Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Dark Elf Sorceress Take 2, and more Pirate WIP

Due to a series of fortunate events, I have quite a few things to show!

First off.. looking at yesterday's Plinth as being massive compared to a poor little 28mm miniature.. we called our carpenter that helps us out a lot. Asked him if he had any off cuts of wood that could be made into smaller Plinths.. and low and behold he had! He even rushed them over from his workshop! Great chap, and someone who re instills humanity within Turkey to me!

So now I have 30 3x3cm cubes, and 25 4x4cm cubes to play around with. All with different textures and the whatnot. Very cool. Side benefit, my room smells like fresh cut wood. Bonus!

So what did I do with this then? Well, I rebuilt the Dark Elf Sorceress's plinth, that is what! You can see a side by side shot of her on it ( though I need to work on how to do this better in the future ). Below are some  bigger single shots of her on it.

You can see in these the wooden plinths she is standing on. And after getting feedback on my last rocky base, I went for a more brownish one here, added some Milliput to the seams, and also a lot more sand to the edges. Hopefully you cannot tell it was once Cork Board as a base for the rocks.. Also added more yellow/white to the lava mix before putting on the Tamiya Clear Orange.

Aside from this small project ( took about 30 minutes to make, not including drying time ), I also got a bit more work on the first pirate bust!

Am not sure on the belt color yet, the teeth need staining, and the eyes are just the grey/white sections so far. Skintone is coming along, but I need to add more red to it, and the shadows need to be darkened as well. This picture shows the color as close to what I see when painting under my lights, but I also took a photo of what it looks under normal lights. Mostly cause the shadows it caused at that time looked cool, and I might redo the shadows to reflect it.

Though you will notice that the skin-tone changes in the normal light. I need to work on that a bit more, but it is more the yellow in the room light that makes that happen, compared to the daylight bulbs I use for painting and normal photos.

So I will work a bit more on this to get those shadows into play on it. I think it really adds a lot of character to the model, and throws a new element of difficulty ( as if I need that ) to this bust also. Will see how it goes!

On-wards to better painting!


  1. Hola Amigo
    Muy buena pinta la escena de la Elfa,as pensado hacerle reflejos del fuego¿? te quedarian muy bien,inclu por el faldon,
    El busto esta pillando buen color,las tiras que dan bien en ese color,
    Estare a tento a massssssssssss
    un saludo

    1. Gracias JD, como siempre.
      De hecho, estoy mirando para hacer un poco más sobre el Elfo de reflexión fuego. Sólo el control de la base y modelo para ver cómo se alinea primero. También tengo que hacer más en los modos Elf ya que necesita trabajar un poco más en la piel que pienso.

  2. That bust is starting to remind me of Ray!

    1. Your right it does, but only when I look at your ugly face!

    2. Guess I have a name for him then hey guys? :) Was thinking Sloth from the Goonies originally, but now that you mention it Fran ;)

  3. Great work, love the plinth on the Elf! Top work!

    1. Thanks Ray.. really trying to expand myself into new areas.. :)

  4. Just stunning on the elf and the base - wow!

    1. Cheers Michael. Looking forward to seeing how it looks when it is finished!


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