Thursday, January 3, 2013

Project Space Wolves: Arjac

And we come to the last unit.. finished this over the last couple of days, but due to family and work, had no time to take photos. OK, poor excuse, but still it is what it is!

Only thing now is to finish up the snow on all the bases like Arjac here, and then hand them over to the client.

As an aside, I have already started on the next project.. batch 3 of Project UK..

Up first are a variation of the Vostroyans. Leader and 4 guardsmen, painted in White. Will receive green trim to do with the rest of their cloths where applicable.

Added some Cork Board pieces to break up the bases a bit more here. Not as elaborate as some of the bases made by Zzzzzz in the past, but better than my generic ones of just sand. Should be interesting to see this project develop as there a lot of interesting units to paint up here!


  1. Beautiful figure and beautiful painting, bravo for your work in progress, I like these guardsmen I following you ;)

    1. Thanks LOL.. as for the Guardsmen, I am really psyched up to paint them. New color scheme for an older model that I have done before. Always exciting!

  2. Cracking paintjob buddy, Love the pose as well. Like the Vostroyans a lot if only they where cheaper I'd like an army of them.

    1. Thanks mate.. well I have painted a few for this client already, and I have 15 more currently. Though this batch has a lot more Resin/Metal parts in it than the other 2. So should be fun to paint up!

  3. Hola AMIGO
    FELIZ 2013 espero que tubieras buena noche y entraras con buen pie.
    Muy buena,te as currado unos buenos marires
    un saludo


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