Thursday, February 28, 2013

Project Dark Angels: Nephilim Fighter Weathered up!

Zoom zoom.. pew pew... Ok so that is about as much as I got out of my Nephilim fighter in the last battle ( and it's first battle ) that it went to... and to think I have a second one that I need to finish up and use in a game in the future.

Had a lot of fun painting this, and trying out new things. Such as weathering mostly. Taking a look over at the Tale of Painters group and how ThirdEyeNuke painted up his plane, I gave some of what he did a try. Can't say that it came out as good, but I like the results so far. 

First off.. I realize that the main gun ( the lascannons or avenger mega bolter ) are missing.. I am working out how to magnetize them.. it is still a WIP there.. but aside from that the plane is finished!

Working with some browns to dirty it up, lots of paint chipping going on, and then some burnt Umber Oil paint to make it look like rust stains on the wings. I am not 100% happy with the results there though..

Though the end results makes it look quite battered and beaten, which was the point of it all. So I guess I succeeded on that point at least.

All these photos are from my opponent over the weekend. He and his DLSR are now making me seriously re-consider a vacation and instead invest in a new camera.. not sure how the little wife would think of that though :)

What do you all think of the weathering on the fighter plane though? Too much? Not enough? Improvements and if so, where?

Oh and a shot of the special character that came with the Dark Vengeance box set.. but in a HiRes photo..

Cheers for now..

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Work in Progress Wednesday - Khorne Berzerkers

Wednesday already??? Well this week I have been focusing on finishing up the Khorne Berzerkers for Project UK.

After posting up the test model, the client came back with the comments that it should be more in line to the original fluff and less of Zhufor's. That and they should be brighter. So they are now brighter! And now with 200% more brass!

Going the more traditional route, I have to say that I am not as much of a fan of the color scheme. But they are not finished so will hold back judgement until then. They still need to have the skulls painted up, and then a black wash ran all over them. This will help with the shading of the red and make them less Blood Angel like, and more covered in blood from angels looking.. I hope!

I still have to do the bases as well, but that will be more fun than work. I am having a lot of fun doing them up these days. Playing with the cork bases, adding gravel, and then painting it in different grey. I might dig through the bitz boxes and see if I can find some pieces to toss on them to represent their dead opponents as well..

As you can see, the full 2 units are represented here, and the original test model is here as well. He is a lot more maroon than the newer paint job, and still has his silver edgings. A good reflection of how much brighter red I made the rest, and how much they contrast overall.

Let's hope I can get them finished by the end of this week! Including their backpacks ( which I need to dig out still and do all the prep with! ).


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Dark Angels vs Dark Angels Battle Report

So on Saturday a buddy of mine came over and we played a Dark Angels vs Dark Angels 1000 pt game. And in true amateur fashion, there were only a handful of fully painted models, and a few stand ins. It was both of our second real match with Dark Angels, and for me it was my second game of 6th edition also! So was a bit interesting to say the least.

As you can see, we have minimal terrain set up. Not sure why, but I think it was a mis-communication, as I just put down the big building, and some hills, and said for my opponent to set up the barricades  But no barricades ever came... they NEVER CAME!!! Oh well, just means more shooting and easier to get into close combat I guess!

Armies were:

  • Seraphicus  
  • 2x10 Marines
    • 1 with Plasma gun, Plasma Cannon
    • 1 with Plasma gun, Plasma Cannon, Plasma Pistol
  • 5 Scouts
    • Bolters, Bolt Pistols, CC Weapon
  • 6 Death Knights
  • Nephilim Fighter
He had:
  • Librarian in Terminator armor
  • 4x5 Marines
    • 2x Plasma Cannon
  • 6 Deathknight Bikers
  • 5 Deathwing Terminators
    • 1 Cyclone Missle Launcher
  • Dreadnought
Basic recaps were that my initial turn, my Deathknights deep strike in front of his bikers and one combat squad. My scouts, and tac units move up, and everything tries to shoot. 

I kill 2 bikers from bolters, and 1 Marine. 

His turn, we deep strikes in his terminators near my back line, and opens fire on my tac squad, killing 3. The bikers with their plasma talons take out 4 of the Deathknights. Too many plasma shots at me, and not enough 3+s to save versus them. 

He moves his units around to get into better position. 

My Nephilim fighter comes zooming in on Turn 2 and kills 2 more marines ( not doing so well so far ) while my tac squads open fire on his bikers and terminators. The bikers take no wounds from shooting, but the terminators are laid to waste from a well placed plasma cannon shot leaving only the Librarian behind. We then charge into combat against the bikers just because we can. 

Deathwing knights fluff all their attacks against the marines. Not very happy with that more so since the Knight master has an ap3 weapon, and 4 attacks!

The other combat sees a marine from my side fall, and the bikers holding. 

His return moves sees his guys jockey for position a bit more and begin to take pot shots at the fighter. All his snap shots fail, but he has Flak Missles! Ack! Thankfully he rolls a 1, and it goes wide. 

Combat sees another marine die to the bikers, but not before we take one of them with us. The deathknights reclaim their honor, and strike down the 2 marines, and consolidate towards the next batch. His Librarian makes a b-line to his deployment zone knowing he is a bit outgunned at the moment. 

This is basically the shot showing where all his marines were.. and the path of destruction that the Deathknights were about to wreck upon him. 

Being freed from their combat, the Knights move to the next unit, and chop them up to leave 1 man. I begin to think they have a plan as so long as they are in combat they can't be shot at. And they were doing great at taking no wounds in combat so.. 

The fighter banks right and hides behind the building to reduce the chances of being hit, and granting him a 3+ cover save vs the flak missles. Combat with the bikers continued, but this time I lose and run. He decided against pursuing though, and looked more at the full unit bearing down on his librarian. 

His shooting proved good though, killing 5 marines, while the rest of his shooting did nothing to anything. I think the sight of the deathknights bearing down on him was too much to handle! As they tore through the last marine, and move once more forward to another combat squad. 2 deathknights vs 3-5 marines.. no contest it seems. Just wonder how well they would have been doing if I still had all 6!

Aside from some more shooting from the bikers, and the plane coming back to shoot up his flak missle unit, not much else happened at this point. The Deathknights just continued to run through unit after unit, until everything was dead. 

The only other highlight was that a plasma cannon shot at the Nephilim deviated left, just far enough to hit his own librarian, killing him in the process! Game was more or less over by turn 4.. 

Things we learned though.. 
  • Dark Angels can field a lot of plasma, and plasma is good against Marines
  • Nephilim fighter was not needed for this fight, but was fun to make zoom zoom and pew pew noises with
  • DeathKnight Terminators.. they kill things nicely.. 6 is a good number indeed. 
  • When deep striking in.. shooting is fine ( thanks to Twin Link shooting first round ) but being bunched up against plasma cannons is not. 
  • Dreadnought was useless this game.. too scared to go up against the DeathKnights due to their Smite rule. 
Was fun overall, and my opponent brought his really nice DSLR camera with him to take photos of the fighter plane. Will post those up another day, but here is a shot of him taking shots of my models.. 

All I can say is that the photos came out great and I really need to invest in a better camera after seeing them!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Sedition Wars Vanguard Test and thoughts..

So over the weekend I did up a test coloring for a Vanguard trooper. It is for my friend's box set as he wanted his to be white like in the original box art.

I followed, though slightly less steps, the steps of Jay from over at Biohazard Painting as he had made a great little tutorial on how to paint them up using GW's new paints.

This is how he sits after some work.. still need to clean it up a bit, and finish off the gun.

I know there is a mold line here, but it was a test model. It might get stripped and redone as it is. 
For my own though, after painting this model is that I will move away from the white coloring. I have never been a fan of painting white ( just because it is so damn hard to paint usually! ), but instead try to copy the armor colors from Halo!

Sorry for the blurry shots.. they were taken from my camera before heading off to work this morning! Will do better ones once the other test models are created.

I think the Vanguard and the Halo character's armor look similar enough. So I will do some more tests on them and see how this goes. I can also see a bit of battle damage being added to the armor as well since they will be fighting off the strain quite a bit in the coming weeks!

Let's see how it goes and stay tuned for the finished photos of the first set of Level 1 Strain models. Just need to touch up a few pieces, and then paint up their bases.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Death from above... more WIP..

Just some quick shots of one of the Nephilim fighters getting closer to completion here.

Metal sections painted, the wing sections touched up, the canopy tidied up, and the red sections touched upon. Many of the small details are done, and it has gone through the religious oil treatment first round. Now to re-varnish it, and dirty it up with chipping, rust, and weathering! Not sure how I will tackle this, but I am hoping it turns out good?

Only comment I can make on it so far is that it is more grey than black for the ravenwing chapter, but honestly, I am OK with that!

Still need to create the magnet section in the front there so that I can swap between the Lascannons and the Avenger Heavy Bolter. Since it is the only change that this vehicle really gets, I figure I can do that amount of updates on it!

Getting a chance to head down to the club this weekend as well for some games. A nice sized Fantasy game with my Daemons vs High Elves. I expect to lose that game unfortunately. And also a Dark Angels vs Dark Angels game.. where I hope to see how well this flyer does in it if we can play with enough points. Will try to remember to take photos and do up some battle reps for next week.

Cheers for now, and enjoy the weekend!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Project UK: Khorne Berzerker Test model

So here is the first model of the next unit to get done for Project UK the Chaos edition..

So Khorne Berzerkers of the Zhufor edition from the Heresy Book. So silver on the leg/arm edgings and bronze on the red of the areas.

I had no idea that some of the helmets were not helmets though! They are part helmet and part facial features.. Forgeworld.. oh how you make things interesting for painting!

I can't wait to see what a full unit of these will look like together.

Oh and before anyone comments.. yes, there is no Backpack yet.. will do them all up at once all the marines are finished.

More photos now..

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Work in Progress Wednesday - Flyers..

So thinking of doing this more regularly.. showing what is on my desk mid-week.. whatever the status of it is..

And since I have been sick since what seems like forever now ( yay for recycled air on airplanes! ) I have had time to dive into 2 Nephelim Fighters that I have picked up over the past couple of months..

So far it is only the airbrush stages that have occurred, but they are gaining traction quickly.

I did not go with the traditional assembly of the models however as they looked too plain. Taking some of the more religious parts of the kits out, I added them to each flyer to make them a bit more unique. I think it works, and also since they belong to me, I am OK with them not being 100% accurate :)

Still lots to do on them like the details, more colors, then weathering, chipping, etc.. will be cool to see them finished as they will be the first vehicles that I have completed for myself in well over 10 yrs! I seem to play more infantry based armies and less vehicle based ones.. who knew?!?

Bases are just cork, torn up, re-glued, and covered in paint and pigments and flock. They were a lot of fun to do up also, even if they do not match the DA infantry bases all that much ( but they do look more cool! ).

One more shot of the flyers with infantry near the base to give a sense of scale.

And you can see tomorrow's article standing at the base! Till then..

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

War Spider Exarch

Been sitting on this model for a long time as well. So as I was trying to tie up loose ends ( and got paid for it and other pieces related to it ) I finished it up over the weekend.

I tried to make it look different than the other one I made well over a year ago now. I think I succeeded here, and again I love how the oil and oil thinner makes it shine.

Still don't like painting white though :(

Monday, February 18, 2013

Project Daemons of Chaos: Herald of Khorne

As soon as I saw this model, I knew that I needed to pick it up.

I have been looking for something that can be used as a Herald of Khorne. This guy fits the bill. OK, not a full deamon, but considering that one of the versions of Heralds that I use is one with the Armor of Khorne and the Firestorm Blade.

He will do great for this role and is quite large in comparison to the others. Now I need to paint up more Bloodletters for him to lead!

Nothing special on the paint job though.. just red armor, and bronze/silver throughout the edgings.

He also benefited from an oil wash in some areas as well. Though I really need to branch out there to try other colors than black.

More photos below..

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Weekend beginnings..

So even though I have been hit with what I can only say as a terrible head cold ( thank you recycled air on airplanes! ) I was able to get a bit of work on some models.. or at least get them started..

First up is getting the base coat of red set up on some Khorne Berzerkers..

2 shades of red shot over a basecoat of black. Will be a good base from which to build upon ( and a test model is forthcoming! ).

Then I also started to prime up some of my Dark Angels.. to which I picked up some more terminators while in UK last week! Why? Good question.. but still.. I have them now..

I have enough now to make 6 Death Knights, and 2x7 Deathwings. I also primed up the scouts I had bought while in Germany last October. Been waiting a bit to get worked on, but meh.. better late than never!

Not quite sure on the final coloring.. but will see. I might do up a test painting soon enough.. I think the outfitting for the models is decent. I can see myself running them in larger units just because. The 6 Deathknight especially since they will fit inside the anti-infantry Land Raiders nicely, and if I take the crusader I can stick Belial and a Chaplain together with them. Instant death to whatever they make contact to, but also a massive points sink! Just how I like to serve them!

Anyways.. as stated.. a few models got finished over this weekend.. will post them up over the week.. and will try to get better tomorrow by staying closer to home while catching up on some calls.

Cheers and enjoy what is left of the weekend!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

7 yr anniversary and the presents that it brings!

So last week we celebrated our 7 yr wedding anniversary ( or at least the one from getting married in Canada that is.. ). So to mark the occasion, I have been working on the above "model". I put those in quotation marks because as you can see from the Strain models in the background.. it is HUGE!!! A very big distraction from the everyday models I work on these days ( and that includes the displays! ).

I was able to pick it up one day a while back when in Kadikoy's art supply district. While there I found this picture frame plaster decoration. I knew from previous trips to here that my wife had thought it looked neat, but of course was not sure if it was something that I would be able to paint these days.

So trying to surprise her, I picked it up while she was not with me, and tried to paint it while she was out. Problem being.. she is hardly out these days! So painting it was very slow.. and so I have gotten it to this point now, and showed it to her prior to me leaving for UK this week. So at least I have given her something prior to taking off for our anniversary!

Most of it was done with Airbrush ( cause I tried with normal brush and it was taking forever! ) and I think it came out nicely overall. Still some more work to get finished on it though. So let's see how it goes for working on it in between other projects now!

Her surprise for me though was equally surprising! She had found tickets to my favorite Turkish band maNga!

Was a private venue show where they did half their set in acoustic and local versions, before going to their trademark fast/rock styling. Only downside was it was on the other side of Istanbul.. on a work night.. I hate driving in the Istanbul traffic.. but it was the only downside overall!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Just a random post today.. due to being in UK this week for work..

I don't just collect miniatures it seems.. I also collect paint.. I wonder if there is an support group for such collection compulsions?

BTW.. I don't think I have enough still :) This is just Vallejo and GW paints mainly.. with a single P3 color thrown in for good measure.

Still need to buy more dropper bottles for the GW colors as it makes life so much easier when trying to mix or pour them onto the wet palette.. though once that happens more space will open up for more paints.. oh the horror of this vicious cycle!

And then there are these.. a selection of Oil colors.. why? Cause I keep seeing a lot of people adding them to their models post Acrylic paint. So figured why not jump onto the band wagon here. Not the best selection I picked up, but it has the basics I believe.

Not much else to say.. enjoy the week!

Monday, February 11, 2013


Yes, you read the title correctly. I have my copies of Sedition wars finally! And yes, I mean copies, as in 2 boxes of the game! Why? Because it just made sense at the time.. don't judge me!

You can see how large the boxes are from the Strain model sitting on the left box. They be HUGE!!!!!

I had received them last week, and it was quite the ordeal. Seems mine got the privilege of being selected to be checked at customs. Even though the cost value was so low on the invoice! Such is the whim of the Turkish govt it seems.

So after dealing with them ( and paying a custom's tax to boot! ) I finally had the games at home ready to be pulled apart.

This is not going to be a review of the box or anything. I haven't had time still to really go through it all, but I did have the chance to check out some of the models, and get a strain painted up! So at least I know the direction that I will head with regards to the painting style of one faction at the moment.

Pretty bugger ain't he? It is a simple lvl 1 strain model. I had a lot of difficulty to figure out exactly how I would paint it up, but I think in the end I managed well enough.

Dead, rotting skin.. check!
Exposed innards.. check!
Torn dirty pants.. check!
Mysterious green mutations.. check!

Perfect then, he is ready to go forth and infect the Vanguard then and get them to join his ranks!

For the base, since it is a bit more sci fi and high tec, I went with a tron kind of look. Simple metallic base coat, with blue neon lines running throughout it. Gives a bit of a contrast to the rest, but I like how it came out especially.

Expect to see a lot of these over the coming weeks. I plan to work on them in between my other projects ( Project UK, Daemons of Chaos, Infinity, Dark Angels, display models, and whatever else passes along my desk! ). I also hope to get in a game at some time with it. What with having 2 boxes worth of material to play with, it should be one epic level game.. if/when I get around to reading the rules that is.

Cheers for now!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Project UK: Mr Strong Cleaved

This guy is a beast of a model! And a lot of fun to paint up to boot!

So much skin, mechanics, and armor on it! Probably the most out of the bunch really, but not surprising considering how large it is ( it is on a 40mm base at the moment! ).

I had a lot of fun working around with the skins on this guy and turning the shades to different tones with glazes. Then again with Oil washes.. need to work on being able to use Oils as a normal process, but so far it is a lot of fun as it is.

Again painted in the Cleaved color scheme for Zzzzzz's chaos wing of his enemies of the imperium project.

Only issues I had with this model was during the construction of it. Where the wires and hands were separate, and needed a lot of "work" to get to sit right. I also used a lot of putty to attach them in the end, and smooth over the connections as well.

I think he turned out nicely, and will be an interesting model to see on the table in the future. No base yet, as I will do all of them at the same time to get consistency. More so now that I know how it should look thanks to Fatty's base from yesterday.

More photos below.. let me know what you think of it!

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