Friday, October 24, 2014

Workshop time once more...

Yup.. another workshop to go to from that guy who travels to classes.. You would almost think that I would be getting sick of hearing others speak on how they paint, but honestly I am not!!!! Maybe a little bit with John, but then again he does know what he is talking about at times.

And this is one of those times.. the above piece is his work on creating an older worked in Mini, which will be our test subject for the weekend. And all that we see in this photos are just pieces of the class that we will be attending.

Really looking forward to this class, and seeing how to work with the rusting effects and various other weathering techniques to a higher level. Let's see how it goes.. in the meantime, I need to finish up at work here, meet up with Andrew, one of the other class participants, and head up to Liverpool! Should be an interesting weekend, as always. And am curious to see what results everyone gets to with their pieces in the class!

Until next week... enjoy!!!!


  1. That is certainly something to aspire to, amazing detailing - hope it goes well.

    1. Class was really good. Review is coming up shortly!

  2. Please do share the weathering techniques. I love weathering so much!

    1. I have a few of the secrets in the review today.. but expect a more in depth tutorial maybe in the future!


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