Monday, January 7, 2013

Project UK: Vostroyan Command

So here is the kick off unit for the third batch of Imperial Guardsmen. Starting us off is a variant paint scheme for the Vostroyans.

Was asked to do up a champion and 4 henchmen in a white and green scheme. Tried a few new things on it, and started it with a black base, but airbrushed on grey/white over top. 2 browns used to help differentiate the leather/cloth areas. Bronze and Silver for the metal sections, again to break up the colors. Otherwise it would have been too bronze.

After all was done, it went through the wash process. I tried to tone down the white a bit with a thinned Nuln Oil wash. It might be a bit too dirty in some areas, but definitely looks lived in.

Bases again has a bit of cork on them to give them some levels.

Was a lot of fun to work on this unit, and I spent a bit more time on them than I normally would. Upped it to TT+ just to give myself some of a push to get going on this project.

Not sure what is next up on bat to be worked on, but I might move onto some Cleaved Warmachine troops. Though I also have a few contest projects that I need to work on still. Doesn't help much that I have a week long business trip coming up. Will be interesting to see how it goes and what happens in the gaming portion of my time.


  1. Thanks Fran. They were a lot of fun to paint up! The next guys are just as much fun!

  2. Great painting Sir! I like the snowy basing too!

  3. Thanks Ray! But the basing is just a bit whiter on the cork basing ;)

  4. Nice work I like it. Bit like Valhallan Stormtroopers

  5. Perfect work Mr Lee , i like the face of first soldier

  6. Well done, I really like the brushwork on those hats.

  7. Thanks all.. again they were a joy to paint!


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