Monday, January 14, 2013

Project Dark Angels and other Updates

This is just a quick update due to being out of the country for the last week, and only having a bit of time to work on some projects over the ( reduced ) weekend thanks to coming back on Saturday afternoon.

So I have been working on the Dark Angels in between other topics, and I took a few with me to UK last week. Did not get as much time to work on them due to the schedule of the workshops, but that being said I did get at least 1 of them finished.

This gent on the left is a model from the 5th edition starter box, and has been sitting around for years waiting for some paint.

Color scheme I went with is the traditional green coloring for the Dark Angels, and did the shoulder pads in the old skool red trim with black base.

Lots of trial on this model as I was trying to make the green pop on it past the photo sessions. I really pushed the highlights on this more, and moved to a more yellow/green top highlight that I was not comfortable with under the painting lights, but under normal lights looks good.

Another test was the basing aspect. Using the cork board, as posted about previously, but also tried to make a dust effect on the boots as well. Not quite sure it came out that great at the moment, but I will continue to try to make it work. I want to make this army a bit more worn in. So the dust on the boots is the start at least, and I will move towards other methods ( like armor chipping maybe? ) for future models.

I also got a bit more finished on the rest of the initial models, but they are not finished..

As you can see, I still have to do up the left shoulder pads, and some of the smaller details on them. Not a legal unit, but one that fit into my travel pack for painting :)

While in UK I also had the chance to get the latest Codex for these guys also, so will spend some time this week reading through it, and understanding what I will be doing with this army. I also picked up the Dark Talon flyer as well. Figured it would be also something to work on with this army as I don't have a lot of vehicles for them, but some air-support would be the minimum to get. Expect a review of the model when I get around to assembling and painting it up.

There is another project that I started, but cannot show yet. But it will go along with the below models that I hope to start up soon for the Massive Voodoo contest that only has 1 month left to enter into..

Really looking forward to tackling these models.. and I hope I can do them justice!

So many projects, so little time.. let's see how I get along with it all!


  1. I like the figure with the dusted boots better than the ones with the clean boots. More realistic looking if he's a bit mucked up.

    Those busts look like they'll be a lot of fun to paint. Good luck in the contest!

    1. Thanks Anne. I am still torn on the weathered bit. I like having it, but not sure if this is the best.. more tests are needed!

  2. Great paint Mr Lee , il like this bust is very funny .
    Greetings and Good luck in the contest !

    1. Thanks Capt LOL.. I like them as well. I look forward to painting them up!

  3. Hola Amigo
    Muy buenos los marines,los empolbados y manchados mucho mejor,mas realistas
    Los bustos muy buenos ya los conocia,te espera una buena currada de trabajo de pieles.
    Estare atento

    1. Gracias JD.
      Espero poder llegar a los Bustos. Espero poder hacer justicia.
      Vamos a ver cómo va.

  4. The busts are really cool and your thoughts on your Dark Angels has given me some ideas on shaping mine up also. I've had a full company (plus some) mothballed since last edition and ready to pull out and finish.

    1. Thanks styx. Cool that these are driving some ideas to you also. Its a mixed bag for some on how I plan to paint them up, but this is a personal project, so only person who has to like them is me :) The more picky of customers I can say :)

  5. Nicely done, ray needs the tips for his angels!

  6. Nice work. I think the dust needs to be a tinge darker. It looks a little bit like snow to me.


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