Monday, December 5, 2011

Orc and Goblin Commission

Ok, a loooong while back I had worked on some Orc and Goblin models for a member at our local club. His brief, as always, was to paint them up in the scheme of the boxart. I have to say that this is probably the hardest thing to do, as it is a fine line between customer expectations and quality level being paid for..

First up.. the trolls!!! Have to say that these models although once finished look great.. have so many issues for being put together.. and many spiky bits that caused many cuts and stabs into my fingers also..

The final colors came out a bit more darker green than the artwork, but I think overall they are decent for a tabletop quality. Used a lot of thinned paints to get the transitions between green and brown, and then to do the crevices I just used washes like Delvan or Badab, and applied them semi heavily.

No basing done, as they would be done later to fit the rest of his army.

Other pieces were the Orc Hero boxset. Mounted Hero and on foot BSB. These I had a bit more leeway on painting them as I could do what I felt good with, though the skin came out nice to me, it was a bit dark to the Orc player.

The banner waver guy was moving too fast to take a proper photo of, but hopefully it is clear. To go against the grain with these guys, as stated the skin was darker, cause the darker the skins are the closer they are to black Orcs and we all know how tough black Orcs are right? And the white boar just to give some good contrast to the model.

Bright blue and red were used to make them really stand out from the rest of the models that tend to be of darker colors in his army. Again lots of inks and washes were used on the models as they were just above table top quality.

Last units that I did up, and took photos of, was his Doom diver, and Stone thrower. Both were Table top quality, and were to be done quickly. So base colors, wash, base, call them a day..

Very simple color schemes.. I actually did the doom diver using the airbrush for a lot of it, and then a quick drybrush over top to finish it off.. Stones were based in Grey, and then again drybrushed to hit the edges. I probably spent the most time on the doom divers due to their wings, and trying to make them look like they have volume to them.

Stone thrower was again simple. Airbrush of brown, wash, drybrush, paint the stones, bronze to brass then wash with Delvan for the metals. The crew did get based, but never took a photo of them completed it seems.

Thankfully these guys are done, no more Orcs in the foreseeable future.. or at least of the Fantasy variety..

Till next time..

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