Friday, February 1, 2013

Savage Orc Display

Here comes the Orc to smash through the village of unsuspecting citizens of the Empire!

For this guy, I tried, again, something new. :) This contest really pushed me to try new things and push my style into new areas just because I had the opportunity to do new things in general.

So for the base/plinth, again I used cork board for the rocks, but also some sand on the ground. The bricks are 1/48 scale, and laid down with super glue to make a kind of road. Once all this was laid down, I then smothered everything in Super Glue.. yes.. Super Glue.. to the point where it was like the piece was swimming in it. Then I shot it with some Super Glue accelerator. It gave a nice texture between the bricks actually that I really liked, and will probably do it again in the future. The tufts of grass are pre-made from a company in Germany I believe. All of this was a major experiment to say the least.

As for the Orc, well.. it is not my normal style at all. :) Too clean :)

Skin was pure Airbrush as it should be evidently obvious. But I really tried to make it really bright and dark for the contrast that seems to be all the rage in painting these days. I had tried to use Thomas's tricks of speed painting from Miniature Mentor on him with a good airbrush base laid down, and then heavily pigmented washes, but it failed horribly. So went back to my normal painting/wet blending style instead.

I think it came out a bit fake in the end, but at the same time showed me a different style to play with, and the layering and transitions on the skin were better than I could have hoped!

What I was not expecting ( but I should have ) was a very big reaction from the German forum Brushbrothers & Sisters who have immediately began to provide me feedback on where I can improve this model. It is a great little community that really is looking at how to improve each members painting ( even me the ignorant foreigner who seems to invade their forum from time to time :) ).

Some of the most immediate comments are to deeper the shadows. Especially on the lower parts as the light source is missing now that all parts look the same. Also to add some more variations to the skin tones where it might be a bit more rough? Or something to that effect. So with this information, this bad boy is actually going back onto the painting table. Not sure if I will be able to re-submit it afterwards to the contest, but I will be working on it and another in a bit more fashion to try to improve what is considered to be a good base to start from.

Harsh comments, but honestly, great to hear at times! More so if I really want to improve myself to the level that can actually compete in such contests.

Anyways, here is a shot of it from the back before I go and enjoy the weekend!

Last new entry will be shown on Monday.. and again it is in a different style to the rest. I like variety.. what can I say :)


  1. Hola Amigo
    Buena pieza,y con cosas que me gustan,pero como tambien as dicho que quieres ideas y demas para el concurso...te comento algunas cosas que YO pondria para mejorar,el terreno para MY gusto le faltan sombras,aguadas de marron chocolate o cafe..un oscuro,y en la parte de la vegetacion por la arena aguadas de verdes,para imitar el musgo,sobre la piel como tu bien dices le falta sombras ,pero solo las profundas por que las superiores estan muy bien,el arma la piedra esta muy bien pero al mango le faltaria para MY gusto algo de desgaste,es lo que da un arma usada???
    Espero que no te siente mal las cosas que te e dicho pero es como YO las pondria para mejorar a la escena y ganarias un monton,y como as puesto que querias ideas ....ya me comentaras que te parecen

    1. Gracias amigo
      Sí, por favor, dame los comentarios sobre estos!
      Older arma, o musgo en él es una buena idea. Verá al respecto. Necesidad de edad un poco más, y jugar con el color de la madera más.
      Browning la hierba también es algo que se ha mencionado anteriormente, por lo que intentará que también.
      Se centrará en la piel para empezar a ver cómo se puede mejorar el modelo y, a continuación, pasar a la base, luego de vuelta a las armas. A ver si puedo hacer que brille un poco mejor de lo que es ahora.
      Gracias de nuevo por los comentarios, siempre se agradece!

  2. I love orcs and want to have a Foundry Warband, so I adore this guy. It's those massive teeth and that wicked axe that get me. Fantastic job basing btw.

    1. Thanks Anne.. Greenskins are my first time favorite. Have a massive Goblin army and can't stop picking up more! Orcs have always been too "simple" for me, but this guy was a nice except to paint up! And agree that his axe is great! Was a lot of fun to paint up!

  3. Very nicely done. Especially like the dry brushing on the ax blade.

    1. Thanks Jay.. I need to take a better shot of the Axe.. it has a bit more than drybrushing on it to get the effect on it. :)


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