Monday, February 4, 2013

Tales of War Pirate Bust - Barracuda

And here is the last model/bust that I did up for Massive Voodoo specifically. Another Pirate Bust.

The reason I say that this was done in a different style was that this took no time at all to paint up. Something like 3 hrs all told actually.

Again skin was purely done with airbrush, but this time I went over it a few times with more washes to give it color variations, and depth. But it did not come as "fake" as the Savage Orc from last Friday.

For the rest, Thomas's technique worked better for me, especially for the bandanna  As this was basically a thinned paint put on in 2 layers only. Then washed slightly with black paint and black wash mixed.

This time however I did use metallic paints for the buckle, and then washed and toned down again with the paint/wash of black.

Again comments came flooding in on this model, and he will also be updated a bit. I think I have to push through my fear of expanding my range a bit more, and looking a bit further at how I can "push the envelope" one some of my display pieces.

For this one, the comments were more on going more extreme with the highlights for the skin. This is where I struggle with, as I constantly think my highlights are enough, but it seems that is just not the case. Also the big belt across his chest is too plain. My favorite comment about this is that it is painted smoothly, but its boring. :) Harsh comment, but one must push through them in order to achieve better, and I appreciate getting such things. More so when it is followed up with why, and how to make it less boring.

So he is also back on the table to get some updates. More research on leather will be read, and more variations to the model will be made. Will see how it goes, but I expect to take it very slowly, with minor changes here and there instead of re-doing a whole section. I would be heartbroken to ruin such a great model!

Aside from the comments though, I do really like how it came out at this time though. I am satisfied with it, but again if I want it to be great, then I need to work more on it.

Another great comment I heard was that getting the piece to 70-80% is the easy part. It is that last 20-30% that will make the model really stand out, and could take just as much time as the original 70-80%! Or longer! Oh the horror! So expect a few posts with pictures of me crying over trying to finish such pieces in the future. I don't think I can claim to be a painter until that happens.. so.. :)

Last one is up tomorrow, along with the group photo that I entered.. it is an older model that again could be updated, but won't be. It is too old for me to touch up I believe, and it reminds me of where I came from in regards of painting.

Cheers and enjoy the Monday!


  1. Hola Amigo
    Un buen busto,a my me gusta mas los metalicos,me agradan mas la vista,sobre la piel me gusta pero yo creo que le faltan sombras,y por el contrario por la parte del pecho le faltan un poco de luz,es lo que comentas que te an dicho que la piel esta bien pero es un poco monotona,eso yo en los mios lo que ago es jugar con sombras muy diluidas y filtros de color,pero ya sabes es una idea,que tu la tienes en mano.
    te sigo a tento
    un saludo

    1. Hey mate,
      Estuvo de acuerdo con usted en que necesita más. Más sombras y la luz en él especialmente. Estos comentarios me dieron de nuevo en él, y él ha vuelto al banquillo pintura! Tratar de pintar por más de juego es un modo de pensar diferente, y realmente tengo que poner los modelos de lado por un tiempo, revisar cómo se ven, y luego abordar con renovado vigor, a hacerlas bien!
      Gracias por los comentarios, y como siempre voy a buscar a su incorporación en futuros trabajos!


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