Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Scibor Leonardo Bust

And the last model/bust for this Massive Voodoo contest.

Again a different style, but mostly because this was the first Bust I painted up well over a year ago now! I threw this in cause I thought it would be good to show some comparison of where I have come from in my painting over the past year. This was before I knew how to use my airbrush properly, or knew about thinning my paints enough. However what was easier for this model is that it is huge in comparison which you can see in the below shots. So the eyes being as they are, is a lot easier to do when working on a 1/9 scale mode versus a 1/20 scale one like the Pirate ones.

I still really like the skin on this one, and the eyes. I keep it at work as much as I can these days just for inspiration to get through a few things at my day job.

Shot of the back. Again I really like how the cap came out as well, which was easy enough as it was just laid down with the airbrush, and then heavily washes with Devlan Mud wash. Actually I think a lot of this bust was done with just a primary color and then washes with the now older GW washes. Not much thought in it really.

And finally the comparison group shot with the entry tag in it for the contest..

So you can see the comparison shot of how large some of the models are though. As stated the Dwarf bust vs the Pirates are different. And even the 2 Pirates are different sizes.

Overall this was a really fun little side event for me to try out new techniques, new styles, and new colors. I learned a lot from this, and as such have signed up to join ANOTHER painting class in Germany! And who will be hosting/teaching it? None other than the guys in charge of this contest Roman and Raffa from Massive Voodoo!

I am really looking forward to this, and hope to get some first hand feedback on the above models while there. Am sure they have some comments on how I can improve them, and I plan to implement them into future paintings.

Thanks for looking, commenting and providing feedback on what you liked or thought could be improved over the past week. Now back to showing off my other painting works that I am doing in the form of commissions once more. But know that I have more busts and display plinths kicking around the painting cave that are begging for attention! Let's see how they go and what the future holds!


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