Thursday, February 28, 2013

Project Dark Angels: Nephilim Fighter Weathered up!

Zoom zoom.. pew pew... Ok so that is about as much as I got out of my Nephilim fighter in the last battle ( and it's first battle ) that it went to... and to think I have a second one that I need to finish up and use in a game in the future.

Had a lot of fun painting this, and trying out new things. Such as weathering mostly. Taking a look over at the Tale of Painters group and how ThirdEyeNuke painted up his plane, I gave some of what he did a try. Can't say that it came out as good, but I like the results so far. 

First off.. I realize that the main gun ( the lascannons or avenger mega bolter ) are missing.. I am working out how to magnetize them.. it is still a WIP there.. but aside from that the plane is finished!

Working with some browns to dirty it up, lots of paint chipping going on, and then some burnt Umber Oil paint to make it look like rust stains on the wings. I am not 100% happy with the results there though..

Though the end results makes it look quite battered and beaten, which was the point of it all. So I guess I succeeded on that point at least.

All these photos are from my opponent over the weekend. He and his DLSR are now making me seriously re-consider a vacation and instead invest in a new camera.. not sure how the little wife would think of that though :)

What do you all think of the weathering on the fighter plane though? Too much? Not enough? Improvements and if so, where?

Oh and a shot of the special character that came with the Dark Vengeance box set.. but in a HiRes photo..

Cheers for now..


  1. I like the weathering!
    What about the windows - they seem so clean? :)

    Have you considered using pigments?
    I have not tried them myself, but I just received some yesterday.

    There is a lot of cool techniques in the Forgeworld Model Masterclass books.
    ThirdEyeNuke told me he use a lot of the stuff from these books

    1. Hey Jay, was considering pigments ( have some, love them ) but wasn't sure where to use them here. Will have to check out the FW masterclass books then for more ideas!

      And agreed about the glass.. but am on the fence about it.. might dust it up a bit around the inner edges at the very least though. Will see, and thanks for the comments!


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