Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Work in Progress Wednesday - Flyers..

So thinking of doing this more regularly.. showing what is on my desk mid-week.. whatever the status of it is..

And since I have been sick since what seems like forever now ( yay for recycled air on airplanes! ) I have had time to dive into 2 Nephelim Fighters that I have picked up over the past couple of months..

So far it is only the airbrush stages that have occurred, but they are gaining traction quickly.

I did not go with the traditional assembly of the models however as they looked too plain. Taking some of the more religious parts of the kits out, I added them to each flyer to make them a bit more unique. I think it works, and also since they belong to me, I am OK with them not being 100% accurate :)

Still lots to do on them like the details, more colors, then weathering, chipping, etc.. will be cool to see them finished as they will be the first vehicles that I have completed for myself in well over 10 yrs! I seem to play more infantry based armies and less vehicle based ones.. who knew?!?

Bases are just cork, torn up, re-glued, and covered in paint and pigments and flock. They were a lot of fun to do up also, even if they do not match the DA infantry bases all that much ( but they do look more cool! ).

One more shot of the flyers with infantry near the base to give a sense of scale.

And you can see tomorrow's article standing at the base! Till then..

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  1. I like the way you did the blue on those cockpit windows. Looks like the sun is hitting it and reflecting the light around it. Nice.


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