Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Infinity Battle Rep: Update from last game

My regular opponent has informed me that I have missed a critical part of the last game we played.

During the 2nd turn, he had gotten his Foxtrot Forward Observer over towards where my guys were sitting. From here, he spotted the models. This allows him to shoot his Uragan Guided missle at them. This nasty weapon, when it lands, lets loose 3 blast templates on top of each other. Since my guys were so crowded, it was a very good shot, and an amazing tactic considering my opponent.. he must have learned it from the Nomads.

However, that being said.. out of the 4 models hit, 2 dodged, 1 saved 3 TIMES!!, and only a Morlock died.

He also didn't get the chance to shoot it again, as the Foxtrot ( again another thing to update ) was gunned down by another Morlock with Chain Rifle.. though I have say Swiss Foxtrot is not as cool sounding as Swiss Chasseur.. but anyway you slice it, the Morlocks have a trophy to take home from the game still..

Ok.. happy now? Are you? ARE YOU??? :)

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  1. happy with the update mate, but not with the shot. since i had to use up all my orders save one to move the foxtrot to a point where it can successfully mark your guys, i only managed to fire once with the tractor mul. if only i had enough orders to fire more... well, i think you'd have dodged or saved them anyways :)

    at the end of the day, we played this game which will be known as the game in which:

    - the ariadnians were hacked (well, at least tried to be hacked, heh...)
    - the ariadnians fired a guided missile (WOO-HOO...!)

    good article btw mate ;)


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