missions. For me this was Advance and Assessment. For my forces this should have been a good combo. As I was planning on becoming a bit more engaging and aggressive on the table.

My list was the following:

  • 4 Morlocks with Chain Rifles and Smoke Grenades
  • Interventor with Hacking Plus
  • Paramedic Alguacil
  • Alguacil with Combi Rifle
  • 2 Reaktion Zonds with HMGs
  • Tsyklon 
  • Lunokhod
So as previously stated, very REM heavy. The plan was to advance them under the cover of smoke, being shot out from the Morlocks. I had focused them close together on the left flank to move up in a group, and to provide cover, and plenty of AROs where needed. This was also due to my opponent placing 2 Camo markers on the top floor of the central buildings. Making any attempt to move up the middle difficult, and potentially very dangerous. 

With the plan in place, we then started the game, and my brillant plan immediately fell apart.. I just have to say that I despise Veteran Kazaks with X-Visor and AP Rifles.. just in case anyone was wondering. I also do not like it when I forget to ARO with my Morlock to drop smoke, and block the rest of his shooting which in turn could have saved my left flank reaktion zond. Lesson here.. CHECK EVERY MODEL FOR ARO!!! Will write that on my opponents forehead next time so that I can have a constant reminder :)

The Ariadna plan was in full effect however, with his Vet Kazak taking out my left flank, his Para Commando hurting my right flank upon entry, and his Camo's causing me pain in just sitting there. 

Normally in other wargames, this would be a time to say, ok, I quit.. you win.. good game.. lets play another.. however in Infinity, I have seen a single lone model become very dangerous, and still pull of spectacular results. So I pressed on, changing my strategy to be that the Morlocks would now by my oppressive force, and everything else would just pray they don't die. This strategy worked 50%. 

My Interventor, Alguacils and REMs ended up getting slaughtered when the Vet Kazak came out of hiding, and gunned down my forces. Then proceeded to steal their cubes for his Collect mission. 

The Morlocks in return, put a wound on the Vet Kazak, and taking out a Chasseur ( now named Swiss Chasseur ), both with chain rifles. I think they have become the new weapon of choice with a large flamer template, -6 to dodge, and being able to be used as a speculative shot while only having to roll lower than my WIP of 14. 

This did not win me the game however, but I did show that the possibility was at least there to do so. 

The only other interesting thing that had come up was a launching of a repeater from the Tsyklon REM at his Traktor Mul. Needing a full 1 on a d20 to hit without scatter, I managed to roll a 4, which actually turned out to be much better. It landed in the middle of his entire force, allowing me to spot 80% of his army, and still get an attempt to Hack his Mul at the same time. With my high WIP On the Interventor this should have been no problem, however it seems that I have misread the WIP, thinking it was 14, and rolled a 15. Thinking I had failed, we continued on. However while writing this, I see that the stat cards we use ( from a fan made device ) was wrong, and I should have Immbolized his Mul. Thankfully it was not making a huge difference in the game itself, however it is definitely something to look at more closely in the future. 

Still in the end, we had a great game. Learned a bit more about our rules, what works, what can be a surprise and what might swing the game into our favor a bit more later on. Now I need to focus on painting up the terrain more, and finishing up these awesome models as they are just too cool not to put paint to them, and its a shame to play them in pure metal at times. 

Friday, December 16, 2011

Mordheim Aenur Elf: Painted as DE Character

Picking through the characters of this Dark Elf army commission, we came across this fellow.. the Mordheim character Aenur. While chatting it over with my mate, we both decided it is not a great model, and the shape that it was in ( since it was second or third hand by now ) was also not great. So the expectations for it were a bit low..

So I figured it would be a good test model for some speed painting of characters.

No color scheme was discussed, but obviously it needed to fit into the army colors. So my palette I decided was to be very small to play with, and again since I was going to attempt to paint it quickly, I really kept the number of colors down also.

For colors, I wanted to give him a dark cloak, but not flat black, and the inside was to be purple to tie into the main color scheme of the rest of the force. For the black aspect, I went for a new style whereby I just mixed some  VGC Black/VGC Cold Grey together, thinned it out, and layered it sorta thick on the upper areas of the cloak itself. Then touched the edges with VGC White. Once all this was dry, I drowned it in black wash to tie the colors into each other, and darken it back up. Not the best effect, but I think it did the job. Might use straight black paint, thinned down next time though.

The armor, I painted it as if it were leather instead of scale mail. There is enough metal armor in the army, and I though this guy could be more stealthy, and have lighter leather armor as defense. The painting of this was again very simple with a base of VGC Bestial Brown, wash with GW Delvan Mud, and retouched some of the edges with the original brown. Came out better than I thought it would.

Skin was the normal GW Tallarn Flesh, washes with GW Ogryn Flesh, and then slightly highlighted with the Tallarn again.

Overall, I only spent 30 minutes on the guy, same as I would for a basic table top model, but I think the choice of colors, and the limited details on the model really helped to make the painting move fast, and come out well enough. Will see how it goes for applying this onto the shade unit for the cloaks, but will see when we get to them.

Now onto more characters hopefully..

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Surprise gift to me!

With Christmas and my Birthday occurring this month, it is always a time when I can splurge a bit on myself on a bigger item to add to my hobby, or make my hobby life easier.

Last year it was resin bases for my DoC army ( that unfortunately have not been used yet due to commissions ), but this year I went for something a bit more high tech and could be used immediately to help out.. wanting to be able to work on the blog, and fix photos on the go, I picked up the new Sony Tablet S 3G. Have to say so far I am quite impressed. And yes, I picked this up prior to both dates, but only cause I got such a great deal on it, that and I have the patience of a 3 yr old for such items. :)

Quick to boot up, and load the web. The keyboard takes a bit of getting used to, but it does give out a typewriter sound when you press the keys ( which can be turned off if/when it gets too annoying ). I have not had the chance to check out the video editing aspect as yet, still looking for the appropriate software to do this, and hopefully not having to pay for it.

I have also uploaded all my painting pdfs, rulebooks, and hobby related readings to it so that when I get stuck somewhere with nothing to do, I can still reference and take notes on topics concerning the hobby. Or just reference those quirky rules while in the midst of a game hopefully in the future.

Only downside so far is that it runs games too well.. which has become a bit of a distraction to the painting and hobby side of things.. hopefully I can tear myself away from slaying Orcs and Goblins in Dungeon Defender long enough to finish up this massive Dark Elf commission before too long. Or at least learn how to manage my time better with it. :)

Monday, December 12, 2011

DE Wyches finished!!!

Ok so the latest unit in the Dark Elf army was a big batch of Wyches.. first off have to say that they are a great set of models to paint up. Lots of character! Lots of skin also, which was a great place to practice painting skin in a lighter tone. Have been told on numerous occasions that my Skins look more like African or severely suntanned skin. Though with this new recipe for skin, I think they look great, and more so when ranked up together.

Method of painting these wyches was simple though. Since they are the older metal models, I lined them up accordingly to their poses. Not many poses to deal with, so I had batches of 3-5 per pose to work with, and then the command models. It was interesting to note though, that while painting them I could see that certain parts ( legs, torsos, weapon arms ) were the same but in different variations. It was like the sculptors had made them multipart, and then mixed and matched them up, before casting them in metal. With that thinking, why couldn't they have just made them into a plastic kit?

Anyways, once in batches, I worked through them in a normal pace.. Skin.. Cloth.. Metals.. Washes.. Hightlights.. Details.. getting faster as I got to the later stages where all the main sections were covered.

Recipes were:

  1. Skin: Basecoat of GW Tallarn Flesh, Wash of GW Ogryn Flesh, Highlight of GW Tallarn, Highlight of GW Tallarn/ VGC Elf Flesh 50/50
  2. Cloth: Basecoat VGC Hexed Lichen, Highlight of VGC Warlord Purple, Highlight of VGC Warlord Purple/VGC Squid Pink 50/50, Wash with VGC Purple Ink
  3. Brass Metal: Basecoat of VGC Brassy Brass, Wash of GW Delven Mud, Highlight of VGC Bright Bronze
  4. Silver Metal: Basecoat of VGC Gunmetal Metal, Wash of GW Badab Black, Highlight of VGC Chainmail Silver
  5. Hair: Basecoat Black, Highlight of Black/VGC Cold Grey 50/50, Wash with GW Badab Black

Overall, for this many models, it surprising took longer than expected, but I was still able to complete them in less than 20 hrs total. Not the fastest, but that is OK since I was hoping to get them done to a good standard to really make them stand out. Especially with all the skin showing on them, I am sure that they will be a sight to be seen when combined with the rest of the units.

Next up for this army will be a couple of Heroes.. I think I have deserved a break from the rank and file models for a bit. 

Friday, December 9, 2011

Ottoman empire.. for Chaos Dwarfs??

Ok.. so as stated in the last post a long time ago ( like um.. 2 yrs ago now? ) I had jumped onto the band wagon for making some Chaos Dwarfs.. but like all massively cool army ideas I had.. it had to be different.. so after some hard thinking I finally came up with making them from the Ottoman Empire.. why the Ottoman Empire? Well first.. why not? Second because I am living in Turkey right now, and there are so many areas of inspiration around me that it was kind of a no brainer.

So off I went scouring the web for models that could be turned into Ottoman Dwarfs.. as the current range of GW models were/are/won't be cutting it anytime soon. Thankfully at this time also a new company called Mantic. Building big armies indeed.. at the time there were deals to pick up many dwarfs together for bigger discounts. No longer available as far as I can see, but still cheaper to buy from Mantic than another well known provider..

But being a greenskin at heart ( I have quite the 40k Ork force from my high school days ) I was more pulled into the Hobgoblin and Slave aspect of the army. Which just so happens to work itself nicely into the Ottoman Empire..

The starting of my army was with a unit of 28 ( missing command ) Hobgoblins with spears and shields..

Of course, now that I have the book I can see that the spears are not an option for Hob Goblins, and so need to count them as hand weapons or look into fixing them.

Each model had their upper bodies sculpted with greenstuff to give them that extra little pouch of gut, a Fez hat, and a waistband scarf. Really had a blast creating these guys, and painting them up. Though they are a bit too much bright green still for my tastes, so I might go back over them later on to darken them up a lot more.

I had also done up a unit of wolf riders to go alongside them..

The Slave unit was a very easy unit to create. As stated before, the Mantic team has the philosophy of building big armies, and I had ordered 100 of their ghouls specifically for slave units.. with a couple of Fez's thrown in, they could easily be mistaken for the guys down at the bazaar just before closing on a Saturday evening..

Now of course this was 2 yrs back, using the ravenous horde rules, and then the Independant Unofficial CD rules brought out. As found out recently, the slave units have been removed altogether. So these will most likely end up as just Hob Goblins with hand weapons, no shields, and/or extra hand weapons.. not sure.. still holds the theme well though, and I have another 25 or so to build up yet..

Never fully started the Dwarf aspect of the army.. strange but true, but hopefully soon I can get at least a test model completed and put up here for all to see..

Till later.. 

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Tamunrkhan; The Throne of Chaos

Ok, so.. when I first started playing WHFB way back in the mid 90s, I had seen this really nicely painted up ( for the 90s ) army of Chaos Dwarfs. When asked about if I could buy some of them, I was informed that they are no longer being sold and are already collector items. This was pre-ebay of course, and so anything that was that OOP, was indeed very difficult to acquire, and thus very expensive ( though probably close to what a box of 10 plastic Skeletons cost today ).

Fast forward to about 2 yrs ago, when the Indy GT Chaos Dwarf Book rumors start kicking around, and the hype for CDs return begins anew. I have to say that I jumped on the bandwagon pretty quickly, and begun to dream up a Chaos Dwarf army of my own. Though mine would be heavily converted and mostly plastic. After a few games however, it was clear that not everyone was happy with a fan made codex, and thus the amount of games I got in were few and fair between, and the drive to finish said Chaos Dwarfs died with it.

Super fast forward to today.. where Forgeworld has gone and done what hobbyist all over wanted.. they made an official GW sanctioned Chaos Dwarf codex. Albeit inside the tome concerning the Chaos Wars and included in the back of said book. But then again, who cares.. we have an official codex now, and a direction to move forward. Plus lots of shiny new models from Forgeworld that I will never be able to afford the shipping let along the cost of the models themselves. But it has given me some inspiration to continue on with my Chaos Dwarfs army once more.

As far as the book goes.. its good.. yeah its also really expensive ( again from Forgeworld ) but considering the quality of the book itself, I think it is worth it. Just in size, it is almost as thick as the 8th edition rulebook, but quite a bit larger in size. Not going to be fitting on the shelf too easily anytime soon. Though when placed on the gaming table alongside the army itself, I am sure it will raise an eyebrow or 2, and also draw in some curious people to understand all the good tidbits available inside.

So.. onto the meat of the book.. and I have to say I am impressed.. although not as many units as I would have liked to have, especially looking at past versions of the codex, it is still good and there are some big nasty surprises available also.

Things I was hoping to see were more of the Greenskins such as the Slaves, Black Orcs, and more Hob Goblin options, especially spears since they seem to be the best option to take in large blocks. Now I know it is strange to asking for greenskins in a Chaos Dwarf book, but considering the fluff and such, the greenskins have their part to help reinforce the slaver relationship and ideology that exists within the Chaos Dwarf realm. Unfortunately, none of those wishes came true, and the list comes out to be the core Dwarf list instead. Not bad, just would have liked a bit more variety.

Not to get too deep into it as I just received it this week and am still going through all the fluff.. things that stick out are.. the Iron Deamon Train.. I keep going back and forth on if this is an effective unit to use, but can see plenty of opportunities for campaign or scenarios built around it. K'Daai's and the 2 different unit types for them.. now to think of how to create such items or where to pull inspiration from..

Core troops being just Chaos Dwarfs and HobGoblins is not so bad, though the options seem weird. Such as no spear option for HobGoblins? And plenty of special rules concerning the CDs themselves and their new weapons. Will take some getting used to in order to remember all the different aspects based on unit size prior to shooting.

Best parts of course comes from the warmachines.. which just have so much character to them, and will make me spend too much time looking into how to make them considering that I will probably want to have multiples of each, so need to make enough to have a full compliment of each type. We also have a TRAIN!!!! Though how effective it is, that is still to be determined.

The fun part now begins, where I work on trying to make some lists that could be playable, and understand what might sync up nicely on the field.

More to come on this topic in the future for sure..

Monday, December 5, 2011

Orc and Goblin Commission

Ok, a loooong while back I had worked on some Orc and Goblin models for a member at our local club. His brief, as always, was to paint them up in the scheme of the boxart. I have to say that this is probably the hardest thing to do, as it is a fine line between customer expectations and quality level being paid for..

First up.. the trolls!!! Have to say that these models although once finished look great.. have so many issues for being put together.. and many spiky bits that caused many cuts and stabs into my fingers also..

The final colors came out a bit more darker green than the artwork, but I think overall they are decent for a tabletop quality. Used a lot of thinned paints to get the transitions between green and brown, and then to do the crevices I just used washes like Delvan or Badab, and applied them semi heavily.

No basing done, as they would be done later to fit the rest of his army.

Other pieces were the Orc Hero boxset. Mounted Hero and on foot BSB. These I had a bit more leeway on painting them as I could do what I felt good with, though the skin came out nice to me, it was a bit dark to the Orc player.

The banner waver guy was moving too fast to take a proper photo of, but hopefully it is clear. To go against the grain with these guys, as stated the skin was darker, cause the darker the skins are the closer they are to black Orcs and we all know how tough black Orcs are right? And the white boar just to give some good contrast to the model.

Bright blue and red were used to make them really stand out from the rest of the models that tend to be of darker colors in his army. Again lots of inks and washes were used on the models as they were just above table top quality.

Last units that I did up, and took photos of, was his Doom diver, and Stone thrower. Both were Table top quality, and were to be done quickly. So base colors, wash, base, call them a day..

Very simple color schemes.. I actually did the doom diver using the airbrush for a lot of it, and then a quick drybrush over top to finish it off.. Stones were based in Grey, and then again drybrushed to hit the edges. I probably spent the most time on the doom divers due to their wings, and trying to make them look like they have volume to them.

Stone thrower was again simple. Airbrush of brown, wash, drybrush, paint the stones, bronze to brass then wash with Delvan for the metals. The crew did get based, but never took a photo of them completed it seems.

Thankfully these guys are done, no more Orcs in the foreseeable future.. or at least of the Fantasy variety..

Till next time..

Friday, December 2, 2011

Infinity Table Terrain Update

Not a huge update, but an update none the less.

Over the weekend I was able to break out the tub of spackle and layer some onto the buildings. Although not clearly visible on the non-primed buildings, it does add some decent weight to the buildings adds a lot to them while playing. They do not easily fall over, and don't feel as "artificial" if that can be said.

The grey primer over it worked nicely as a base. Will follow this up with the airbrush to do some layers of light and darker grey. Then do a big drybrush over the whole building to pick out highlights, before adding some weathering to the bottoms.

Picking out the boarded up windows will be last, again probably with the airbrush, much like the fence pieces from the previous terrain posts.

Hoping to get more of this done up and finished over the next 3 weeks, as we will be having more Infinity games by then.


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