Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Project Daemons: Herald of Nurgle BSB

So I really wish I could take credit for this conversion idea of a Nurgle Herald, but I got this from the Tale of Fantasy Painters over on Warseer ( yes another Tale of Painters, but this time focusing on the Fantasy armies ). Once I saw it, I knew I had to copy it for my own army as the idea was too cool not to be used. 

Honestly it is super easy to make, and why it was not thought of sooner is beyond me. But that being said, here he ( they ) are. 

Was just simply looking for 4 Nurglings that could stack easily on top of each other. As it were, 2 came together, so just needed 2 more! 

Drilled a hole into them, and applied pins to add some stability. Used some Green Stuff on the top guy as he has the biggest gap after trying to line them up. 

Painting of them was pretty straight forward though. Mostly airbrushed greens, then some washes, and then Oil Paint ( yes it is an obsession at the moment ) to round off the colors. 

Banner is from the new Plaguebearer set. Just shaved off the hand, and used both of the standard tops here. 

Overall, I really liked how this came out, and I will probably update some of my older PBs to fit in here as I think this style and colors is much better than the others ( comes with being able to learn to paint better at times I guess! ). 

These guys are also a lot more muted in color tones than the original Nurglings I painted up a while back ( photo below ) and honestly I like them more like this!

The other ones came out too florescent and although I won't update them, I won't paint the other boxes like them either. They will be more like the Herald going forward. 

So yeah.. simple conversion, simple paint job, and now I have an awesome character for my Daemon army ( and one that I tend to choose often so better that I have it now! ). 

More photos below.. 


  1. Hola
    Menuda pasada de tios verdes jajaja y todos sacando la lengua...maleducados jajaja.No en serio me gustan y el trato de los metales bueno,

    1. Gracias,
      Es realmente una pieza cómica por cierto. Y me alegro de que te gustan las piezas de metal. Era un estilo diferente poco nuevo para mí, pero creo que salió bien.

  2. Great !! I like the metals and green of figurines
    Great paint Mr Lee !

    1. Thanks Capt. Was a lot of fun to paint and very comical as well.
      Have a lot more of these to get done for my army, so let's see how they do as well!

  3. Whoa! I'm really impressed by that standard. From the back you can really see just how complex the work on it was. Nurgles on on my list of acquisitions for this year. They are just so cool.

    1. Hey Anne, thanks for the kind words. It was not all that complex really, just needing a bit of green stuff to fill in some gaps on the top guy there. Looking forward to seeing your take on Nurgle though!


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