Friday, February 22, 2013

Death from above... more WIP..

Just some quick shots of one of the Nephilim fighters getting closer to completion here.

Metal sections painted, the wing sections touched up, the canopy tidied up, and the red sections touched upon. Many of the small details are done, and it has gone through the religious oil treatment first round. Now to re-varnish it, and dirty it up with chipping, rust, and weathering! Not sure how I will tackle this, but I am hoping it turns out good?

Only comment I can make on it so far is that it is more grey than black for the ravenwing chapter, but honestly, I am OK with that!

Still need to create the magnet section in the front there so that I can swap between the Lascannons and the Avenger Heavy Bolter. Since it is the only change that this vehicle really gets, I figure I can do that amount of updates on it!

Getting a chance to head down to the club this weekend as well for some games. A nice sized Fantasy game with my Daemons vs High Elves. I expect to lose that game unfortunately. And also a Dark Angels vs Dark Angels game.. where I hope to see how well this flyer does in it if we can play with enough points. Will try to remember to take photos and do up some battle reps for next week.

Cheers for now, and enjoy the weekend!


  1. That looks super so far dude, look forward to seeing it finished off.

    1. Thanks Brummie.. am also looking forward to it! Also looking forward to getting to see how it does for gameplay as well!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Fran.. am hoping it does as well as it looks ;)

  3. It's coming along nicely. The weathering has made a real difference.

  4. This is beautiful. Really enjoyed catching up with your blog. What a great painting.
    There were so many amazing views - I could have painted many more too
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