Friday, December 9, 2011

Ottoman empire.. for Chaos Dwarfs??

Ok.. so as stated in the last post a long time ago ( like um.. 2 yrs ago now? ) I had jumped onto the band wagon for making some Chaos Dwarfs.. but like all massively cool army ideas I had.. it had to be different.. so after some hard thinking I finally came up with making them from the Ottoman Empire.. why the Ottoman Empire? Well first.. why not? Second because I am living in Turkey right now, and there are so many areas of inspiration around me that it was kind of a no brainer.

So off I went scouring the web for models that could be turned into Ottoman Dwarfs.. as the current range of GW models were/are/won't be cutting it anytime soon. Thankfully at this time also a new company called Mantic. Building big armies indeed.. at the time there were deals to pick up many dwarfs together for bigger discounts. No longer available as far as I can see, but still cheaper to buy from Mantic than another well known provider..

But being a greenskin at heart ( I have quite the 40k Ork force from my high school days ) I was more pulled into the Hobgoblin and Slave aspect of the army. Which just so happens to work itself nicely into the Ottoman Empire..

The starting of my army was with a unit of 28 ( missing command ) Hobgoblins with spears and shields..

Of course, now that I have the book I can see that the spears are not an option for Hob Goblins, and so need to count them as hand weapons or look into fixing them.

Each model had their upper bodies sculpted with greenstuff to give them that extra little pouch of gut, a Fez hat, and a waistband scarf. Really had a blast creating these guys, and painting them up. Though they are a bit too much bright green still for my tastes, so I might go back over them later on to darken them up a lot more.

I had also done up a unit of wolf riders to go alongside them..

The Slave unit was a very easy unit to create. As stated before, the Mantic team has the philosophy of building big armies, and I had ordered 100 of their ghouls specifically for slave units.. with a couple of Fez's thrown in, they could easily be mistaken for the guys down at the bazaar just before closing on a Saturday evening..

Now of course this was 2 yrs back, using the ravenous horde rules, and then the Independant Unofficial CD rules brought out. As found out recently, the slave units have been removed altogether. So these will most likely end up as just Hob Goblins with hand weapons, no shields, and/or extra hand weapons.. not sure.. still holds the theme well though, and I have another 25 or so to build up yet..

Never fully started the Dwarf aspect of the army.. strange but true, but hopefully soon I can get at least a test model completed and put up here for all to see..

Till later.. 

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