Friday, February 8, 2013

Project UK: Mr Strong Cleaved

This guy is a beast of a model! And a lot of fun to paint up to boot!

So much skin, mechanics, and armor on it! Probably the most out of the bunch really, but not surprising considering how large it is ( it is on a 40mm base at the moment! ).

I had a lot of fun working around with the skins on this guy and turning the shades to different tones with glazes. Then again with Oil washes.. need to work on being able to use Oils as a normal process, but so far it is a lot of fun as it is.

Again painted in the Cleaved color scheme for Zzzzzz's chaos wing of his enemies of the imperium project.

Only issues I had with this model was during the construction of it. Where the wires and hands were separate, and needed a lot of "work" to get to sit right. I also used a lot of putty to attach them in the end, and smooth over the connections as well.

I think he turned out nicely, and will be an interesting model to see on the table in the future. No base yet, as I will do all of them at the same time to get consistency. More so now that I know how it should look thanks to Fatty's base from yesterday.

More photos below.. let me know what you think of it!


  1. They really are full of character, great work!

    1. Thanks Fran.. he was a lot of fun to paint up though.. and I really liked how the skin came out on it!

  2. This group of models that you're painting are so unique and quirky. Great sculpts and way beyond my skill level. Well done sir, well done!

    1. Thanks Anne.. they really do have a lot of character in them for sure. Been a lot of fun to paint up indeed!

  3. Excellent ! He looks like just the guy to endulge in a punching match with some poor unsuspecting terminator marine.

    Actually he looks like he coud rip his way into a landraider...

    1. Well now that you say that, I have ideas for his base! Hmmmm now to find landraider parts...

  4. Hola Amigo
    Que pedazo de mini,da miedo jajaja
    Pero mola,estare a tento a las bases
    un saludo

  5. Gracias amigo,
    En cuanto a los comentarios del cliente por encima, creo que voy a hacer hasta la base para que se vea como él desmontó de un vehículo o algo :) Debería haber un poco de ejercicio divertido.


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