Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Dark Angels vs Dark Angels Battle Report

So on Saturday a buddy of mine came over and we played a Dark Angels vs Dark Angels 1000 pt game. And in true amateur fashion, there were only a handful of fully painted models, and a few stand ins. It was both of our second real match with Dark Angels, and for me it was my second game of 6th edition also! So was a bit interesting to say the least.

As you can see, we have minimal terrain set up. Not sure why, but I think it was a mis-communication, as I just put down the big building, and some hills, and said for my opponent to set up the barricades  But no barricades ever came... they NEVER CAME!!! Oh well, just means more shooting and easier to get into close combat I guess!

Armies were:

  • Seraphicus  
  • 2x10 Marines
    • 1 with Plasma gun, Plasma Cannon
    • 1 with Plasma gun, Plasma Cannon, Plasma Pistol
  • 5 Scouts
    • Bolters, Bolt Pistols, CC Weapon
  • 6 Death Knights
  • Nephilim Fighter
He had:
  • Librarian in Terminator armor
  • 4x5 Marines
    • 2x Plasma Cannon
  • 6 Deathknight Bikers
  • 5 Deathwing Terminators
    • 1 Cyclone Missle Launcher
  • Dreadnought
Basic recaps were that my initial turn, my Deathknights deep strike in front of his bikers and one combat squad. My scouts, and tac units move up, and everything tries to shoot. 

I kill 2 bikers from bolters, and 1 Marine. 

His turn, we deep strikes in his terminators near my back line, and opens fire on my tac squad, killing 3. The bikers with their plasma talons take out 4 of the Deathknights. Too many plasma shots at me, and not enough 3+s to save versus them. 

He moves his units around to get into better position. 

My Nephilim fighter comes zooming in on Turn 2 and kills 2 more marines ( not doing so well so far ) while my tac squads open fire on his bikers and terminators. The bikers take no wounds from shooting, but the terminators are laid to waste from a well placed plasma cannon shot leaving only the Librarian behind. We then charge into combat against the bikers just because we can. 

Deathwing knights fluff all their attacks against the marines. Not very happy with that more so since the Knight master has an ap3 weapon, and 4 attacks!

The other combat sees a marine from my side fall, and the bikers holding. 

His return moves sees his guys jockey for position a bit more and begin to take pot shots at the fighter. All his snap shots fail, but he has Flak Missles! Ack! Thankfully he rolls a 1, and it goes wide. 

Combat sees another marine die to the bikers, but not before we take one of them with us. The deathknights reclaim their honor, and strike down the 2 marines, and consolidate towards the next batch. His Librarian makes a b-line to his deployment zone knowing he is a bit outgunned at the moment. 

This is basically the shot showing where all his marines were.. and the path of destruction that the Deathknights were about to wreck upon him. 

Being freed from their combat, the Knights move to the next unit, and chop them up to leave 1 man. I begin to think they have a plan as so long as they are in combat they can't be shot at. And they were doing great at taking no wounds in combat so.. 

The fighter banks right and hides behind the building to reduce the chances of being hit, and granting him a 3+ cover save vs the flak missles. Combat with the bikers continued, but this time I lose and run. He decided against pursuing though, and looked more at the full unit bearing down on his librarian. 

His shooting proved good though, killing 5 marines, while the rest of his shooting did nothing to anything. I think the sight of the deathknights bearing down on him was too much to handle! As they tore through the last marine, and move once more forward to another combat squad. 2 deathknights vs 3-5 marines.. no contest it seems. Just wonder how well they would have been doing if I still had all 6!

Aside from some more shooting from the bikers, and the plane coming back to shoot up his flak missle unit, not much else happened at this point. The Deathknights just continued to run through unit after unit, until everything was dead. 

The only other highlight was that a plasma cannon shot at the Nephilim deviated left, just far enough to hit his own librarian, killing him in the process! Game was more or less over by turn 4.. 

Things we learned though.. 
  • Dark Angels can field a lot of plasma, and plasma is good against Marines
  • Nephilim fighter was not needed for this fight, but was fun to make zoom zoom and pew pew noises with
  • DeathKnight Terminators.. they kill things nicely.. 6 is a good number indeed. 
  • When deep striking in.. shooting is fine ( thanks to Twin Link shooting first round ) but being bunched up against plasma cannons is not. 
  • Dreadnought was useless this game.. too scared to go up against the DeathKnights due to their Smite rule. 
Was fun overall, and my opponent brought his really nice DSLR camera with him to take photos of the fighter plane. Will post those up another day, but here is a shot of him taking shots of my models.. 

All I can say is that the photos came out great and I really need to invest in a better camera after seeing them!

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