Monday, December 12, 2011

DE Wyches finished!!!

Ok so the latest unit in the Dark Elf army was a big batch of Wyches.. first off have to say that they are a great set of models to paint up. Lots of character! Lots of skin also, which was a great place to practice painting skin in a lighter tone. Have been told on numerous occasions that my Skins look more like African or severely suntanned skin. Though with this new recipe for skin, I think they look great, and more so when ranked up together.

Method of painting these wyches was simple though. Since they are the older metal models, I lined them up accordingly to their poses. Not many poses to deal with, so I had batches of 3-5 per pose to work with, and then the command models. It was interesting to note though, that while painting them I could see that certain parts ( legs, torsos, weapon arms ) were the same but in different variations. It was like the sculptors had made them multipart, and then mixed and matched them up, before casting them in metal. With that thinking, why couldn't they have just made them into a plastic kit?

Anyways, once in batches, I worked through them in a normal pace.. Skin.. Cloth.. Metals.. Washes.. Hightlights.. Details.. getting faster as I got to the later stages where all the main sections were covered.

Recipes were:

  1. Skin: Basecoat of GW Tallarn Flesh, Wash of GW Ogryn Flesh, Highlight of GW Tallarn, Highlight of GW Tallarn/ VGC Elf Flesh 50/50
  2. Cloth: Basecoat VGC Hexed Lichen, Highlight of VGC Warlord Purple, Highlight of VGC Warlord Purple/VGC Squid Pink 50/50, Wash with VGC Purple Ink
  3. Brass Metal: Basecoat of VGC Brassy Brass, Wash of GW Delven Mud, Highlight of VGC Bright Bronze
  4. Silver Metal: Basecoat of VGC Gunmetal Metal, Wash of GW Badab Black, Highlight of VGC Chainmail Silver
  5. Hair: Basecoat Black, Highlight of Black/VGC Cold Grey 50/50, Wash with GW Badab Black

Overall, for this many models, it surprising took longer than expected, but I was still able to complete them in less than 20 hrs total. Not the fastest, but that is OK since I was hoping to get them done to a good standard to really make them stand out. Especially with all the skin showing on them, I am sure that they will be a sight to be seen when combined with the rest of the units.

Next up for this army will be a couple of Heroes.. I think I have deserved a break from the rank and file models for a bit. 

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