Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Another night of prep for SMC...

On the second night towards the SMC competition and show I worked more on the Alien to tidy up the metal and rust sections.

This time tackling it with the Modelmates rust pigments, and then some ink/washes to tone it down. This was mostly to tackle the over use of the blue before, and to remove the visible brushstrokes that plagued the main canister. Thanks to Scott for pointing them out with fresh eyes.

I also worked on the leather sections a bit more to brighten it up closer to the nose bridge. Not a ton, and probably more could be done, but the subtle changes are there!

As for the Ronin.. well he was all about the textures and different levels of shine available. So his sheath received some blue highlights, and a satin shine. A couple levels as well to give it something more.

The metals all received some Scale75 White Alchemy metallics applied to make them shinier. And then hit with satin varnish as well to make it really pop out. This was one of the comments Rob brought up at Euro to represent the fact that this would be one thing that the Ronin would keep well made throughout his lifecycle cause that is his bread and butter. So to speak of course.. But the combination really make them more flashy on the model, and can be something that might draw the eye to it as well.. not sure if that is really the best thing, but it can also help to show the story of the model a bit more.. maybe.. possibly?

I also tried to slick his hair a bit with satin varnish.. am not 100% sold on it.. but I think it works.. for now..

Touched up some of the skin sections to make parts of them have a bit more life in them by adding some Sunny Skintone to the mix. I think it make a big difference, but only cause I have been staring at it for so long.

I tried to add some variations to the face as well with some reds and greens, but not sure it is fully visible, though I did apply this to the jacket section and the change is subtle, but there. I liked playing with the jacket a bit more, and working on some more spot highlights that allowed me to really pull some focus back onto it, but not overwhelmingly? I hope? Maybe I am just being a painting snob by saying that, or am just too invested in the piece... either way.. I like the small changes on it much more now!

And lastly, I tackled the base a bit further, but very slight. Mostly just making the front rock to have some spot highlights as well. Not fully sure on it, as with everything, but again it has a bit more on it than it had before.. so let's see how it does at SMC and what kind of comments I can receive on it now.

So that was night 2.. tonight is all about the WW2 gaming, and if I have the chance then I will do a bit of work on the crusader next.. and mostly for him it will be the hand, beads, and the cloak. Let's see how that goes..


  1. Having the confidence to go back and work on a model that was already finished is amazing to me. I am terrified of revisiting a model. I'm always frightened I'll just mess it up!

    1. I have to agree with you, but lately with all the feedback it is very hard for me not to go back on a few pieces. And I have a bit more confidence in myself to give it a shot anyways.. worst case I just do more painting on it than I anticipated! :D


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