Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Weekend Workshop Weathering Class Review!

Besides the abundance of epic beards and proper glasses, a group of painters gathered in the hallow halls of the Scythe and Teacup in Liverpool to learn some weathering and vehicle painting techniques from John Harrison of The Weekend Workshop fame.

The photo above can show the students all looking on as he demonstrates his talents to us all.

And dat guy taking photos while the others worked hard! Silly guy...

To kick off the workshop we were all given a classic Mini Rally car from Tamiya as our piece to work on for the class. John had already prepped and worked on one prior to the show and it looked like this before more work was put on it..

I have to say from looking at this photo my expectations of the class were quite high... thankfully John delivered on this quite well.

So with model in hand, we began with the first aspects of the paint. For most, and with John's advice, no primer was required! How daft is that! I had to go and do a black primer just cause my brain couldn't handle the thoughts of no primer... not that it would help in some aspects later on!

Quickly after the primer we began to airbrush on the darker of the rust colors. Using John's Life colors rust series as the base colors here.

Oooo looks like a chocolate mini!

This was quickly followed by the brighter rust sections.. again from Life Colors..

Whoa.. kinda cool color transitions happening already.. and some sponging happening with even lighter colors over it as well.

A quick shot of mine with another's mini.. showing off our rust painting skillz!!

It was here that we began to do the coating for the chipping medium. I was thinking, bah, I know how to do this! But John caught myself ( and many others ) trying to speed up the process with a hairdryer... which apparently is a massive NO NO!!!! It drys out and evaporates the crucial aspect of the medium and prevents it from doing its job. I would call BS on this, but when I did hurry it up near the end in some spots I can see the results when I rubbed the paint off all the way back to the model! Oops!

But with this in mind, and the model prepped.. I started to do some chipping on the bonnet ( or Hood as we from North America call it ).

Yes.. I did revert back to my go to color for the model.. blue. It was commented that it is a bit too sci-fi coloring for such a vehicle and time period, but damn if it didn't come out cool ( or be used by another painter in the class! ).

Feeling quite good about the results here.. I began to tackle the body of the car next! I was even adventurous to attempt a 2 color scheme.. blue for the body, and white for the roof!

Slight problem with that...

It seems my masking skills leave much to be desired here. But that is ok.. cause I can fix it! With a racing stripe!

Voila! Still horrible masking job on the edges there, but that is where chipping will come in! Though it seems that although these pictures make it look easy... Andrew's photo of me attempting to do it makes it look not so easy..

And no that is not a paint brush! Doh! But it does help to get the tape to get into those hard to reach areas..

Soon after the main colors were applied, we began to chipping once more!

Having fun here. Also the point to get here right was that we stab the paint with a brush loaded with hot water, and not trying to drag it off as much. When dragging I could put too much pressure and pull paint off to the model itself. With stabbing it, not as much. Oh and that pointed tool from before.. also good, but not from the point! Lesson learned there..

Was a quite interesting aspect to get to this point however and seeing what can be achieved. I will have to give this a go on more pieces, and see if the chipping medium, if left, will work better for the Model Mates rust compounds also. So much potential there at the moment.. but it is all about learning!

The group weighs in on this ( with Peter being the instigator here obviously ), and all agree.. yup, great progress so far, and many ideas for future projects already jumping about!

But we need to get back to work cause we still have to oil the cars up! But first.. gloss varnish to make the oils work easier on the surface! I do remember from a conversation at SMC with Oli that Tamiya X-22 could help here, but honestly I couldn't remember the why or when. Need to discuss that with him more now outside of the workshop.

Progress made with the oils here. Taking some browns, reds, yellows, greens, blues, blacks... and probably other colors we began to apply the colors to the model. Dabbing a bit of the color on the piece, and then taking a dry brush to work it into the piece further. Using White Spirits to remove it when too much was applied or move it around a bit if required. This was a lengthy progress for us, and one that was quite a bit of fun. I even went over the zombie base for Roman with some oils to create some color variations on the bricks!

We did play around with some pigments on the vehicles and how to attach them. I have to practice this more, and also understand what tones they will dry like as I was not liking some of the effects that came from it. It works, but I believe I still have a lot to learn with regards to pigments still :(

One part that I did know how to use it properly though was on the windows! And it came out great there. Really happy with the result there. And with the final photos above you can see what I accomplished in just 2 short days of painting.

Final results from the class also shows that a lot of progress was made on this, and that everyone left the workshop in a very big high on painting vehicles! I do believe a few orders of some will occur in short time here ( maybe even for me! ).

Great work done by all, and now to get back to painting and finish some projects off! Maybe this will even be one of them ;)

Friday, October 24, 2014

Workshop time once more...

Yup.. another workshop to go to from that guy who travels to classes.. You would almost think that I would be getting sick of hearing others speak on how they paint, but honestly I am not!!!! Maybe a little bit with John, but then again he does know what he is talking about at times.

And this is one of those times.. the above piece is his work on creating an older worked in Mini, which will be our test subject for the weekend. And all that we see in this photos are just pieces of the class that we will be attending.

Really looking forward to this class, and seeing how to work with the rusting effects and various other weathering techniques to a higher level. Let's see how it goes.. in the meantime, I need to finish up at work here, meet up with Andrew, one of the other class participants, and head up to Liverpool! Should be an interesting weekend, as always. And am curious to see what results everyone gets to with their pieces in the class!

Until next week... enjoy!!!!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

SMC Review!!!

Huge. Not quite Salute huge, but definitely the largest space I have seen for a convention to date! Which admittedly is not much since I have only gone to conventions starting this year. But still it was pretty massive here.

With the entire hall taken up by multiple different aspects of the hobby. A section for clubs to set up and show off their pieces while talking with passer byers ( thanks to everyone who gave time to chat! ). A huge section for the traders to sell their goods. Some decent deals could be seen there, but since SMC is more about vehicles ( originally ) the traders followed suit there. So if you wanted to get a tank, you could. If you wanted the accessories for said tank, you could. If you wanted to make a completely custom built tank that was authentic to the nitty gritty aspects of it, you could but it would also cost you a small fortune! But it would be epic ;)

In the center of the event was a massive diorama of Clervaux ( Luxembourg ) castle. And I only know this information as I say this description on Corvus's blog as it seems he had a better discussion with the owner of it than I did. And apparently this was also the last show it would go to before going to a museum. Now that is quite the honor! Should have tried to find time to chat with the owner more on this...

Massive Voodoo was there in force during the show. With a huge booth sitting almost square in the middle of everything! Quite impressive.. even if this guy was always hanging around..

Cool kid he be though.. so we will let it slide!

There were also things like remote control cars being shown off, race tracks for testing out your vehicles, a smaller race track for younger participants, and a painting section for kids.

Of course then there was the competition. The main reason most go there for.. as it gives them a chance to show off their latest pieces, get some comments on how to improve it for the future, and also to see what else others have created alongside it all.

It was a huge event, and although many said that there was not as many pieces here as there was in Euro, it was laid out in a much larger area, and I think there were more vehicles here by a long way. Whereas at Euro there were more figures.

Unfortunately, I did not get in as many shots of the pieces as I would have liked. I kept getting asked to take my satchel off and to hold it instead of wearing it below my waist for fear of hitting models. Even though many were around me with packs on or loose camera bags swinging around without any issues.

So with that I was unable to take as many photos as I kept having to deal with it, finding space to take photos, being allowed in the model section when they were not judging it, and my aggravation to the whole ordeal there. Guess going to the gym in the morning before the show upped my adrenaline and made me have less patience :) Oh well.. below are a few of my favorites from the show though that really stood out to me..

Some really nice inspirational pieces here that really makes me want to go away and paint some tanks! Or in the case of coming home.. a small diorama!

Oh and there was quite the ceremony to go along with it all! One that I have to say is probably the best run ceremony to be run that I have seen so far. There were a ton of prizes and gifts to be given out, and yet they went on with minimal problems ( the odd slide mixup did occur though! ).

Heck, I was even called up a few times for some of my pieces..

I think there was a bit of confusion on the Historical pieces though as for some reason my name came up twice. Maybe the guys giving out the awards really liked to spell my last name and just wanted to put it up there!

Was lucky to see that I got something for some of my pieces, but was a bit taken a back for some of the awards. To get a bronze for both the Crusader and the Ronin was very uplifting especially after all the extra work I put into the Ronin before the show. Having my Robot Fisherman being my best piece out of my Fantasy display was also a great thing to be told. Means to me that my latest piece ( the fisherbot ) has all my latest improvements in painting in it, and shows my improvement. But the biggest surprise was that my basing diorama from Roman's class in August got Silver in the open division for Fantasy dioramas! Super chuffed about that there and really took me by surprise..

The only criticism I can give to this aspect of the convention, and this is comparing it to Euro, is that due to it being a day, and having such tight deadlines, it was impossible to find out the judges and get their feedback on your pieces. Would have loved to talk to them a bit more, and understand what they thought of my pieces, and where I could have done a bit better on them. What was lacking in it to make it that much better, and how to improve on it. Feedback from Euro was invaluable to me, to help me see a piece in a different way, and help push myself to new heights on painting.

But considering that even during the award ceremony there were many who were packing up their pieces and getting ready to leave I thought that was a bit rude. Would have been nice to have had everyone there cheering on others, usually their friends, as they went up. Though I think there was one group of gents who had dipped into their beer stash a bit early in the day that carried it for everyone!

In the end though the best part of the event for me was seeing everyone that I have met in this hobby over the years. Quite a list that I tried to do up on Facebook already, and know I missed people there.. and I really wish I was able to capture more on camera this time.. but a couple of shots are below..

So people like the Massive Voodoo Crew ( Roman, Raffa, Sanne, Bene, Phil, Oli ), the DiVincis crew ( Vlado, Manu, Phil ), people I have only ever talked to online ( Gerrie, R FX Smith, Daniel ), class mates from various classes ( Uli, Maggie, Maties, Martin, Jens ), and the Painting Buddha crew ( Micha, Ben, Mati ). Meeting the UK boys who drove the entire way, Mark and his buddies of the brush. And of course my good friends whom I spent a good portion of the day with wandering around going ooooo and aaahhhhh with.. Fabian and Mel! Such a pleasure to see them both once more! And then the organizers Robert and his wonderful better half, Margot whom I had a great chat with at the Euro prior to this event.

Quite the event here.. and one I don't think I will forget for a while at least. One that I will be aiming to go to again next year where there is rumors it will be a 2 day event.. and heck I might even drive out there myself instead of taking the plane! Be a bit more mobile while there!!!

Now to get back at it, and look to the next, and final show of this year, Monte San Savino!!!! Wondering if I can get another piece painted before then :D
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