Thursday, January 31, 2013

Tales of War Pirate Bust - Sloot Gunner

"Argh Matey.. I be the Pirate reject from the Jolly Roger... Arghh.. "

This was a fun little bust to paint up. Mostly because I experimented with Blues into the shadows. Not sure it turned out that great, but I liked the overall result. That and the eyes.. one bloodshot, and one kinda messed up. 

What was interesting was that this was just laid down for base colors with the airbrush, but then everything was painted with a Size 2 brush. Which for me is not normal, but it was the only way to ensure that I got a nice transition in some areas with the thinness of paint that I was using. It could be called more of a wash or glaze more so than paint considering that it was more water than paint. 

Best part of this for me when looking at it again though is how well the NMM came out on the buckle and piercings. I have yet to understand this fully, but with practice comes perfect right? Just means I need to do more in the future then.

And another shot of the guy from the front as the back there is not much to say about it really.

This was the other thing I really experimented, and not sure if it came out well. Was to try to give it more of a shadow on one side than the other. As if the strongest light was from the other side of his face. Even if it is not completely shown that way it is how he looks on my desk ( helps that the light comes from his right of course ) and was a lot of fun trying to make it happen.

Next model to show off is the GW Savage Orc character.. that I have not shown anyone any WIPs of.. so will be interesting to see comments on it from everyone.. 

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Dark Elf Sorceress Display

The first model I have attempted to put onto a plinth, and do up for a "proper" painting competition. I have posted up other shots of the model vs it's older plinth that was far too large for this model. I know I could do more on it, but there has to be a point where you say stop..

Things I learned from this though was how to cover up cork board more to make it look less like cork board, and adding new colors to skin tones to get interesting results. This time it was adding some grey into the tone to make it a bit more pale in comparison.

I could/should have done more to give it more contrast between the areas.. right now it looks like there is a global light all around it, but again there is a point where if I added more I would risk ruining it all. Didn't want to go that route.

Metal sections were much better this time around though. More black added to the bronze to make the shadows, and again grey/white added into it for the highlights. Strange but true!

Anyways.. I can now officially post this up as my entry has been confirmed as entered into the contest over at Massive Voodoo. So I will post up the other entries over the coming days as well to show what I have entered.

And a shot of the back of the model.

Still need to work on the Black sections, but they are getting better. Ok.. next up is the final pics of the Pirate Bust posted earlier..

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Project Daemons: Herald of Nurgle BSB

So I really wish I could take credit for this conversion idea of a Nurgle Herald, but I got this from the Tale of Fantasy Painters over on Warseer ( yes another Tale of Painters, but this time focusing on the Fantasy armies ). Once I saw it, I knew I had to copy it for my own army as the idea was too cool not to be used. 

Honestly it is super easy to make, and why it was not thought of sooner is beyond me. But that being said, here he ( they ) are. 

Was just simply looking for 4 Nurglings that could stack easily on top of each other. As it were, 2 came together, so just needed 2 more! 

Drilled a hole into them, and applied pins to add some stability. Used some Green Stuff on the top guy as he has the biggest gap after trying to line them up. 

Painting of them was pretty straight forward though. Mostly airbrushed greens, then some washes, and then Oil Paint ( yes it is an obsession at the moment ) to round off the colors. 

Banner is from the new Plaguebearer set. Just shaved off the hand, and used both of the standard tops here. 

Overall, I really liked how this came out, and I will probably update some of my older PBs to fit in here as I think this style and colors is much better than the others ( comes with being able to learn to paint better at times I guess! ). 

These guys are also a lot more muted in color tones than the original Nurglings I painted up a while back ( photo below ) and honestly I like them more like this!

The other ones came out too florescent and although I won't update them, I won't paint the other boxes like them either. They will be more like the Herald going forward. 

So yeah.. simple conversion, simple paint job, and now I have an awesome character for my Daemon army ( and one that I tend to choose often so better that I have it now! ). 

More photos below.. 

Monday, January 28, 2013

Project Nomads: Morlock

Lots were finished over the weekend, so here is the first item up to be shown.

Have to say he was a lot of fun to paint up. This Morlock with Chain Rifle has been used a lot, and he deserved a good paint job. So it is of good fortune that I have signed up for a Tale of Painters on Warseer that tries to push people to finish their projects. This one was the Tale of Skirmish Painters. I had entered in the last group as well, however I was throwing everything at it, and I think a few people got upset :) Something like 200+ models painted in the 6 months, which was more than what was painted by everyone else combined. Though it was not all of best/good quality, but more of just get it done quality in some parts.

This time around, there is a rule saying no more than 4 models a month :) Gee, wonder who that one was for ;) But it is ok, cause it means I need to focus on the quality aspect ( the goal of the tale ) and thus my Nomads will get a bit more love in the painting section because of it.

For the Morlock, I wanted something a bit different from the reds as he is not really part of the group. This allowed me to play around with some different colors on him, so I took the opportunity to try out some green and orange combos. I think it came out well actually.

Skin I tried to go with some extremes. Very light highlights, with a dark blue in the shadows near his mutations. Again, I think it came out well.

So more photos below, and more posts of other projects forthcoming..

Also some Oil washes were used again on the model and the base. Have to say that the base came out great with them, and just having the black around for the shadow sections is really making it easier and faster for me. Picked up some more to try other things in the coming months/weeks ahead. Let's see how it goes.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Arjac Rockfist RETURNS!!!

Arjac has returned! Actually this is the second model I have done for this, and I cannot say it was any easier than the first actually :) But it was a bit more fun as I tried out a few more techniques on it, primarily Oil paints!

So after finishing the Space Wolf commission a few weeks back, I was approached by a local gamer asking if I would paint up another Arjac model. In as close to the same scheme as possible even. And being the cool guy that I am, I said yes. Even though I have had a ton more on my plate as of late.

Although the deadline for this is not until end of the first week of February, I know how bad that month is going to be for me. With that in mind, I got to work on it in between other topics ( soon to be revealed! ).

What makes this a bit different from the last one is that I know more or less what goes where on this model, and where the details were that needed attention. Thanks to working on it before. Repetition is key here folks, I can never stress that enough!

Though the other differences here is that, as stated, I used Oil Paints for the first time on this model. Ok Ok, yes, I can hear some of you saying "But Mr. Lee, how can you test out something new on a commission?" Actually.. I do this all the time, and usually it comes out great and I learn something new for future commissions. Worst case, it bombs, and I redo the model. Either way, win/win for the client and me as I learn something new, and the client gets something extra on their model. It is why I ask for a bit more artistic freedom with my commissions, to allow for this. Otherwise, it just turns into work, and who needs more of that? Am I right? :)

So as stated I used Oils, and what I found out with using them is that you really need to thin them to the perfect level to make them work. Too much, and it is just water, too little and well it may as well be mud on the model. Or at least that is what was happening to me.

Thankfully I have had some time on my hands to catch up with some youtubers that know more on this subject such as BuyPainted, Lester Bursley, and SchnauzerFaceMiniatures. All of whom have a video ( or more ) concerning this topic.

So first step was to paint the model. Done. Then it was off to varnish the model in gloss or satin varnish. I went with satin as I like the look it gives better. From here, we have a nice base that we can apply Oil colors, and if we make a mistake, can remove said Oil colors with more White Spirit or Thinner. So the risk really is quite small. Or at least smaller than some of my experiments :)

The technique that I saw was of 2 kinds. One was to let it seem into the crevices of the model. That was simple enough, and with the black color, it gave instant shadows and black lining on the models. The other style was basically to just slather it all over the model, and then clean it up with white spirits.

Now this second style, was interesting, but instead of just giving it an Oil wash, I decided to do a bit more controlled wash with the oils. And I really liked how it came out. It helped to add shadows easier than with acrylics, and the brown oil paint gave some wear and tear over the feet and bolts.

You can see how it looks more on the back of this model. Especially at the top of the back, and around the back of the legs. They really added to the model, and to the contrasts I was going for here.

With these tests though, I can safely say that my marine painting will get a bit more interesting. And considering that I have a lot of marines in and around the tables these days, I will be using this technique a lot in the coming months.

Only other thing to say is that the base was also the client's request. He really likes my lava scheme it seems, and wanted Arjac on said basing. So this is a test base. If he likes it, then we will keep it. If not, then I will look at a normal regular base for Arjac to stand on.

So there you have it.. hope you like the model as much as I do. I am still experimenting with the photos bit, but am getting closer to something that I like and helps to show off the true colors of what I am doing.

Also as stated, I have been working on this while working on other projects. Most of which cannot be shown until they are OK'd by the judges over at Massive Voodoo for their Bananalicious painting competition. I really cannot wait to be able to post them up and show everyone. I have shown parts of 2 projects to be entered, but 2 pieces are brand new. And all are in styles that I have not tried before so looking forward to the comments and replies on how they do.

Cheers for now..

Monday, January 21, 2013

Belated Birthday Gift.. and 40k hits!

This past weekend although I spent a bit of time painting on Saturday, Sunday proved to be a more entertaining day.

As a family we took off to Taksim to meet up with BuRock who was in town for a work thing ( I say thing cause we all know he doesn't work that hard ;) ). While he was up, he was able to hand over the much anticipated belated birthday gift that he has been working on.

The model was from the company TarTar ( like the sauce you eat British Fish and Chips with :) ), and the model is a 1/12 scale bust. BuRock was quite chuffed at the work on it and I can see why. He really went to town on it to ensure that it was up to his Pro-Painter standards!

So after a bit of a QnA all of last week between us for me to guess what the model was, it was a nice surprise to see it in person finally. I had found it online ( much to BuRock's disappointment ) but seeing it in the flesh was much different. It really shows he put a lot of time and effort into this, to which I am really happy to receive it! I know also his significant other is glad it is out of the house so that he can stop obsessing over it :)

More photos below.. which was hard to take since the model barely fit into my new photo box.. But currently it is taking up residence on my desk at work. Though I have a few questions as to what does "Oppressor" mean? Not the best wording for a manager to have on his desk, but then again what can you do sometimes :)

Also over the weekend I hit 40,000 page views! Yee haa!!! Can't believe I got that far with this little old blog of mine! Thanks to everyone who reads this, and hopefully I can continue to bring up projects and topics that will continue to entertain! Or failing that, just what I am doing and see if it can be spun into a reality TV show that is all the rage these days. Stranger things have happened!

And now back to my regularly scheduled working schedule..

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Dark Elf Sorceress Take 2, and more Pirate WIP

Due to a series of fortunate events, I have quite a few things to show!

First off.. looking at yesterday's Plinth as being massive compared to a poor little 28mm miniature.. we called our carpenter that helps us out a lot. Asked him if he had any off cuts of wood that could be made into smaller Plinths.. and low and behold he had! He even rushed them over from his workshop! Great chap, and someone who re instills humanity within Turkey to me!

So now I have 30 3x3cm cubes, and 25 4x4cm cubes to play around with. All with different textures and the whatnot. Very cool. Side benefit, my room smells like fresh cut wood. Bonus!

So what did I do with this then? Well, I rebuilt the Dark Elf Sorceress's plinth, that is what! You can see a side by side shot of her on it ( though I need to work on how to do this better in the future ). Below are some  bigger single shots of her on it.

You can see in these the wooden plinths she is standing on. And after getting feedback on my last rocky base, I went for a more brownish one here, added some Milliput to the seams, and also a lot more sand to the edges. Hopefully you cannot tell it was once Cork Board as a base for the rocks.. Also added more yellow/white to the lava mix before putting on the Tamiya Clear Orange.

Aside from this small project ( took about 30 minutes to make, not including drying time ), I also got a bit more work on the first pirate bust!

Am not sure on the belt color yet, the teeth need staining, and the eyes are just the grey/white sections so far. Skintone is coming along, but I need to add more red to it, and the shadows need to be darkened as well. This picture shows the color as close to what I see when painting under my lights, but I also took a photo of what it looks under normal lights. Mostly cause the shadows it caused at that time looked cool, and I might redo the shadows to reflect it.

Though you will notice that the skin-tone changes in the normal light. I need to work on that a bit more, but it is more the yellow in the room light that makes that happen, compared to the daylight bulbs I use for painting and normal photos.

So I will work a bit more on this to get those shadows into play on it. I think it really adds a lot of character to the model, and throws a new element of difficulty ( as if I need that ) to this bust also. Will see how it goes!

On-wards to better painting!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Plinths and WIPs

This is a quick post as I spent most of last night dealing with an angry little one who felt it should be a weekend instead of a weekday night. So not much completed in the land of miniatures here.

So what I did want to show was my plinth base that I had worked on over the weekend for one of my Massive Voodoo contest entries.

Problem is, after getting some critique on it, it seems that it is too large for the model that I had planned for it. So back to square one on that, but then again, whatever doesn't kill you, just makes you angry enough to take it out cause it failed! :)

So a couple shots of it here.

Most of it is made from Cork Board ( or Mushroom Board in Turkish!?!? ). From there, I then dug out chunks of it. To give it an uneven look. I also added some Vallejo Liquid Paste to the seams to try to hide them ( unsuccessfully it seems ) before adding some Gravel/Dirt/Sand to the sides to further hide the pieces.

Painting of it was pretty straightforward. Base of black, then progressively lighter greys added to the airbrush and layered on top.

After the main colors were added to the rock sections, I then began to just add brown and red pigments to different areas. Sprayed it with Satin Varnish to wash away the excess, and seal in the deeper recesses. Was fairly quick to do all this thankfully.

Last points was to add some Vallejo Black Lave to the sides, and then spray it Red/Orange/Yellow before adding the Tamiya Clear Orange to give the lava the glow effect I like so much.

And voila! Finished a plinth that will now sit on the side waiting for an appropriate model to sit on top of it. At the very least, it was a good exercise on learning something new, and what not to do in the future. Also what points I need to improve upon in order to make them better.

As you can see, the model that I wanted to use for this ( which needs more work still ) was too small on the overall base.. so expect some updates on that soon..

Aside from that, I did do a bit of airbrush work after the little one finally succumbed to slumber. So the busts got a little bit of attention as well though only a little. Mostly base colors, and some highlighting to show where the shadows are. Then the Sloot Gunner got the base of skin tones laid down with airbrush before I head in on it with the regular brush.

I have plans to use some of the speed painting techniques I saw on a Miniature Mentor video which uses the airbrush undercoat to provide shadows, but then washes/glazes/thinned paint to just color over it without thinking of shadows as they are already created for you. Will see how it turns out.

I had a lot of fun painting up this Sloot Gunner here. The skin came out great. Just need to work on the shadows a bit more, and then go to town on the details. Just hope I do not wreck it since the airbrush did such a nice job on the skin so far. I might attempt to do the shadows with it also, but am not sure yet. Time will tell I guess!

Cheers, was a long post for a quick update, but sometimes that is how it is!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Project Dark Angels and other Updates

This is just a quick update due to being out of the country for the last week, and only having a bit of time to work on some projects over the ( reduced ) weekend thanks to coming back on Saturday afternoon.

So I have been working on the Dark Angels in between other topics, and I took a few with me to UK last week. Did not get as much time to work on them due to the schedule of the workshops, but that being said I did get at least 1 of them finished.

This gent on the left is a model from the 5th edition starter box, and has been sitting around for years waiting for some paint.

Color scheme I went with is the traditional green coloring for the Dark Angels, and did the shoulder pads in the old skool red trim with black base.

Lots of trial on this model as I was trying to make the green pop on it past the photo sessions. I really pushed the highlights on this more, and moved to a more yellow/green top highlight that I was not comfortable with under the painting lights, but under normal lights looks good.

Another test was the basing aspect. Using the cork board, as posted about previously, but also tried to make a dust effect on the boots as well. Not quite sure it came out that great at the moment, but I will continue to try to make it work. I want to make this army a bit more worn in. So the dust on the boots is the start at least, and I will move towards other methods ( like armor chipping maybe? ) for future models.

I also got a bit more finished on the rest of the initial models, but they are not finished..

As you can see, I still have to do up the left shoulder pads, and some of the smaller details on them. Not a legal unit, but one that fit into my travel pack for painting :)

While in UK I also had the chance to get the latest Codex for these guys also, so will spend some time this week reading through it, and understanding what I will be doing with this army. I also picked up the Dark Talon flyer as well. Figured it would be also something to work on with this army as I don't have a lot of vehicles for them, but some air-support would be the minimum to get. Expect a review of the model when I get around to assembling and painting it up.

There is another project that I started, but cannot show yet. But it will go along with the below models that I hope to start up soon for the Massive Voodoo contest that only has 1 month left to enter into..

Really looking forward to tackling these models.. and I hope I can do them justice!

So many projects, so little time.. let's see how I get along with it all!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Project UK: Cleaved Servitor

Another test mini in the 3rd batch of this project.

One of the requests was to take some of the Cryxx models, and paint them in the Cleaved Chaos Space Marine color scheme. The question was of course how to do the skin though. So I went with a slightly off toned color of the regular skin tone that I do. Just added more browns to the shadows, and reds to the main tones. Came out a bit pink, but so far Zzzzzz seems to be liking it.

I also took out some of the pigments to apply to the metal piping, and such areas. I think it came out nicely, and will give it a bit more of a go over in the future as well. Have been working with them a lot more as of late, and have to say that I am really happy with them and the effects they are giving. More tests will be made on all these models in time as I move them to their bases, and then add some concrete dust onto the boot and shin areas.

Not much else to show off at the moment, but am currently enjoying UK weather once more as I sit inside attending another half week workshop. Let's see if I can get to the GW store this week, and more so see if I can get my mitts on a Dark Angel Codex and Dark Talon maybe? Time will tell I guess..

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Weekend gaming and ETC ruleset

Yay! I got in my first games and my first tournament over the weekend for 2013.. Does this mean that this will be the year of gaming? Probably not considering how I performed, but things could have been worse!

If you have seen my luck in previous tournament posts you will see a trend. Normally I get in an argument with another player, or a judge, or the organizers, or something.. always a fight follows where I tread it would seem.

Thankfully I can say this was not the case for this tournament. The rules were ETC ( which is something that I have wanted to test for a while now ), the organizers were good, the judges walking around to help were there to help, and when things hit the fan people were mellow about it and we all learned new things!

I took my daemons, mostly because I have them painted finally and to a level that can be fielded properly. Though in hindsight, I would probably not use Daemonettes in a competition gaming environment. They area a huge glass cannon, and die in droves! As much as I hate to admit it, I need to get more bloodletters painted up if I want to play competitively in the tournament scene around here ( and probably other areas as well ).

But I still had fun.

My list was pretty fair I think holding the following:

  • Khorne Herald on Juggernaut, Armor of Khorne, and Fire blade
  • Slannesh Herald with Many Arms
  • Nurgle Herald with slime trail and noxious vapours
  • 30 Khorne Bloodletters, Full Command, and charge banner
  • 30 Slannesh Daemonettes, Full Command, Siren Banner
  • 30 Nurlge Plaguebearers, Full Command, Weeping Banner
  • 4 Screamers
  • 4 Screamers
  • 4 Screamers
  • 7 Furies
  • Fiend
  • Fiend

Not the most optimal of builds for Daemons, but I new I would have fun with it. Mostly cause I got to use the Screamers that I spent so much time and energy on painting!

First game was against an O&G player. I have to say that my luck was horrible in this game.. as this photo to the right shows.. this was my to wound rolls from my furies that got to take on a unit of NGs. I would continue to roll like this for the rest of the tournament unfortunately.. and always at key moments! I guess I can't have a simple day out here when it comes to tournament play.

Other things that went wrong was my Bloodletter unit, with Herald failing to charge his main lord unit.. twice! Also he also failing to charge my Bloodletter unit in between! Why was this so disastrous? Well, mostly because he then got more chances to shoot me with his rock lobber, and in that case snipe my Herald on the Jugger. Who failed his saves, and died cause the rules state that being within the unit you don't get a look out sir, but outside the unit you do? I find issues with that, but only cause it turned the tide in the game for me. Or at least that is my version of it, and that is that! :)

Though sending my Daemonettes up against Savage Orcs was not pretty.

Upside, I saw the benefit of Screamers and Fiends come through. Along with the furies. Furies, and a unit of Screamers went straight up, and unlocked all his fanatics which caused my opponent to read the fanatics new rules and understand charging them is not a good thing to do ( d6 fo hitting them, +d6 for their death throes! Ouch! ). But the other 2 units of Screamers, and 2 Fiends, were quick enough to get behind his lines, and take out all his war machines, just not quickly enough it seems. They did cover a lot of ground, and I would use that again in the next game. I think a few more games with them, and I can see them becoming very useful tools for me when playing with Daemons.

Some shots of the game..

You can begin to see how the screamers and fiends were snaking around his battleline here.

And for our last 2 turns we had to play night fight rules! Due to the power being cut for about 30 or so minutes. Candles were taken out for some tables, while we survived with phone lights, and tablet devices to illuminate our game.

Again, was a good game, but in the end I was massacred. I mean, everything was wiped out except for a single fiend that had finally killed that dreaded rock lobber. But with 1s all over the place, am I really surprised? So I started the tournament with zero points.. which would be sad, if I was not joined by 2 other players with the same point standings!

Second game was a bit more interesting playing against Lizardmen. He had all the trimmings in his army though. Terradons with their rocks, Skinks in skirmish formation, salamander, Engine of the Gods, Sauruses and Slann in Temple Guard. Probably some other items, but can't remember.

Forgot to take photos past the first turn movement. As you can see I have quite a battleline going here.

Learning from my first game, I really used the screamers to their full advantage. Moving the right flank up enough to tempt him to move forward, and the left to be just at the extreme of his shooting. Rest of my army ready to take on his main units.

Turn 2 saw pretty much everything charge him. Bloodletters made a spectacular charge crossing 16 inches ( charge banner!!! ) and slammed home into his unit. Screamers on both sides hitting their targets or making them run away. Screamers on the right hitting into the terradons, with a fiend for support. Taking them out, and continuing on with the fiend, while the screamers lined up for his stegadon. Only to take it down and cross fire it with the deamonettes later on.

Everything on the table getting wiped out, except that the cold one lord took out almost an entire unit of Slannesh until they had help from the Screamers and Plaguebearers to finally overpower him in CR! And overrun him as well.

Things were going great until his last unit of temple guard and slann were left, and I made the mistake of taking them on in combat. With the life spells under him, he continued to cast the +4 toughness spell, making the unit nigh impossible to hurt, and when I did, they also had regen of 4+! So as I lost combat, my units began to dissolve upon themselves from the instability tests.

End result.. win for the LM as I lost by 550 points! Ugh.. not a good fight for me here..

It was after this game that everyone went for lunch, and I had chats with other people on new painting projects. By the time I had finished that conversation, everyone was returning and I lost the chance for lunch! AH! Such luck I was having..

But I still had one more game to go, and it was against a beastmen player. Great player, and he had quite an interesting army as well.. So after waiting for a while for everyone to settle down after getting back from lunch, and moving their armies that were still in last positions from their previous games ( seems no one cared to clean up before going for lunch ) we were able to get underway of deployment of our 3rd game.

And then disaster struck! My opponent got a call that required him to leave! The Horror!

So now I got to sit around, with a massacre win, but without a game to play for my final round. ugh.. I think I am doomed when it comes to tournaments. And that the only luck I have, is bad luck.

Overall the organization was great, the people were good ( though loud when "discussing" rules ) and the rules for ETC were favorable.I need to remake my army to be a bit more competitive for the future I think. So I need to focus on the bloodletters, acquire some Khorne Heralds, and prepare for the next tournament. Is it cheesy to take such a list? Probably.. though the only problem I would have then would be how I could live with myself to play such a cheesy list.. but that is future Mr Lee's problem as a good friend of mine would say ;)

I will post up another post concerning what I did instead of the 3rd game later on though..
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