Friday, December 16, 2011

Mordheim Aenur Elf: Painted as DE Character

Picking through the characters of this Dark Elf army commission, we came across this fellow.. the Mordheim character Aenur. While chatting it over with my mate, we both decided it is not a great model, and the shape that it was in ( since it was second or third hand by now ) was also not great. So the expectations for it were a bit low..

So I figured it would be a good test model for some speed painting of characters.

No color scheme was discussed, but obviously it needed to fit into the army colors. So my palette I decided was to be very small to play with, and again since I was going to attempt to paint it quickly, I really kept the number of colors down also.

For colors, I wanted to give him a dark cloak, but not flat black, and the inside was to be purple to tie into the main color scheme of the rest of the force. For the black aspect, I went for a new style whereby I just mixed some  VGC Black/VGC Cold Grey together, thinned it out, and layered it sorta thick on the upper areas of the cloak itself. Then touched the edges with VGC White. Once all this was dry, I drowned it in black wash to tie the colors into each other, and darken it back up. Not the best effect, but I think it did the job. Might use straight black paint, thinned down next time though.

The armor, I painted it as if it were leather instead of scale mail. There is enough metal armor in the army, and I though this guy could be more stealthy, and have lighter leather armor as defense. The painting of this was again very simple with a base of VGC Bestial Brown, wash with GW Delvan Mud, and retouched some of the edges with the original brown. Came out better than I thought it would.

Skin was the normal GW Tallarn Flesh, washes with GW Ogryn Flesh, and then slightly highlighted with the Tallarn again.

Overall, I only spent 30 minutes on the guy, same as I would for a basic table top model, but I think the choice of colors, and the limited details on the model really helped to make the painting move fast, and come out well enough. Will see how it goes for applying this onto the shade unit for the cloaks, but will see when we get to them.

Now onto more characters hopefully..

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